Thursday letters: Trails, armed protesters, trail etiquette, Earth Day, and COVID-19 risk |

Thursday letters: Trails, armed protesters, trail etiquette, Earth Day, and COVID-19 risk

Thanks to trails…

Our houses may be separate, but we share one mountain home. And our outdoors are the best backyard anyone could imagine! The staff, volunteers, students, civic groups, businesses, and land managers that make up Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers are now, more than ever, grateful for our Rocky Mountain riches.

Thanks to trails, we’re surrounded by natural beauty.

Thanks to trails, we’re stimulated by exercise.

Thanks to trails, we’re calmed and enlivened and inspired to confront the challenges of life.

In this season of uncertainty, there’s nothing more reliably satisfying than getting outside. We’re thankful for the opportunities our community has worked so hard to create, to sustain, and to enjoy!

Join us online by sharing your outdoor gratitude with the hashtag #ThanksToTrails.

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers,

Armed citizens want out of isolation

OK great, I want out of isolation ASAP. I am tired of wearing my mask into City Market and Walmart. I do not want this virus. I’ve had lung problems since I was a kid. I probably would not survive it.

But, there is a reason for this, a huge important reason: A pandemic has attacked our country, and the people with their “make America great again” little red hats, and their semi-automatic weapons are not going to shoot it out with anyone, period. They want to look tough and determined for the press cameras, but what they are really doing is showing who they are. Who are they going to shoot? Government officials? No. They are the far right, but on the side of a losing argument. None of the government officials are intimidated by their childish antics. They are bored apparently.

With their faces plastered all over the news, their former employers are going to see them and see what they are doing. What do you think the chances will be of them being hired back on their jobs after that scene? No chance. Zero, nada, zilch, not going to happen.

“Make America great again,” for a slogan is a joke. America was, and is great, will always be great, and we do not need to make it that way again. It is already there.

Steven Gluckman,
Glenwood Springs

Safe, courteous, and fit

The COVID-19 has kept people indoors and longing to get out to exercise. Lately, during bouts of pretty weather, many have flocked to the bike trail and roads to walk, run and bicycle. As these various locations become busier for exercise, it is apparent that users often seem unsure as to how to proceed. There are safety and etiquette rules for each area that differ greatly. As users follow these rules, the flow is smooth, pleasant and successful.

On the bike trail, which is for all types of users, keep to the right. Slowest to the farthest right edge of the trail. When passing a slower person, announce loudly, “On your left” or ring a bell on your bike if you have one. The faster bicyclist, runner or speed walker, is obligated to announce their presence when passing, whether or not the slower person hears.

On the road, safety is a big concern for all users. Bicyclists must ride on the right with the traffic and follow rules of the road. Runners and walkers should keep to the far left facing traffic. They should keep to the very left edge especially when bicyclists and vehicles approach.

So proud to be a part of this fit and healthy community!

Thank you for your part in making exercise safe, courteous, and fun!

Laura Jackson,
Glenwood Springs

You can still celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up trash

A year ago I wrote a letter here about the large amount of trash I see along the roadways, and how it distracts us from appreciating the beauty around us. I don’t think the letter made much difference. I continue to see too much trash.

Many people are wondering how they can make a difference during this COVID-19 time. Here is a way we can all make a difference. Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. A wonderful way to celebrate is for each of us to get out in our neighborhood, or favorite place to walk, with a gloves and a bag and pick up trash. Many people, each making a small effort, can make a big difference!

The Earth can’t take care of us if we don’t take care of the Earth! Hope to see you out there.

Pam Strohmeyer

It’s not the government’s job to eliminate all the risks in our lives

After talking with many people these last couple of weeks, it has become very apparent to all that the cure has become worse than the virus.

It seems like it’s time to get the kids back to school. It seems like it’s time to let the construction workers go back to work. Reopen the hospitals, let the scheduled operations take place. Reopen the places of worship.

It’s not the government’s job to eliminate all the risks in our lives. We still drive Highway 82, and I-70, and tomorrow is not guaranteed for anybody.

The devastation that this shut down is causing is far worse than the virus. Take the necessary precautions, but let the people go back to work.

John Eaton

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