Watch out for the children |

Watch out for the children

Transportation Responsibility and YouSabrina HarrisSpecial to the Post Independent

Back to school means watching out for children as they make their way to school. Drivers should take extra caution while driving around school zones and especially residential areas. Children enjoy walking and riding their bikes to school, but parents often think their children are able to handle traffic safely by themselves before they actually are ready. Children dont have the skills to handle these risky situations until at least age 10. Children often act before thinking and may not do what drivers expect. They will often dash in front of a motor vehicle, thinking cars can stop instantly. Do your part by slowing down and driving the speed limit in neighborhoods, school zones, playgrounds and park areas. Expect children to be walking or riding bicycles and be ready to safely swerve to miss them or stop if that is not possible. Where children are present, keep your feet over the brake to stop quickly if needed. Crashes that happen at low speeds of 25 mph or below have 89 percent survivability, while at 35 mph and higher, that figure reverses to 89 percent of pedestrians dying when struck.Motorists should be extra careful around street crossings. This is the most common type of pedestrian crash. Any street crossing can put a pedestrian in the path of a motor vehicle whos driver may not be paying attention or may not have the time to avoid a pedestrian who suddenly steps into their path.When you are driving around town, remember two things: obey speed limits and watch out for our most precious commodity our children. Construction UpdatesThe Eighth Street detour at Midland Avenue will remain open this week, allowing travel between downtown, the Community Center, and the south side of the West Glenwood interchange, including businesses on Gilstrap Court and Midland Avenue. A planned closure is scheduled to begin Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, and continue through Sept. 30, when the new intersection is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic. Midland Avenue is closed between the ramps at the Exit 114 interchange and will remain that way through 6 a.m. Thursday. This closure is necessary to excavate, grade and construct the three travel lanes of concrete pavement that connect the north roundabout to the south roundabout at the underpass. Traffic will be detoured via Devereux Road and Highway 6&24 to travel from one side of Interstate 70 to the other.Construction on Exit 114 roundabouts is still ongoing with mainline traffic on I-70 not being affected. Both eastbound and westbound ramps will remain open. Eastbound traffic exiting at Exit 114 and northbound Midland Avenue traffic will be able to access Highway 6&24 via Devereux Road. Midland Avenue and Gilstrap Court south of the I-70 underpass will remain open and can be accessed via Devereux Road or eastbound I-70 at Exit 114. Appropriate signage and detours will be in place to guide motorists through and around the construction. Businesses adjacent to the project will remain open during construction and access to the businesses will be maintained.Sabrina Harris is the transportation manager for Glenwood Springs. For updates on these construction projects and maps of the construction areas, visit the city Web site at and click on the Construction Alerts link.

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