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Tuesday letters: Grateful, crime rates, Menconi, mail-in ballots, Hanlon

We have much to be grateful for

There’s plenty of controversy and disagreement going on, but let’s look at the other side. We have a very nice place to live in Glenwood Springs.

When we want a shower the water comes out of the tap and goes down the drain into the sewer, as it should. When we flip the switch the lights come on in our homes. If a barbecue accident occurs and sets our deck on fire, the fire department comes and puts it out. If we have a car accident or a bike goes missing, we can call the police and they will come and help us sort it out. If we have an injury or health problem, an ambulance will come and take us to our great hospital. If we want to go outdoors we have fine walking and biking paths, attractive green parks to play in, and if we need to cross a river we have great bridges. Our finances are in decent shape (budget awards two years in a row), we have friendly and helpful city staff members who are working their tails off. We have pleasant spaces for outdoor dining, a good local newspaper that keeps us informed, a parking garage downtown where we can visit interesting local businesses.

There’s always room for improvement, but we have much to be grateful for.
Roses and chocolate to all of the hard-working humans who make it happen!

Sandy Boyd,
Glenwood Springs

Dem controlled cities and states have the highest crime rates

In Seattle, Dems have allowed armed “protesters” to take control of a six block area. There, Dems have liberalized laws to the extent that the same 100 criminals committed over 3,800 crimes in just one year! And they want to defund the police!

Dem controlled cities and states have the highest crime rates, highest unemployment, and highest taxes. Dysfunctional schools are an added bonus.

Tell me, why would any same person vote for such systemic incompetence.

Bruno Kirchenwitz,

I’m voting for Arn Menconi for Colorado Senate District 8

As a Latina climate advocate, I know Arn from our mutual efforts fighting for social and climate justice at a local, state and national level.

Arn built a charity from scratch to serve children of color who traditionally don’t get to experience the outdoors. He created and directed SOS Outeach, a nonprofit that is still growing strong. He’s been in many of the schools throughout Senate District 8 helping develop after-school programs, meeting with educators and superintendents to create positive change for all our children, because of this, he was appointed by Gov. Bill Ritter to be on the Health and Services Rule Making board for his experience throughout the State on early childcare development.

His resume is the embodiment of a public servant, be it for our future generations, diverse communities, undocumented families and seniors. He knows what it’s like to sit at the kitchen table of many of these families, including my own. He’s helped build affordable housing, fought to raise the minimum wage and been to Washington and lobbied Congress since 2001.
I don’t want someone who’s a “go along to get along” person in these times. I want someone who’s bold, brave and battle ready for the fight to protect all our children’s children’s futures. When Arn and I sit down and talk about systemic racism, our broken immigration system, discriminations Latinos feel and live on the western slope, he listens and admits he’s a white privileged male and needs to work alongside us. I know he wants to fight for our people. He understands that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. He’s not your typical politician. His record proves he has the political will to fight the good fight for us all.

Beatriz Soto
Glenwood Springs

Proud of Colorado for instituting mail-in ballots

I’m so proud of Colorado for instituting mail-in ballots in 2013. We are a leader of easy, safe, inclusive and convenient voting practices. Look what happened in Georgia. So sad that those people did not get to exercise their right to vote. They experienced fewer polling places, longer lines, longer wait times and having to give up and go home or back to work. Here in Colorado we fill out our ballots at home and either put them in the mail or drop them in a specific ballot box. Another reason I’m proud of Colorado.

Michele Diamond
Glenwood Springs

Please vote for Karl Hanlon for Senate District 8.

I have known Karl for many years and find him to be personable, intelligent and engaged with the many issues facing Western Colorado. He grew up on a working ranch in Jackson County, went to college, worked as a Park Ranger and then went to law school and graduated with a degree in water law. He has worked in Glenwood Springs for the past 20 years dealing with city and county issues along with the complexities of Colorado water law.

The incumbent has represented the district well, but we need new people to become involved in politics in this troubled time, so I am excited to support Karl Hanlon. I hope you will join me in voting for Karl who will bring a rural perspective and an energetic and educated voice to the issues facing Western Colorado.

Kit Strang

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