Thursday letters: Trump, Boebert, Mitsch Bush, Trump, Blake Gate, PTSD, and Juneteenth |

Thursday letters: Trump, Boebert, Mitsch Bush, Trump, Blake Gate, PTSD, and Juneteenth

A few reflections based on our current state of affairs

As I watched Donald Trump give a commencement speech to West Point graduates, I thought to myself that perhaps this would be the last commencement that he ever gives. With current polls showing him not winning a second term and former staff members coming out and speaking as men not worried about re-election but about the truth of his failure in leadership, I don’t honestly think Donald Trump will be president next spring. That being said, I don’t think any college or university will seek him out to give a commencement address as former-President Trump. Maybe Liberty University, but I imagine once Trump can’t push through conservative judges anymore that he will lose his appeal to evangelicals.

Another prediction is that while obviously there will be a Trump Presidential Library that will be a popular destination for his “base” to visit, reminisce and purchase T-shirts featuring his most infamous tweets, that it will sit largely empty in 20 years as his base gets too old to visit. A new generation will find nothing admirable in the man sufficient to making a visit to The Trump Library worth their while. Tax cuts for the rich, a rusting fence and multiple thousands of lies are hardly a legacy.

Along the southern border there will be a partially finished fence that abruptly ends in the middle of nowhere. The funding for it returned to the military projects where it rightfully belongs.

Ex-President Trump will be the first President in history to make a profit off of his own Secret Service detail as he travels to his various properties they will pay to stay at his properties, they will pay for golf carts to follow him on the course they will pay to eat in his restaurants etc.

I’m hopeful that the next President won’t perpetuate ridiculous lies and conspiracy theories via tweets or rallies.

Marco Diaz

Boebert practices what she preaches

I admire strong women who are engaged in their community and help those less fortunate to have a better life. And my admiration of Lauren Boebert is off the charts.

Lauren is the personification of the American Dream. She grew up in a home with a single mom supported by welfare. As a teenager she learned firsthand the satisfaction of working and being self-sufficient and decided she wanted a different life.

She married, had four sons, and eventually became a successful business owner and job creator.

Wanting to help other women become self-sufficient and independent of government support, Lauren began volunteering at the county jail, coaching female inmates about working to better their situation. On several occasions, she gave the women a safe harbor in her own home after they were released from jail, until they were able get on their feet.

But are these qualities really important when selecting a candidate for congress? Absolutely. In fact, I submit that these qualities are far more important than age or political experience.

I want a representative in Congress who understands what it means to live on a budget.

I want a representative in Congress who understands that a new tax of “only $87 a year” can mean whether or not a family can buy new school shoes for their kids.

And I want a representative in Congress who understands that people are best helped by their community, not their government, and is someone who has actually lived it. Someone who practices what she preaches.

Lauren Boebert has all of those qualities and more, and she has my full support. Please join me in voting for Lauren Boebert for Congress.

Janet Rowland,
Grand Junction

A time for common sense

Today we see unrest across our country, the latest brought on by police brutality during the worst pandemic in over a hundred years. This comes as we are challenged by accelerating climate change, degrading health care and increasing income inequality.

We need the U.S. Congress to work for the people. That is why I have been working for the Diane Mitch Bush campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives. Diane served as a Routt County Commissioner before becoming a Colorado state representative. In these positions she brought common sense solutions to pressing issues. Having lived in Routt County for 43 years, Diane understands our concerns and needs: health care reform, protection of our public lands, water rights, good jobs, and women’s rights.

There is a lot of hand-wringing over the inability of Congress to get things done. Diane is a proven leader who has worked effectively in all of her positions. Let’s elect Diane to serve us in the capital.

Warren Luce
Steamboat Springs

Trump and the lies of ‘His economy’!

Trump and his allies have spewed so many lies in the last three and a half years and many of them concerning the economy. Six of the last ten Presidents have had stronger economies and growth than Donald Trump, according to the Government GDP statistics. Barack Obama brought us out of the collapse of 2008 of the banks worst recession since the Great Depression! The growth was started under Obama and has continued. Economy is global and our allies won’t co-operate with Trump as president, as the trust is gone. He is a pathological liar and they know it.

The search and destroy mission of Bill Barr and Trump, by chasing conspiracy theories they have made up of our justice system and the patriots, is believed by the followers of Trump, who cannot think for themselves. They have chosen to be willfully blind and ignorant of America losing its Democracy. The United States is beginning to look more like an autocracy, a banana republic, under the leadership of the very un-American Attorney General, Bill Barr and the liar, Donald Trump!

