Wednesday letters: Ascendigo better than alternative, Klesner for Holy Cross, and West Glenwood development |

Wednesday letters: Ascendigo better than alternative, Klesner for Holy Cross, and West Glenwood development

Better than the alternative

Some of the letters protesting the proposed Ascendigo development are so full of misinformation that I vowed to set the record straight. The misinformation we have all been subjected to over the past four years has really blown my mind. And here we are again. 

First, this proposal is fairly modest compared to what could have been. An activity barn and four office/gathering units and a pastured animal enclosure versus 21 plus 2 dwelling units requiring water and septics. 

I have visited many Ascendigo summer camps, some on Missouri Heights for the horse riding program. This is not your typical summer camp. They are quiet. Children are not running around loose. Each camper has an aide — essential for children and young adults with autism. These campers are in awe of the activities they are able to do, so respond with happy glee. No screaming or yelling. It is a marvel to watch, and it fills your heart. 

I’ll keep this short to end with the observation that the people who founded, work for and volunteer for Ascendigo are not your enemy. They are kind, honest, hardworking people with huge hearts. Neighbors with manners. Your own hearts will be lifted as you watch the lovely transformation this endeavor will bring to your lives.

Judith Royer

Old Snowmass

Klesner seeks open HCE seat

I am running for the Holy Cross Energy Northern District seat previously held by Adam Palmer of Eagle. Ballots are arriving in HCE member mailboxes for three board positions. Two incumbents, Kristen Bertuglia and Robert Gardner, are up for reelection and have shown great leadership on the board and receive my wholehearted endorsement. 

I ask for your vote for Adam’s seat to continue HCE’s environmental leadership and carry on his legacy for our community. 

I have been integrating sustainability into my engineering career for more than 20 years and am so lucky to call Eagle home with my wife and children. 

Our communities were devastated this winter when we lost several of our leaders, friends and environmental advocates. There are very big shoes to fill, but together, Eagle and our neighbors are doing so.

I served in the USAF and was ingrained to act with integrity first and excellence through continual preparation. More recently as a professional engineer, I have integrated technology to plan and deliver efficient infrastructure and renewable energy on commercial and federal projects. 

Today, I masterplan Microsoft’s cloud, and similar to our power system, both must be sustainable, resilient and affordable. 

Holy Cross has enacted bold plans and been leaders in sustainability. 

I want to continue that journey by helping execute on the 100×30 plan to lead to 100% renewable power. Please keep an eye for the ballot and vote for Bertuglia, Gardner and Klesner in this upcoming HCE election. 

Keith Klesner


West Glenwood development too much

The times they are a changin’, and driving past all the new apartment developments in Glenwood Springs, we are well aware of change:

Buffalo Valley Apartments (2021) — 116 units; The Lofts/Glenwood Meadows (2018)— 181 built; Six Canyons (2020) — 116 units; and the recently approved Bell Rippy development (2021) — 54 units (in the process of being built).

We question the need for more. Specifically in question is the proposal from R2 Partnership, based in Ohio, requesting an additional 360 apartments be developed behind the old West Glenwood Mall. 

Concerns regarding the impact of traffic, safety and major increase of population (by approximately 400 to 1,200 cars and people) not only affects the neighboring community of West Glenwood, but it will also have major impacts throughout Glenwood Springs. 

The so-called “Butterfly Effect” (the idea of a small change resulting in larger differences in a later state) may become evident with an increase of traffic on Interstate 70, Midland, Highway 6 & 24, the bridge, Grand Avenue and Highway 82. 

Traffic is always a concern, but a major influx of additional shoppers will also be recognized in City Market. 

Change is a comin’, and with change, hope: a hope for all those involved and invested in present and future developments to listen to those directly affected and to pause and rethink the affordability and magnitude of these projects. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

— Margaret Mead

Bob and Jamie Darien

West Glenwood Springs

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