Thursday letters: Trump and military, Trump supporters, Bernie Sanders, and mountain lion habitat

Trump should apologize for way he treats military

Seth Moulton served in the Marine Corps for six years and is a veteran of the Iraq War. Currently he is a Representative in the U.S. Congress.

During the State of the Union speech, the President talked about “all the good I have done for our military.” Mr. Moulton stood and walked out of the chamber.

The truth is that Mr. Trump has ridiculed a Gold Star family (mom and dad whose child was killed in combat). Mr. Trump said that the late John McCain was “not a hero” because he was captured and tortured. Mr. Trump has mocked active duty members who have traumatic brain injury – ”just headaches – not serious.” Finally Mr. Trump has taken funds from the military budget to build his wall.

This is no way for a commander-in-chief to treat military members and their families. Should Mr. Moulton be asked to apologize? No! I believe Mr. Trump is the one who owes many apologies!

Nancy Hess,
Glenwood Springs

Majority of Americans simply don’t like Donald Trump

(This letter was originally addressed to Bruno Kirchenwitz.)

I would point out that Fox News has more viewers than any other news network, Sinclair broadcasting a notably conservative broadcast company owns 193 stations in 100 markets and covers 40 percent of American households. Conservative talk radio is in every market across the nation. Conservative, pro-Trump ideology can be found across the internet. You’re right! A massive amount of our media does read like Pravda in that our “Great and Fearless Leader” can do no wrong. Fox news is, for all practical purposes, a proxy for the Trump White House.

I have never quite figured out why Trump supporters have the temerity to even bring up lies by the media or Democrats, but they do. Donald Trump has told over sixteen thousand lies or mistruths in just three years of his presidency! How do you even keep a straight face when pointing a finger at others for allegedly lying?

Thirty-four individuals and three companies were indicted in the Mueller investigation — this was hardly a sham investigation.

The Mueller investigation agreed with every American intelligence organization that the Russians did interfere in the 2016 election.

Bruno, you may be right; Trump may win re-election. If he does it will be once again by the Electoral College that in no way represents the popular vote.

Some fun history, Obama won with 65,915,795 popular votes and 332 electoral votes in his first term. Trump received 62,984,828 popular votes and 304 electoral votes in his first term. I’m sure that Trump continues to be bothered by these numbers.

Republicans like to tout that “America has spoken” and they chose Trump, that is not the case. In point of fact the popular vote has gone to a Democrat in every presidential election since 1992.

Bruno, the majority of Americans simply don’t like Donald Trump. Trump supporters are in a minority.

Perhaps, just perhaps Bruno, you may be the one in need of Kleenexes.

Marco Diaz

Sanders is the candidate who can inspire the electorate

Have you wondered why Bernie Sanders is surging in nationwide polls? Perhaps it’s his unapologetic commitment to taking on the pharmaceutical, insurance and fossil fuel industries. Or maybe it’s his common-sense plan to address wealth inequality and college debt. It could also be that he’s been a passionate champion of progressive causes his entire adult life. We believe it’s all of the above, plus one more: his electability.

Americans seem to be realizing that in order to beat Trump, we need to put forth a candidate who will inspire people to get out and vote; a candidate who will energize young people to get engaged, stay engaged, and convince their friends to do the same; a candidate who will shake things up in Washington, and make it start working for ordinary people again. Bernie is the only candidate that fits that bill.

It’s time to question the assumption that the only electable candidate is a moderate one. Current polls certainly don’t support that idea. And given all the ways in which the climate crisis, immigration policy and racial injustices have worsened under Democratic leaders, we can’t assume that young people and people of color will get out and vote for a moderate Democrat.

Bernie is the candidate who can inspire the electorate, get the votes to win, and keep people engaged so that we can begin the long road to making our government work for all of us.

Debbie & Marc Bruell

We are moving into mountain lions’ territory

So, as more and more people pour into our back country, there have been more instances of conflicts with mountain lions. The solution: kill more of them.

How pathetic. How about better education of our residents and visitors , as to when and where to hike, and to deal with an encounter.

It is amazing to me to see and experience the balance between people and wildlife in so many places like Kenya, for example, where local tribes people and visitors can be side by side with so much wildlife — much of which can be much more threatening and dangerous than ours.

Killing more is a short sighted, ill conceived solution. It’s not so much that they are moving into our territory, rather we are moving into theirs.

John McBride

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