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Time to backtrack on back-in parking

It’s amazing how often we return to the issue of back-in parking in Glenwood Springs.It’s a subject that pops up more than dandelions in May. A decision must be made and we all must move on.The issue City Council will now confront is simple: Keep back-in parking or back out now.When the concept was implemented on Cooper Avenue in downtown 10 months ago, City Council said that it would be a year-long experiment. Council made it clear that it would evaluate it and determine if the concept was a good fit.Now, it’s been expanded to Hyland Park Drive next to Sayre Park.Nearly all the business owners along Cooper Avenue have loudly voiced their opposition to the concept. Many residents have done the same.Taking backward steps should normally be avoided, but this is one subject that appears to be flawed; thus, why keep moving forward?We believe council should end the back-in parking experiment downtown and on Hyland Park Drive.There are many factors that come into play. The move did not increase the number of parking spaces on Cooper. Motorists continue to pull straight in, and many of those who back in, can’t accomplish it correctly. The city is now ticketing motorists who pull straight in and they should if that’s the law.The city has said that back-in parking is safer. But we have to question how unsafe Cooper Avenue was before back-in parking came along.This is one of those hot-button issues that has become almost comical. With so much opposition and so little benefit, why continue?And why continue at Hyland Park Drive? More parking spaces were created but the same can be accomplished by straight-in diagonal parking. It doesn’t really make sense to keep back-in parking in one area and eliminate it in another.Being progressive and moving forward can be a good thing. But sometimes backing out is the best solution.

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