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Tuesday letters: Trump assumes, Menconi, Trump destroying GOP, rabid Dem dogs, defunders, lack of male leadership, Alzheimer’s, social turmoil

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Donald Trump assumes too much

Definition of Assume: supposed to be the case without proof.

Donald Trump and his white house staff assume that the American public is so ignorant, dumb and uninformed as to believe he did not know that Russia did not put bounties on our soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump assumes the American public does not believe he was briefed by the CIA and multiple other intelligence agencies last March, when some of those present at those meetings have come forward with this current information already.

Donald Trump assumes too much. He assumes that the people of this country do not care. 

It begs the question: Why is Donald Trump kowtowing to Putin, his new Russian best friend, while Putin is aware that his army is offering money to the Taliban to kill American troops overseas? News today says there is now proof that some of those bounties were paid to the Taliban by the Russians, after killings were done.

These are American lives. The Saudi Arabians come to our country and seek to kill journalists who print unflattering stories about one of the many princes who dabble in world geopolitics, and Trump does not say one word to them regarding this when he “hosts” them at the White House. Weakness? You decide.

Kim Jong Un has imprisoned 200,000 people in North Korea for the crime of disagreeing with him. Many never return from those prisons alive. Does Trump ever bring that up when they meet and hug, and blow kisses at each other? Has not happened yet.

This weekend a woman politician said that Donald Trump was the best female president we have ever had. Meant to be funny, but how true that statement is. 

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Menconi has earned my respect and trust

I am writing today to urge you to support Arn Menconi for Senate District 8. I got to know both Arn Menconi and Karl Hanlon in 2018 when they ran against Diane Mitsch Bush in the Democratic primary for Congress. I was Diane’s campaign manager.

Although he was an opponent, Arn earned my respect and trust. He ran a clean campaign and spent his donors’ money and his time wisely. He was the first to congratulate Diane upon her win and immediately got to work with us on our campaign. His work ethic is unrivaled, as is his integrity.

Arn is a dedicated public servant. He has connected youth to the outdoors via Snowboard Outreach Society, the nonprofit he founded 20+ years ago. He has legislated, serving as an Eagle County commissioner who crafted policy on affordable housing and early childhood education. Arn puts his constituents first. For him, this race is about representing you.

Can he beat the incumbent Republican in the general election? I’d argue yes. He won two hard-fought elections in Eagle County, before the county was considered progressive. Progressive values, backed up by real experience, are popular and motivating.

If you’d like to be part of a movement for progressive change. If you’d like to see a hard-working, nontraditional politician as the Democratic nominee for Senate District 8, I urge you to support Arn Menconi.


Sonja Macys

Steamboat Springs

former campaign manager, Diane for Colorado CD3, 2018

Trump destroying the Republican Party

Of all the insane things Trump has said and done in the last three and a half years, pushing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and eliminating pre-existing conditions in the middle of a pandemic has got to be the cruelest. Just when we thought he couldn’t go any lower, he does. Adding to this insanity, he is proposing defunding testing of the coronavirus. This is baffling and incomprehensible to intelligent people.

 Trump is determined to destroy the Republican Party. He has no strategy or agenda for the next four years. We are all so exhausted and afraid to turn on our TV sets for fear of what he has done overnight, but too afraid not to, as we must learn each day what is the current suggestion on mask wearing, distancing, what is open and what isn’t, in order to avoid contracting the virus or spreading it to our loved ones. 

There are now over 126,000 reported deaths in the U.S., the most in any country to date, and Trump is concerned about how he looks in a mask. He is still continuing with his attacks at his so-called rallies and continues to lie about his imagined enemies, such as Joe Biden. I am shocked at the people who will believe the disgusting things he says about our honest and patriotic people in America who truly love this country. The things he’s said about John McCain, a true hero, is only one example. 

With the economic crises, political crises, and health crises hitting our country all at once, there is no national strategy. Instead we have a president who has given more power to the autocratic nations of the world such as North Korea, Russia and China. I am praying for a fair election this November and that it can be a mail-in ballot. If there is to be any sanity in Washington next year and in our country, it must happen by voting out the current administration.

Linda Carr


Dem dogs have gone rabid

The Dem dogs have finally gone rabid. In Seattle the “love” fest known as CHAZ or CHOP has turned lethal on Saturday past. Yet the ultra liberal Dem mayor won’t allow police into the “autonomous” 15 acres.

What have we come to, America? Who can possibly justify this kind of blatant disregard for law and order? BLM and Antifa are out of control asking for anarchy. 

