Tony Hershey: Candidate for Glenwood Springs City Council At Large |

Tony Hershey: Candidate for Glenwood Springs City Council At Large

Tony Hershey
Tony Hershey
Chelsea Self / Post Independent

I am very excited to run for City Council At-Large in Glenwood Springs. I am running because, for too long, special interests and a lack of transparency has resulted in some on council serving their own interests instead of yours. The result is a lack of confidence in some of their decisions, including crucial votes involving millions of our dollars.

I have the experience to fix this. I have over 27 years of public service and government expertise. I have been a prosecutor here since 2005, primarily in juvenile court. I grew up in the Valley, moving here 45 years ago, the last 14 in Glenwood.

This is my only home, I care about it, and I will work for all of you to make it better. If elected, I promise to refocus the city’s priorities to include road improvements, critical infrastructure and services for all our neighborhoods.

Three major issues I will initially focus on:

• Transparency. Last year, I had to file a Colorado Open Records Request to get basic information about city spending on Seventh Street improvements following the bridge construction. Members of the current council, including my opponent, initially opposed the release of costs and expenditures. A government that keeps secrets from its citizens will never be accountable to you.

• Street Tax. I am opposed to the proposed street tax, but not to spending money to fix all our streets. Glenwood is quick to spend on high visibility projects, but seems loath to spend on boring things, like neighborhood streets, where money is really needed. We don’t need, or at least we can’t afford, a fancy festival street and fountains under the bridge while Midland Avenue is inundated with potholes. Our streets are a disgrace and we need to refocus our priorities. The fact that the city feels it needs to raise taxes for the basic service of fixing our streets belies its financial mismanagement. New taxes will hurt local businesses. Before raising them, let’s step back and assess where existing funds are best spent.

• The Mid-Continent quarry. Some on City Council have said there is nothing they can do to stop a quarry that is outside the city limits. That is not true. The council has many tools it can use, including truck and traffic restrictions, prohibiting new infrastructure, and communicating more effectively with state and federal officials to convey our objections. Together, we will stop this misguided expansion.

I am running to represent every citizen, not just one business, developer or real estate agent, but for all of you. I am running because we need city government that is open and works for all our neighborhoods and businesses, not only a few. Please join me as we take back our local government to insure it represents the entire community, not just a small portion of it.

If you trust me with your vote, I will work hard, effectuate change and insure that every one of you has a voice in local government.

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