Wednesday letters: More pre-election thoughts from readers

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Moller is ready

It is an honor to endorse Becky Moller for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. 

Becky is passionate about serving her community and has the experience necessary to effectively manage and lead. Becky has volunteered for decades in various capacities in Garfield County. I first witnessed her leadership and professionalism when Becky worked with Roaring Fork Leadership, where she volunteered for years as a leadership coach and mentor.  

As a paralegal, Becky runs her own business providing legal services to various law firms. As an attorney, I have personally and professionally witnessed Becky’s hard work, organizational skills, and leadership qualities, and she is truly a pleasure to work with and an incredible asset.

Becky would make an excellent Clerk and Recorder and I believe will serve all members of Garfield County with integrity and the highest ethical standards to manage and improve that important office. No one is more qualified or deserving to serve as Garfield County’s Clerk and Recorder than Becky Moller!

Lawrence Bond, Carbondale

Harmon has the experience

We need competence and experience in the county clerk’s office. Jackie Harmon is well-qualified and has been well-prepared by Jean Alberico to assume those duties which affect all of us in Garfield county. 

She will not need any ramp-up time, unlike her opponent, who is unqualified and inexperienced. The Clerk and Recorder’s office is responsible for voter registration, the conducting of all primary and general elections, motor vehicle titling and registration, real estate and other recordings, marriage licenses, birth and death records, liquor licenses and recording the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners.

Jackie Harmon is ready to jump in on day one and oversee the dedicated hard-working staff of that office. I have known Jackie for many years and can attest that she is an honest, hard-working, woman of integrity and grit and is exactly who we need in the Garfield County Clerk’s office.

Jacqui Edelman, Glenwood Springs

Support Carbondale 2A

I am writing to ask for your support for Town of Carbondale Ballot Issue 2A. 

Last year, a group of citizens came before the town trustees to express concerns about short-term rentals (STRs) like AirBnB and VRBO in Carbondale. We pointed to a lack of rules and tax fairness, but most importantly warned that proliferation of these types of uses in residential areas could displace long-term renters who are key to the economy and community of our town. 

The Trustees undertook a number of meetings to hear from the public. The early meetings were emotional and contentious, but slowly a semblance of consensus emerged to regulate STRs in a way that balanced some need for visitor accommodations with a need to protect long-term renters and create some funding for housing security in Carbondale. 

Issue 2A is just one of the results of that careful and collaborative process and enjoys wide support from those who were involved. While 2A will only add a modest amount to our housing fund, creating a dedicated funding source for housing demonstrates our commitment to helping solve our housing issues and offers the town leverage to match other grants and get the ball rolling. 

2A is fair to STR landlords who still enjoy very low residential property tax rates compared to commercial lodges and in any case the tax will be paid by visitors who enjoy the community and services long-term renters make possible. Please support 2A!

Chris Hassig, Carbondale

Diaz for Treasurer

I first met Aron Diaz in 2010 when he represented Waste Management and I was on the Silt Trustee Board. I was impressed how prepared, professional and well-presented his updates to the Board were and how easily he answered all of the Trustees’ questions when it came to details of our contract with that company. When a seat came up on the Trustee Board, I encouraged Aron to run for a seat and share his experience with the town. 

As a Trustee, Aron was always prepared, fully researched the information being presented and offered his opinions and leadership in ways that moved the Town forward. Many municipal elected officials are guided by their staff and rarely question the authority of that professional experience. Aron would go beyond our issued reading, research an issue to know not only the history of a matter, but why it had been done that way in the past. This information was helpful to the board in general to make decisions that were truly in the hands of elected board members. His commitment and dedication to the true nature of government of the people was fully shown to me when he went back to school, earning his Master of Public Administration degree, so he could continue to serve in a capacity that makes government accountable. 

Over the following 12 years, Aron and I became fast friends and I learned more about Aron’s background both professionally and personally. He has not only become a trusted confidant, but a life-long friend whom I consider one of the most qualified public servants in the County. I am proud to support my friend and former colleague Aron Diaz for Garfield County Treasurer. 

Bryan Fleming, former Silt Mayor Pro-Tem

Reelect Perry Will

Representative Perry Will has shown outstanding leadership representing House District 57. As a public health practitioner, working at the state and national level in cancer prevention and control, it is important to me that legislators represent their districts, while considering impact on statewide policy. Representative Will has supported initiatives to help increase colorectal cancer screening, reduce barriers to care and to increase access to the insured as well as the medically underserved. 

Representative Will has pledged his continued support in the cancer prevention work and the need is even greater based on the impact of COVID-19 and delays in screening and care. In addition, Rep. Will’s commitment to mental and behavioral health is exemplary.

As a native Coloradan from a rural community, it is important to me that we have representation for policies that save lives, preserve livelihoods and also help maintain healthcare costs for all Coloradans. Representative Will has represented your district well with an ability to reach across party lines. Reelect Rep. Perry Will.

Andrea (Andi) Dwyer, Denver

Velasco for change, hope

This year I dove headfirst into our electoral process by supporting Elizabeth Velasco’s campaign for HD57. I never imagined dedicating so much of my time and energy to a political campaign, but I find myself doing it because I truly believe in Elizabeth Velasco. We need her to win. 

