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Letter: Trump didn’t create trouble

Yes, Nicolette Tousaint; the world is full of trouble, but I would suggest to you that many were stirring that pot before Trump stepped into politics. Trump’s commonality with Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a loathing for the idea of one world government vs. nationalism. As for all that ails our country, please point the finger at a lame, entrenched Congress whose members are quite content to take lobbyist’s money, get rich and slump from old age in their cushy chairs of privilege. At least Trump is seeking to free Americans from supporting illegals, has taken steps to help veterans, and has proposed a badly needed cost-of-living adjustment for people on Social Security. Congress sits on their hands and says, “no.” Trump has put people back to work while Obama simply increased government employment. Oh so very awful that Trump is a Christian, and seeks law and order under the Constitution. America is indeed swimming in sewage (a la California), but it was not delivered to us by Trump.
Carol Abbott
Battlement Mesa

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