Tips to survive the drive |

Tips to survive the drive

Transportation Responsibility and You
by Larry Thompson

Anyone who has driven through Glenwood Springs in the last week probably knows that congestion on Highway 82 has grown with the new construction projects that are underway on Midland Avenue. The following tips can help ease the drive:

– If you’re on Highway 82, stay on Highway 82. Traffic signal timing has been altered this week to move traffic better on Grand. The side streets won’t get you there any faster.

– If you’re getting on Highway 82 from downtown, use 10th, 11th or 14th streets. They’ve been less congested than Eighth or Ninth streets.

– Try making right turns to access Grand when you can. You’ll generally have more opportunities to turn right than left.

– Alter your travel schedule if you can. Avoid the peak times when everyone else is on the roads.

– Don’t block intersections. Provide an opportunity for side street traffic to merge. Blocking an intersection is both discourteous and illegal.

– Bike or walk for your short trips. You’ll avoid the congestion. You’ll probably get there faster. Leave the highway for those who have no other option.

– Ride the bus. Ride Glenwood Springs is free. Extended hours will be offered on Strawberry Days weekend. The bus may be slowed by the traffic, too, but you can relax. Someone else is worrying about the driving. Look around at your fellow passengers and know you’re doing your part to reduce the number of cars creating the congestion.

– Carpool. If driving is still your best option, find someone else to share the ride with. If everyone who is driving alone could partner with someone else doing the same, congestion and drive times could be drastically reduced.

– Pedestrians ” use the push buttons to cross Grand at Eighth and Ninth. For the duration of these construction projects, crosswalk signals at these intersections will operate the same as they do at other intersections in the city. You’ll need to push the button to get a crossing signal. This mode of operation will give pedestrians the opportunity to cross, but traffic flow won’t be affected during those times when there are no pedestrians.

– Stay calm. Anger will raise your blood pressure, but it won’t get you there any faster.

For more information about alternative transportation, Commuter Club or other transportation issues, call 384-6437,

e-mail or visit and click on Transportation.

Both Midland Avenue and Eighth Street are closed because of the ongoing construction at the intersection of those streets. Construction crews are installing utilities at the west end of the Eighth Street Bridge and constructing a short detour around the intersection. The intersection remains open to pedestrians, who are being directed around the perimeter of the construction. The detour is scheduled to reopen on Friday to handle traffic between downtown and the Community Center.

Roundabout construction continues at the west Glenwood Interstate 70 interchange. Beginning about 10 am on Friday, utility work on the south side of the interchange will require that Midland Avenue be closed at the Colorado River bridge. As the utility work progresses north through the interchange area, Midland will reopen, and traffic beneath I-70 at the interchange will be affected. Work will continue through the weekend, but access to all businesses near the interchange will remain open. Businesses on Midland Avenue south of the river may be accessed this weekend by using Devereux Road or by using Eighth Street and Midland Avenue.

Midland Avenue between the west Glenwood interchange and the downtown area is expected to reopen to traffic about Monday afternoon, June 13. Traffic will continue to be detoured onto Wulfsohn Road through the Glenwood Meadows project for the rest of this month. Midland will remain closed south of Eighth Street.

Larry Thompson is the city engineer for Glenwood Springs.

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