Vote, or letothers run ournation, your life |

Vote, or letothers run ournation, your life

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If you are registered to vote, you don’t need to read this any further – except we do recommend you request an absentee ballot from the county clerk’s office (945-2377 or 625-0882) so you can vote in the comfort of your own home. If you are eligible but not registered to vote, shame on you! It’s not too late to make amends, though. You have until Oct. 4 to register with the county clerk’s office, a deadline less than two weeks away. Some people don’t register because they think it keeps them from jury duty. The courts rely on many other resources to mine for jury members, so being unregistered doesn’t keep you from being called. Some people don’t think their vote counts. Ask Al Gore from the 2000 election if a few votes here or there make a difference. Some people don’t see how politics affect them. They may think that by ignoring politics, politics will pass them by. If you are one of the “stick-my-head-in-the-sand-and-it’ll-go-away” types, here’s a laundry list of subjects that Election 2004 and its successful candidates will influence: Taxes, Iraq war, military draft, health care, music copyrights, highway funding, welfare, Social Security, women’s reproductive rights, Medicare, defense spending, veterans services, child care, college tuition, energy efficiency, air and water quality, educational standards, Roan Plateau gas drilling, national deficit, international trade, small business regulations, cigarette taxes, property rights, school funding, homeowner lawsuits, auto insurance, immigration, drug costs, school vouchers, tourism, disaster relief, meat quality, national safety, energy policies, gas prices, mass transit, youth programs, Supreme Court appointments, wilderness areas, disease control, Electoral College votes, water rights, hunting regs, energy impacts, flag burning, media ownership, North Korean nukes, government subsidies, world peace, drunken driving … The point of this incomplete inventory is political decisions affect everyone’s life.If you don’t vote, your neighbor or co-worker who does will determine how much tax you pay, the quality of the school your child attends, and even where you can drink a cocktail or smoke a cigarette. If public duty doesn’t move you to register to vote, maybe guilt will. Think of the thousands upon thousands of soldiers and civilians who fought and died to make sure you had the right to vote. Your “unvote” makes their sacrifice meaningless. Waving a flag doesn’t prove your patriotism, but marking a ballot does. Register to vote now!Waving a flag doesn’t prove your patriotism, but marking a ballot does. Register to vote now!

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