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We need a day to mourn our long lost freedoms

Ross Talbott
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Another Independence Day has come and gone.

I used to think of it as a freedom celebration, but now I’m not sure what freedom is.

Something like more than 90 percent of the attorneys in the world are here in our so-called free country.

We have millions of laws and regulations.

They say they have to pass it so we can know what’s in it.

They passed it, and we still don’t understand it.

I’ll bet there isn’t one adult citizen who isn’t breaking some law every day, and they don’t even have any idea it exists.

Personal responsibility and accountability don’t even count anymore.

The U.S. Constitution says we are entitled to a speedy trial by a jury of our peers.

When was the last time you saw the legal system do anything speedily?

It seems the legal system milks the system to maximize income for lawyers.

Think of the incredible amount that all of these trials are costing us taxpayers.

We pay taxes, fees, permits, etc., to pay the incredible cost of keeping inmates in prison for years while they do appeals, retrials and hearings ad infinitum.

I have tried to help an occasional person in the legal system and in that process have even been to hearings to set hearings.

How long has the Fort Hood shooter been waiting for trial?

Is there any question what he did?

Why didn’t anyone on a military base have the ability to shoot back?

Did they ever decide if he could grow a beard?

How many years have the Columbine shooting trials been going on?

Can you imagine the millions of dollars in savings to the taxpayers if someone in the front row had a weapon?

How many lives could have been saved?

There was the incident in Oklahoma where a man beheaded a woman and attacked a second lady when a man on the staff pulled his personal weapon and shot the attacker.

The shooter stopped a brutal killing. But since the attacker survived we can look forward to months and maybe years of hearings and trials at taxpayer expense.

Some years back, a young man invaded a church in Colorado Springs.

After killing two young ladies in the parking lot, he entered the building and was subsequently shot by a church attendee who was a professional security guard.

Not only did she save multiple lives, but again saved the taxpayers an incredible amount of trial cost.

I had some close knowledge of that incident because the girls were the nieces of a college classmate of mine.

I fully expect the shooter of the prayer meeting in South Carolina will be in the news and subjected to the legal process for years to come.

They will spend years analyzing his psychological and political motivations.

All of this will be mandated by the courts and the lawyers and paid for by all of us.

Also, we have six policemen that will be subjected to years of the so-called legal process because of an arrestee who died in jail from injuries.

Anytime the process is dragged out for years the collateral damage is dramatically increased.

The families’ emotional suffering is never given a chance to heal, and financial damage is greatly increased.

Loss of jobs and increased costs wreak havoc.

Consider the escaped convicts in Clinton, New York.

Some 2,300 police had been searching for over three weeks. That doesn’t include the staff and office expense.

Now the survivor of the two escapees will have endless hearings to figure out what you do with an inmate already sentenced to life.

Then there are the two accomplices that will keep the news people occupied for some time to come.

I visited a Colorado prison that had 2,000 inmates and 800 employees.

Consider what that is costing us, and that’s only one of several correctional institutions in our state.

Somehow I can’t believe that legalizing marijuana is going to help the problem.

We celebrate freedom on the Fourth of July.

Maybe it is time to declare a day of mourning in memory of our freedoms.

We Christians believe Jesus is returning to set up his Kingdom.

Tomorrow would be great!

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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