Tools for your recession briefcase |

Tools for your recession briefcase

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Debra Arnold
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Debra Arnold

Pink slips, layoffs, downsizing … these are the unfortunate buzzwords of the present as our economy struggles to stay afloat. As many people in the workforce are beginning to hear these words, competition increases in the job market.

If you’re on the job hunt, you might consider packing a few extra things into your “recession briefcase.” Besides the well-polished resume and your interview skills, bring along some important tools that will help you compete ” and survive.

Relationships are the key element in today’s market. Utilizing your sphere of influence to explore opportunity is essential. But remember, it is important to emphasize what you have to offer, not what the other person can offer you. We live in a relationship-driven world. Effective networking is built on working your relationships: join, ask, experiment, inquire, attend, discover, write, connect. Cast your net wider. Networking is the process of discovering and utilizing connections between people.

Informational interviewing is an excellent way to network. It is an opportunity to explore a new field by “interviewing” a professional in your area of interest. It provides you with a new contact that may open doors to other opportunities. It is the process of establishing contacts for the purpose of gathering information, communicating your career goals and seeking advice.

Continue to explore your passions, but realize there are many overqualified people seeking the same job you may be applying for. The reality is you may not be able to get the perfect job right now. Life in the workplace is often about stepping stones. If you can’t get that perfect job, volunteer in the area you would like to go into. You may need additional education or training to get where you want to be. Consider classes to improve your qualifications and help you stay current in your field.

When applying for a job, thoroughly research the company ” show them you are familiar with their product, their goals and their leadership.

Tweak your resume. Don’t just send out your generic resume. Instead, focus your resume on the job you are seeking. Emphasize the strengths and experiences that are directly applicable to that position. Doing so will illustrate you are a good match for the job.

Be prepared to hear the news you don’t want to hear. Stress and rejection are difficult to deal with in the best of times. Maintain your resiliency and know this process will take more time given the state of the economy. While you are seeking employment, attend to your basic needs. Maintain your support groups and don’t isolate yourself.

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