Thursday letters: Virus response, local attractions, open county, and Andrew Romanoff |

Thursday letters: Virus response, local attractions, open county, and Andrew Romanoff

Virus being used to speed dismantling of government

I am now at the point that I believe the tragedy of errors in the federal Coronavirus response is too elaborate to have been sheer incompetency.
The U.S. has backed away from most of our international relationships. The executive branch is now reorganized, and most agencies are now under pressure to reverse long standing policies.

Our government is being systematically dismantled and sidelined. The virus is now being used to speed that along. Opening the economy could create an even greater rebound effect, according to the public health people. Republicans have said they wanted to destroy government for decades. This is it.

At the same time, the financial collapse will lead to huge transfers of wealth upward. Vast numbers of bankruptcies of even the larger companies are expected. Corporate raiders will take out the assets including pension funds. Labor unions will fold. The number of people in poverty will increase tremendously. Health care could collapse; especially if Obamacare is killed at the Supreme Court. Small hospitals are already closing right and left.
The Great Depression will look like a picnic.

In early Trump years we used to talk about Trump doing the bidding of Putin. We assumed that Putin wanted to do to the U.S. what American raiders did to Russia and what was done to the Soviet military in Afghanistan. That is one plausible motive.

I think we need to find the smoking gun. We must find the real motives. Maybe in the Russian connections and/or the tax returns. Trump and others are still putting up a tough defense of those areas. That must mean something.

Pat Hunter

Open local attractions to residents

The county and local town governments seem to be in a quandary as to how to go about reopening restaurants and other businesses after the governor’s stay at home/safer at home orders. Businesses want to reopen, but we don’t want to attract tourists from areas which still have a high incidence of the virus, increasing the risk to local residents. I have a suggestion for them. For restaurants and other attractions such as the Hot Springs Pool, Adventure Park and Vaudeville Theatre, have someone at the door checking picture IDs of all adults, and only allow residents of their town to enter. Nonresidents could still order carry-out at restaurants.

This would serve several purposes. First and foremost, it would diminish the risk of bringing in the virus from outside of our individual communities. Secondly, if there is a resumed spike in cases of Covid-19 after reopening, it will be easier to track and contain. Third, restaurants should find it easier to maintain the required 30% capacity.

After a period of two to three weeks, if there is no increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, establishments would be allowed to serve customers within 816 zip codes. Hopefully, after another two to three weeks, the number of new cases will be low enough nationwide to allow businesses to return to normal.

I realize this plan is not perfect. It won’t help hotels that rely entirely on out of town guests, and maybe I’m being overly optimistic about the spread, but I think it’s worth considering and discussing with medical experts. It sure beats protests, threats and arrests.

Virginia Gera
Glenwood Springs

It’s only necessary if it’s necessary.

If Shooters Grill felt it necessary to open early and speak out against the system, then perhaps it was necessary. They were using safety guidelines and common sense.

I love Marilyn Hall’s opinion from the May 18 (“Herding us all like a bunch of sheep,” Post Independent) regarding “pandemic solvers, immune systems, castor oil”, and her last statement: “Aren’t you lucky that you live during a time when ‘world government’ is attempting to herd us all like a bunch of sheep?”

President Donald Trump said during one of his news conferences: “There is more than one way to die, we need to reopen America.”

Fear can be used to control people and is extremely detrimental to life.
Open this county and the State of Colorado and free the people. Let us live, even if there may be a few bumps in the road. This won’t be our last pandemic. Ask yourself what will you do if the law says you must get a vaccine or you can’t buy, sell, or go to work.

We need to stick together and pray, use our faith, not fear. It’s going to be all right.

Kristi Gill

Romanoff will represent Colorado with integrity and enthusiasm

Watching the Senate give the criminal Donald Trump a free pass for corruption points to the important Senate race in our state. In Colorado, Trump’s support for Cory Gardner hardly assures his election.

To determine Gardner’s opponent, Democrats have two viable choices in our primary; former governor John Hickenlooper, who has the support of the party establishment and the support and money of the oil and gas industry, and Andrew Romanoff who has broad party support. Romanoff won 86% of Democratic party assembly votes where Hickenlooper uncourageously declined to be considered. Hickenlooper petitioned on to the primary ballot.

Please participate in the late June primary and know that Andrew Romanoff in the U.S. Senate will represent Colorado with legislative know-how, integrity and enthusiasm; and tell your friends.

Barb Coddington,
Glenwood Springs

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