Tuesday letters: monsters out on bail, despotism, Marble Museum, bribery

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Monsters out on bail

Can you imagine a place where you can legitimately watch a child drink methamphetamine, hallucinate and subsequently die? 

Me neither. This really did happen. And the three people who have been charged with such a heinous atrocity have been released on bond. Really? 

This county’s liberal government is a joke. Sadly these three people will never see a court room again, at least for this offence. I hope the district attorney can sleep well, knowing that he has unleashed these monsters back into our society.

Rudi Kirchenwitz


Save our country from despotism

The last week in January, three readers — IIlene Pevec, Ed Colby and Linda Carr — articulated their concerns about Senate members not providing witnesses for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. As we all know, senators chose acquittal and turned an almost unanimous deaf ear to all evidence and the call for witnesses.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III said: “Senate Republicans made their choice. They ignored yours. Their power is temporary. Yours isn’t.”

My first responses to this news were disbelief, disgust, anger and fear, followed by a personal call for action. Now’s the time for our state (that’s us) and our country to talk back. At the top of this list is Cory Gardner whose despicable actions should assure that he does not serve another term as senator.

Let this be the beginning of our effort to save this country from the domination of despotism. It would be a symbol that democracy is still alive if even one senator holding out against witnesses would truthfully explain their actions. It’s almost beyond belief that tyranny from the top has stilled all their voices. “Profiles in courage” died on Friday with their votes.

For others who fear for our future, it’s important to continue to be heard. A start would be within our own state, by going to Sen. Gardner’s website and sending him an email expressing your views. Or in tune with Mr. Colby’s suggestion, you can leave a phone message at Sen. Gardner’s Washington office: 202-224-5941.

Opinion writer Dick Polman’s column on Jan. 31 compared what happened within the Senate to the mentality of the 17th century reign of France’s Louis XIV who declared “L’etat c’est moi (“I am the State”).

No, Mr. President (and senators), you are not, we are.

Syd Kanitz

New Castle

Attend Marble Museum open house

Feel like you got a touch of cabin fever coming on? Head up to the Marble Museum Feb. 8 from 1–6 p.m.

Speakers are authors Larry Meredith, Darrell Munsell, professor emeritus Tom Pratter, professor emeritus Bruce Bartleson and professor Duane Vandenbusche.

Check out the displays while you are there. The event is free. The Marble Museum is located in the historic Marble High School building, located at 412 W. Main St.

Lynn Burton


Sounds like bribery

If withholding money until someone has to do a favor to get what was already meant to be theirs is not bribery, what is?

 Gerry Terwilliger


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