Wednesday letters: Biden unity, fair election, rural voices, slow down |

Wednesday letters: Biden unity, fair election, rural voices, slow down

Biden should act to benefit the entirety of the electorate

Joe Biden’s self-professed goal and promise is to unify we Americans. This requires quite a bridge. It further requires Mr. Biden to, for now, set aside much of the progressive agenda as that way lies only further division. If one wishes to unify a divided electorate, one must do acts that benefit the entirety of the electorate. A simple syllogism perhaps but a profound plan for action.

I believe Mr. Biden can get there, and there are three things through which he can accomplish this feat of unification.

The first step is to devise and shepherd an infrastructure restoration bill through Congress. There exists today both bipartisan support and public enthusiasm for same. The ground has been laid; Mr. Biden needs merely to pick up the shovel. This act alone will establish Mr. Biden’s bona fides and create a useful sense of public trust and confidence regarding his intentions.

The second act is the creation of a government jobs program. Yes, hire anyone who wishes to work. We’ve done it before; it had lasting benefits which we still talk about today. There is pride in this work to lift the public spirit and to dispel the miasma of COVID. And it could obviate the need for further spasmodic, divisive and error-prone relief bills.

Act three, a tough one, is to rationalize and drastically simplify our health care system(s). At a minimum there is general recognition that our health care systems are too complex and too expensive. Further, most Americans seem to want government to fund and administer some form of at least basic health care for all citizens. A corollary benefit would be divorcing health care from our business establishments. Let business do business and not worry about our sniffles. Government already accounts for nearly 50% of our national health care spending; let’s wrap this up into one neat package.

Then, from this basis, a healthy, fully employed citizenry with a humming infrastructure, we can evolve and apply a more cohesive political discourse to address our collective future.

Michael Larime
Glenwood Springs

Stop with the ‘Stop the Steal’ already

Biden won the election, fair and square, just like Trump did in 2016. There is zero proof of election fraud, and many, if not most, Republicans admit that Trump is just a reality star whose policies they may agree with. So why are these people protesting democracy?

It’s sad and hard to lose, but to call out election fraud is just denying the fact that many more people voted for Biden. There are huge groups like Vets Against Trump and Republican Voters Against Trump, and just thousands of people in general who voted for Biden and against Trump.

He lost. Incumbent losses happen, even in this country where, thanks to many Republicans in powerful positions, there was so much voter suppression that it seemed like the U.S. was modeling China and Russia. We all know that voter suppression is downright wrong, mean and devious. Voter suppression undermines democracy and is equal to stealing an election. It’s done out of desperation, with disregard for disabled, poor, minority and elderly folks. How can that be OK to the same people who now falsely claim election fraud?

Biden is now the next POTUS and we all have to move on — hopefully together.

Michele Diamond
Glenwood Springs

No taxation without representation

Nice , concise letter by Shane Porter: ”National popular vote would silence rural voters” (Post Independent, Nov. 13).

Carry it a step forward. We need an electoral college system just for the State of Colorado. Presently, we the people who live west of Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs (the population center of the state) need to have an equal voice in Colorado business. Each of the 64 counties in Colorado should be allowed one vote in state matters to exercise our rights. This would give balance to the system and allow rural area residents an equal voice. No taxation without representation.

Stan Rachesky
Glenwood Springs

Slow down

When I first read about “Take A Minute” in the Post Independent awhile back, I thought, wow! That’s a great idea. It made complete sense to slow down, especially if it meant only a minute was saved by speeding through town. So, the next time I drove through Glenwood Springs, I decided to try it. I was more than taken aback when I discovered that I was one of the speeding tailgaters! I had to set my cruise control to even do it!

To my surprise, and I don’t know if this is factually true, but I found that the lights were nearly perfectly timed so I could drive through town either without any, or with only one stop. It happened the next time and the next time. No coincidence. Sounds odd, but over time this experience has helped me see the benefit of slowing down in other areas of my life. Thank you to all who thought this up and who creatively implemented it. It’s good for Glenwood Springs.

So, when you see the green “Take A Minute” signs and stickers on our lawns, businesses and cars, instead of gunning your engine and passing us, try slowing down. You’ll save gas, make less noise, spew less toxic fumes, and maybe even arrive a bit calmer. Slowing down is good in this crazy, fast paced life that values vehicle traffic more and more over people and quality of life. We can do better!

Carol Turtle
Glenwood Springs

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