Democrats love their children, too. Do you want this socialist, globalist future for them? I’ll vote for a businessman to run our capitalistic system over a career politician every time.

Besides Trump had his billions before politics, while Joe made his millions from politics.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


No 911 services for defunders

Anyone who would like to defund our police departments should be removed of all 911 privileges at their home or business. Do not waste the precious time of our cops if you have no respect for them. Simple.

Donna Kuipers


Hope the Democrats take heed and the Republicans grow hair

The systemic problem began in the ’60s and has grown exponentially since then. It’s the lack of male presence.

Throughout the universe, polar opposites exist to compliment each other. Unfortunately today the idea exists on a biological level only.

When the human race does not have a representation of both sexes, chaos emerges. This applies to education, gun violence, broken homes, drugs, etc. Money or laws alone will not solve or stand in for the lack of male leadership.

The destruction of statues is a metaphor for what has already been hollowed out. That’s why no one resists. The value of Trump is that he shows how this plays out. We are lucky to finally see how neglectful we have been of our values. It makes global warming moot.

Elect Joe Biden as executive-in-chief of a zombie nation. Otherwise, we need to take accounting of ourselves and not take our culture for granted, starting with our families.

All lives matter. Black life (and culture) matters. The USA is a living nation, not a frozen icon. Hope the Democrats take heed and the Republicans grow hair.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Act will protect Alzheimer’s patients

Age is the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. As Colorado’s population ages, our state is expected to see a 21% increase in the number of Coloradans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over the next five years. Because of the cognitive decline associated with the disease, these individuals will be at greater risk of abuse and neglect.

How can we protect Coloradans living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia from physical, mental, emotional, sexual and/or financial abuse? Congress has the answer — the Promoting Alzheimer’s Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act (H.R.6813/S.3703). 

This initiative requires the Department of Justice to educate emergency responders, judges, prosecutors and other justice system workers about how to communicate and interact with persons with dementia. This important training will improve those workers’ ability to assist people with dementia and protect them from all forms of abuse and neglect.

I hope my representatives in Congress, Sen. Michael Bennet, Sen. Cory Gardner and Congressman Scott Tipton will consider actively supporting this significant legislation. It’s an easy way to help protect some of Colorado’s most vulnerable residents.

Meaghan Ziegler

Alzheimer’s ambassador


Blacks threatened white identity

I have not seen the kind of social turmoil we are now experiencing since the days of the assignations of the leaders and the protesting of Vietnam. We have protests over killings of black people by police and the pandemic. Our president is pushing every button he can find; hopefully he doesn’t fire the nukes. 

I have learned there is a holiday called Juneteenth and that a section of black Tulsa called Greenwood was destroyed by their white neighbors. At least 300 were murdered. 

What is so significant about this moment is the amount of support from whites both here and abroad. There is a real opportunity to create real change. The pandemic, which has killed an inordinate amount of blacks, and the blatant racism of the Trump regime and supporters has revealed a lot of structural racism.

Trump was once asked what he thought about getting support from David Duke, former KKK top official and frequent candidate for office. He said he knew nothing about him. That was a lie because they had interactions for years. Trump’s father is said to have been arrested at a KKK rally where the police were attacked. Trump properties were convicted of keeping blacks out of their housing. Holding a rally in Tulsa during such an important holiday and across the street from a massacre is a loud dog whistle, no coincidence. Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes all did similar things but not nearly so blatant. The called it the “southern strategy.” 

The legacy of the Confederacy is being attacked. The historical apartheid conditions are being explained. The history of policing is shown to have evolved from the early “slave patrols,” which are also a major reason for the 2nd Amendment. 

Greenwood was called the “Black Wall Street.” Nice homes and successful business were part of a self-contained economy that circulated its own wealth. Whites became envious. But more than envy, successful black people absolutely contradicted the racist paradigm. From the Constitution on, blacks were seen as “less than.” Blacks were less capable, had less intelligence, wouldn’t work unless forced, and weren’t necessarily even human. Greenwood put the lie to the very rationale that was the basis to the white identity. Greenwood proved every day that whites were not better. Greenwood had to go. 

I once heard a black woman on the radio say in tears: “What have we ever done against you?” Nothing — but to challenge the white identity. That produces deep hate and fear. Embedded in those emotions is the fear that blacks would someday and pay it back. 

Racism is a universal human trait that is stronger and weaker across the population. In better times we are guided by our better angels. Right now, the president is lighting a fuse that he says could lead to national violence. This could all get rough. 

Patrick Hunter


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