Our Allies cannot trust anything coming from Trump, as he has been fact checked and has now spewed over 18,000 lies. I do not understand why the Media continues to allow the lies of Trump bragging that he’s had the best economy ever! President Trump needs to be fact checked daily, and the media needs to start putting this on the news networks, don’t you think? The reason the remaining Republicans that are still with Trump, say, “it’s the economy”! Learn the truth!

We are in a Constitutional Crises people! I care about the America my grandchildren are inheriting! Why aren’t you? Just the facts is what America needs!

Linda Carr

Opening Blake Gate and two-way traffic would be devastating!

(This letter was originally addressed to Trent Hyatt, City of GWS Planning Dept.)

I attended the City of GWS ZOOM meeting of June 8 that discussed impacts to circulation for city streets surrounding the proposed Bell Rippy 100-unit apartment complex. A previous city approval for apartments here made Blake Ave from 24th to 26th streets a one-way southbound in combination with the opening of the Blake Gate near Wal-Mart – OK, sensible enough… I about fell off my chair when Terri Partch, the city engineer, stated during the meeting that she would like to see Blake remain open to two-way traffic after the Blake Gate is opened — yikes!

Background: I lived on Easy Street from 2003 through 2005. Easy Street intersects Blake between 24th and 26th streets. My daughter was in elementary school. The nearest school bus stop was at 23rd and Blake so we made the trek on Blake. Even then I was grateful for the potholes and etc. that slowed drivers down and allowed me, my daughter, my dog and other neighborhood kids to feel good about walking to and from the school bus stop on this narrow and no sidewalk section of Blake.

An open Blake Gate and two-way traffic along this section of Blake will be an open invitation to “cheater” northbound Highway 82 traffic to hop onto Blake at McDonalds and just stay on it all the way through town! Some (Terri?) may consider this an effective way to move traffic through our town. I see this as a huge negative impact to affected neighborhoods throughout Glenwood, ironically, including the proposed Bell Rippy! Note also that this section of Blake is narrow! Possibly, the city could take full advantage of existing right-of-ways along this section of Blake, but I suspect there would still be inadequate room for two lanes of traffic; sidewalk and gutter; and a bike lane!

How does city staff envision that the open Blake Gate and two-way traffic along this section of Blake would enhance their stated goals of encouraging non-motorized transportation and sensitivity to neighborhoods? Simply put, it would be devastating to those goals!

Annie Hoghaug
Glenwood Springs

Make sure veterans, police have access to mental health services

We are not without racism in this lovely valley. My Japanese son-in-law has experienced it here (not by the police). We also need to be sensitive to the fact that some people lack opportunities and at times are treated rudely. The immigrant community here deserves the same protection and care as the Anglo community.

Thank you to the Carbondale mayor for his excellent Sopris Sun published reaction to the current national situation and to local police for expressing their outrage at George Floyd’s murder. We need all police to take whatever training they can to work with the public safely and courteously. We can support them through collaboration.

I call attention to something that is part of police violence in the U.S. Returning war veterans are given preference by federal law for hire by police departments. Screening for PTSD is minimal and not required. I don’t know if our local law enforcement does such screening. 20% of police nationally are veterans, and 20% of veterans have PTSD from war trauma. Only half seek help. Police who have been veterans are more likely to be aggressive due to their trauma (See “When Warriors Put On the Badge” at http://www.Marshall

There is a culture amongst soldiers and police that frowns on asking for help, yet they face danger often.

Let’s make sure that community members, our veterans and our local police have access to excellent mental health services. Let’s have an environment that supports healing from trauma. Trauma not only creates suffering, it can cause violent outbursts toward others and self. All people should be able to get help mental health care. People of all colors deserve compassion.

Ilene Pevec,

Celebrate Juneteenth on Friday

Will you celebrate Juneteenth this year? Celebrated on June 19 and drawing its name from the date, Juneteenth is the oldest nationally-celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865, two and half years after the Emancipation Proclamation formally freed slaves in 1863, the Proclamation was finally enforced to free the last remaining slaves in remote Texas. The struggles we see black Americans, Indigenous People and other people of color currently facing are similar – codified law generally bars discrimination, and yet enforcing this and achieving equity are another story. Please show our community and our nation that you care by joining your Roaring Fork Valley neighbors this Juneteenth (Friday June 19) at 5:30 pm at Rifle City Hall for a peaceful Black Lives Matter March.

Maureen Biermann
Glenwood Springs

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