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Tuesday letters: comics, bike trails, Pope Francis, wolves, masks, no distancing at briefings

Jokes instead of comics

I can totally understand getting rid of the comics to keep staff. I’d like to suggest readers send in favorite jokes they’ve heard to give us all a break from the continuous stream of coronavirus bad news. Here are a few to start with:

I’ve heard the World Health Organization has determined our pets can’t contract the coronavirus. WHO let the dogs out.

There are so many jokes going around about the coronavirus. It’s a regular pundemic.

I predict a surge in the birthrate in about nine months. In 2033 they’ll be known as “quaranteens.”

Ginny Gera

Glenwood Springs

Realize economic and health benefits that a better bike system provides

5 o’clock bumper to bumper traffic. Slow Down in Town campaigns. Limited parking on weekends. As prominent as these problems are in the valley, there is one very simple solution. An investment in better bike infrastructure throughout the valley. As a community, we need to realize the huge economic (as well as health) benefits that a better bike system provides. Let’s address the fact that our bike paths cut behind our local businesses, not through them. Let’s address the fact that the only way from Glenwood to New Castle is by car. Let’s address our traffic problem. Oftentimes the simple solutions make the biggest impact.

Wyatt Till

New Castle

A prayer by Pope Francis 

“We pray today for those who are homeless, at this moment in which everyone is supposed to be at home. May society, men and women, realize this reality and help them, and that the church might welcome them in.”


Jamie Darien

Glenwood Springs

Wolf reintroduction: “circle of life”

Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth, meaning if something dies it gives life to another.

The argument for reintroduction is mostly focused on improved ecology based on success in Yellowstone National Park. This was an overgrazed area by Elk (no hunting is allowed in Yellowstone), but the wolves killed enough elk so the trees grew, the birds sang and the beavers improved the waterways. This was true for that area. Personally we have 38 acres bordering National Forest and our issue is the beavers cutting down the trees. There seems to be little other evidence of ecology improvement in other areas of the country due to the wolf. If you know of others please comment

Wolves have been out of the ecosystem for close to 100 years, and the balance and circle of life has adjusted and evolved. How long would it take with wolf reintroduction changing the balance to get back in balance?

For those with visions of the romantic myths of the Old West, the reality is starkly different. The re-introducers talk of wolves creating an “ecology of fear,” which means animals will be more alert, eat fewer trees, grass and move more as a result of the fear created by wolves.

Another fairly ridiculous point they make is using GPS collars so packs can be tracked and ranchers warned of areas not to graze cattle. I guess they don’t understand ranching. Also the compensation to ranchers is so convoluted and time consuming it doesn’t make sense for anybody.

I believe Colorado Parks and Wildlife has done a good job so far and they shouldn’t be overburdened with the time and resources this will take away from their normal responsibilities. In your mind reintroduction probably seems like the right thing to do, but the reality of increased other animal deaths must also be considered. Let’s not change the “circle of life” that has taken 100 years to evolve.

Robert Nestora

Steamboat Springs

Wear masks at City Market

Great article in the Post Independent regarding masks. Interesting to know that wearing a mask may not protect a person from getting the virus but may prevent it from spreading to others. Most of us now are staying home, going to our essential business to work or just getting out to exercise. 

My issue is what’s happening at City Market, our only main grocery store? While everyone can do a great job all week to stay distanced it’s impossible to stay distant at City Market. They’re remodeling now, so their isles are narrower than usual, and there are some people they just don’t care, unfortunately, about staying distant.

City Market needs to step up to protect its employees who are on the front line every day, and customers from getting this hideous virus. It’s not just the sick that have this virus, but many others are running around with it, too, not showing any symptoms, may even be in the bread aisle today at the store. Please City Market require all people to wear mask at your stores.

Judy Gillespie

Glenwood Springs

Not setting a good example

I think the Trump administration has done an admirable job combating the pandemic. We the people have been ordered to practice social distancing. OK, so why are all those VIPs huddled together during those daily virus briefings?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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