The Trepidation of Life (Zach) |

The Trepidation of Life (Zach)

Because of some strength I didn’t know I had, I stay standing up, unemotional and numb.Is it true? Or is this some sick joke?I sit stunned on my bed waiting for someone to tell me that the joke is on me,I wait and I wait, but still nobody is talking,In my head I start to ponder this sickening reality,How could this be true?I just saw him a week ago,He was happier than ever, laughing like life had no obstacles,The trepidation overtakes my memories,Seeing him every day, 99 percent of the time, he had a smile on his face,I think about how different and empty school days are going to seem.As I am approaching Coal Ridge HighI start to realize that this was no joke,I see the significant amount of vehicles parked outside the school,I shut the door to my car and try to prepare myself for the wall of sadness that is blocking the door to the inside,As I take one step inside,A sudden coldness overtakes my body,All I can hear is the whispers and cries of people’s pain, sorrow and agony.Is it true? Can it be true? How?Should I show them how I really feel inside?Or should I appear to be strong so they can cry on my shoulders?The people that I am seeing, the millions of emotions I am feeling, I just want to go away.I ask myself how this could happen to such an innocent soul?What was the absurd reason that his soul was removed from the so-fragile, once-so-full-of-life body.I go home with a lot more weight on my shoulders than before.As I lie on my bed, afraid, alone, sickened and disgusted, I start to wonder if the sun will rise tomorrow, and if it does,Will I be here to enjoy it?Amber Lyons of Rifle wrote this poem in memory of Zach Schwartz, who was killed in a car accident on July 4.

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