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Tuesday letters: SEAL pardon, gravel pit

A slap in the face to those who served honorably

As a military wife for 30 years, I met many service members who served our country honorably. My husband and younger son served in combat with the U.S. Marines.

War is “hell,” but those who are sent into battle know that there are rules that they must follow. When the military members do not follow the rules (for example, kill unarmed civilians/noncombatants), they will have to deal with the military justice system, which was established by the U.S. Congress.

When the current Commander-in-Chief goes against the findings of the military justice system and pardons those who broke the rules, it is a “slap in the face” to all who have served and continue to serve honorably.

Nancy Hess

Glenwood Springs

Let Glenwood take care of itself

Why would someone (Randy Litwiller) from Crawford care about Glenwood Springs being partially destroyed because of a mine expansion? Let me ask you this Randy: How would you like to move to Traver Trail and have all those trucks going past your house? Just stay in Crawford and let Glenwood take care of itself. NIMBY, right???

Dawn Robison


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