More of the same, out-of-touch reps who glorify the past won’t get us anywhere. It’s hard to maintain hope as a young person when the possibility of buying a house is slim, wages are stagnant while prices soar, we’re one medical emergency away from horrible debt, climate change undermines the idea of a stable future at all, and our democracy is under attack. 

A vote for the opponent is a vote for inexcusable inaction and further stripping of our rights and our hope in the future. While he paints himself as a moderate, it’s simply false and his voting record speaks for itself. Voting to jeopardize reproductive rights, to subject voters to intimidation at polling places, to extend our affordable housing crisis, supporting election deniers, and introducing legislation that would put high capacity magazines on the streets are not my idea of moderation. 

Elizabeth, on the other hand, is someone who inspires me to believe in the future. She will bring integrity and dedication to the wellbeing of everyone in our community. She will work hard to find real solutions that move us forward. She will advocate for freedom, democracy, protecting our land and water, and protecting our people. I’m ready for young, inspiring, intelligent, fresh leadership and new ideas. I’m ready for change and hope. Vote for Elizabeth Velasco!

Sophia Clark, Carbondale

Beware Will’s wool

Voters who care about preserving women’s freedoms will vote for Elisabeth Velasco for Colorado House District 57 Representative, and not Perry Will.

Some Will supporters claim that he has reached across the aisle to vote for a few bills, but that does not include the most crucial one, the Reproductive Health Equity Act.

Will voted against the Act, which guarantees a woman’s freedom to make her own health care choices, including ending a pregnancy.

Democrats were also able to defeat several extremist Republican bills that would ban all abortion without exception and another criminalizing women seeking one. 

A vote for Will would support stripping women of the same personal freedoms that men now enjoy.

For those who care about women’s rights as well as men’s, Will fails the acid test. Vote for Elizabeth Velasco to preserve all our freedoms for all people.

Bernard Grauer, Basalt

No on 2C

Glenwood Springs has many lodging businesses that are owned by immigrants. These families came to Colorado for an opportunity to take part in the American Dream. It’s what makes

America a beacon of hope. They are a part of your community and they need your support.

Vote “no” on 2C.

When we first heard about a potential lodging tax increase, an attractions tax was also being discussed for workforce housing. Many local businesses faced the dilemma of how to remain affordable despite the rising costs of doing business in Glenwood. However, when City Council saw an attraction tax would fail, they decided to target lodging.

Your local elected officials chose to bully a small group of businesses for workforce housing which is an areawide problem. Tell the city that this behavior is unacceptable. Support our small businesses by voting “no” on 2C. 

As for workforce housing, we get it. Many lodging owners live onsite and they also provide housing for their employees. Some properties provide workforce housing for over half of the employees who need a place to stay. Why doesn’t the rest of the business community take charge and do the same?

Our lodging community should not be singled out and taxed to provide housing for the other businesses in town. Please support them by voting “no” on 2C.

Edward Koziol, Glenwood Springs

Frisch the right choice

It has become really clear, for many reasons over the past couple of years, that Lauren Boebert is just wrong to be our Representative. 

Adam Frisch is right. He is committed to putting Colorado first, not himself, and keeping America strong. He will be a workhorse and get stuff done for the 3rd Congressional District. 

Adam will rebuild the middle class by fighting for high-paying jobs for all workers and lowering out-of-control costs. He is not a religious fanatic and believes in women’s rights. Vote for him and save all that is important to us.

Lon P. Winston, Carbondale

Democracy threatened

I read with interest Greg Rippy’s opinion piece (Post Independent 10/28/2022) about unaffiliated voters. I am one of those voters and I vote in every election. 

I concur with Greg that the economy is in a downward swing. That said, I feel as an American, the much more pressing issue is the delusional and dangerous narrative former President Trump and his allies have been spewing since his loss in 2020. The election has been scrutinized for fraud like no other election in American history and no voter fraud was found. 

There should be an extremely loud denouncement from everybody about this crazy theory. Instead, most Republicans embrace and repeat this nonsense. I don’t remember ever hearing Mr Rippy, whom I consider a friend, saying as much. 

We have a sheriff and county commissioners that fully back Representative Lauren Boebert in her campaign of misinformation from the 2020 election to the position that the church should rule the government. 

The common thread I hear from Sen. Mitch McConnel, Kevin McCarthy and all other Trump enablers is they will do anything to stay in power. Add to it the unhinged call for violence against elected officials from both sides of the aisle and we have a very real threat to our democracy. Please consider this as you vote. The economy will recover, as it always has, but our democracy may not!

Dave Malehorn, Glenwood Springs

McQueeney for EagCo

Jeanne McQueeney is the right candidate for District 3 Eagle County Commissioner. Jeanne has shown a deep commitment to Eagle County over the last 30 years and will continue to do so. 

Commissioner McQueeney has provided exceptional service to Eagle County residents as a teacher, on the School Board, and currently as a County Commissioner. During that time she has developed a deep understanding of how the county works and of the important issues we still must navigate. 

Her current participation in various state and regional boards brings recognition and influence to the county. In comparison to her opponent, she already knows what key objectives the county commissioners should focus on, and she knows how to work with the other two commissioners to make those happen.

Some of her own objectives include investing in affordable housing, supporting the workforce, and protecting our environment and natural resources.

Eagle County citizens are fortunate to have such an experienced and authentic candidate for this position. She actively listens to our concerns. Please check out her website at

Donna Grauer, Basalt

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