Wednesday letters: Beckley cares, really CDOT?, and corporate bailouts

Beckley taking care of employees

As one of the many in the valley who’s employment is in jeopardy, I am grateful to work for a company that is doing its best to keep us all afloat in this shaky economic time. I work at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, which has closed until April 17 (at least), and we were all very concerned about our future, for obvious reasons.

I am writing this because I have, in the past, read criticism of the park’s owner, Steve Beckley, as a typical land-baron business man. When he attempted to revive the South Canyon Hot Springs, he was painted as someone who just wanted to make more money.

First, a business owner usually wants to make money. But those of us who know or work for Steve know him as a genuine, kind human being who has created jobs for me and my coworkers, cares about us, and continues to be there for us when we need him.

We now have some time off since the park is closed, and not surprisingly we are being paid. This reduces my anxiety considerably, and those of my colleagues as well. We are all family up here, and Steve and Jeanne Beckley are showing what they are made of during this difficult time, and I, for one, appreciate it.

Don Chaney
Glenwood Springs

Increased speed limit a danger

Driving my nightly run to Denver, I noticed CDOT increased the speed limit to 65 mph on eastbound I-70 just past exit 114. The increased limit continues around the curve by the Hot Springs pool, then drops to 50 mph.

What is CDOT thinking? Apparently their managers have forgotten the truck wrecks that occurred on that curve, back in the ’90s.

In response to those wrecks, a yellow flashing sign was installed at exit 116. This warned drivers to reduce their speed to the recommended safe speed of 50 mph.

The warning sign is no longer there, as well.

It’s only a matter of time, before somebody takes that curve too fast, and lays it over.

George Kuersten,

Corporations need bailout too

Really Randy? (“Corporate America does not need financial help,” Post Independent, March 24) You blame Republicans for bailing out big business as well as small business and individuals. You want to exclude big business from any federal relief. Why? They employ many millions and are part of as many IRAs. They need help also and could be legally prohibited from using those funds for stock buy-backs or VIP pay raises.

It’s Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who wanted to sneak in liberal pork totally unrelated to the coronavirus. Now that Nancy’s been called out on it, she’s backing.

Maybe it’s time we stop politicizing the virus.

Bruno Kirchenwitz,

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