Victim recalls dog attack |

Victim recalls dog attack

GUEST OPINIONBecky HaleGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I would like to thank everyone who came to the rescue of my dog Bennie on Oct. 22. While walking my dog on a leash past the dog park, two pit bulls who were unleashed inside the dog park jumped the fence and viciously attacked my little 25-pound dog. In the mix of this brutal attack, my left hand also incurred several puncture wounds. At the end of this horrendous ordeal, I was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and my dog was taken to several hours of surgery at the veterinarian.Thank you to the men who came to Bennie’s rescue. I still have no idea how you got those dogs off my little dog, but if it were not for you, I would have seen my dog die before my eyes. Those dogs were out to kill, and my dog was fighting for his life against odds he never could have beaten. I still cannot believe what I witnessed that day. An even scarier thought is about the young children down at the park that day with their dog, who could have been the target of this attack.Thank you to the people who loaned me their cell phones so I could call my vet before they left for the day. Thank you to the man who gave me his sweatshirt to wrap around my dog when he was finally free, lying there shaking in shock with blood dripping from his body. I will never forget this sight. Although the police department could not help get my dog to the vet since there was only one officer at the scene, they did get me to the hospital that night.And thank you to Bob Thorsen and Lori Pohm of All Dogs and Cats, who I know already after a long day’s work, performed several hours of surgery. Bob spent all night monitoring Bennie. There are not enough words to thank them and their staff for all they have done since this traumatic day.Bennie is and will be recuperating for a long time. He has a spirit like I have never seen.This letter is meant to be a thank-you; however, the issue of vicious dogs needs to be addressed. It was very disturbing to find out these dogs were released to their owner the very next day. The thought they are free to do this again to someone else leaves me very troubled. Maybe the fact that they are now in another state makes it less a problem for our community. My opinion has changed forever about the pit bull breed. This was not just a dog fight, these dogs were out to kill. I have seen dogs fighting before, and this was not even close to anything I have ever witnessed. And the statement that they have never done this before scares me even more than if they said they had. That is exactly what the owner of these dogs said.Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love dogs. But the issue of vicious dogs (not just the pit bull) needs to be addressed. There has to be a solution once they have attacked so violently. I personally believe these two dogs should have been euthanized. We cannot have this happening in our community or elsewhere.

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