Tuesday letters: donate to nonprofits, universal health care

Donate to nonprofits on tax return

This tax season is a new time to support Aspen to Parachute’s nonprofit organizations. ReFUND CO is a new program allowing Coloradans to make a difference in our community by donating some or all of their income tax return to the nonprofit of their choice.

Family Visitor Programs is proud to serve the Roaring Fork community for over 36 years providing free home visitation services to new and expecting mothers from Aspen to Parachute. It is our vision that all parents will have the personal capacity, family support and community resources to enable optimum development for their children.

You can contribute to our initiative in three easy steps:

1. Decide how much of your state income tax refund to donate.

2. Enter Family Visitor Programs and our registration number 20033002700 in the ‘Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund’ line on your state tax return or tax software — or just give this information to your tax preparer.

3. Smile knowing you have helped a cause that matters to you and your community.

Last year, Colorado returned more than $1 billion in refunds to 1.9 million taxpayers. Imagine how much this could support local community causes like Family Visitor Programs across Colorado.

Because our important work is never done, we’re always in need of new funds to revitalize and recharge our organization’s capacity to care for our community. ReFUND CO shows how you, too, can give new and expecting mothers and their babies the chance to reach their full developmental potential.

For more information on ReFUND CO, please visit

To learn more about Family Visitor Programs’ work in the valley, visit our website,, and check out our Facebook page @FamilyVisitorPrograms.

Carolyn Sherrick

Family Visitor Programs

Glenwood Springs

Universal health insurance

What does that mean? It means you take profit-making insurance corporations out of health care. United Health Care’s 2019 profit was $13.8 billion, up 15.5% from 2018.

I lived in Canada for many years. I was grateful to live with single-payer government-run health care. Everyone’s insurance is government-administrated and only has to break even. Its purpose is to provide health care, not make a profit. This results in good health care for everyone at a much lower cost.

In 1982 we paid $34 a month to insure our family of six in BC, Canada. When we left in 2002 we were paying $64. A person who is poor pays nothing, but still has full coverage. No matter how many doctor appointments we had we never paid more than our monthly fee. We did pay for prescriptions. We always chose our own doctors.

We had one emergency appendectomy, one baby and the typical broken bones and stitches needed for the falls of childhood, but never paid a hospital bill. It now costs $69.25 per month for a family or individual earning more than $30,000 annually. Don’t be afraid or believe big business health insurance companies. Embrace universal health care and save lots.

Illene Pevec


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