Wednesday letters: Bipartisan collaboration, mask up, Trump’s failures

Bring bipartisan collaboration to the federal level

Thank you to the people of HD57. We have all been through a lot in 2020, and what an election year it was. We all got to see how crazy and mean politics can get in the national elections, but what we saw at the state and local levels was much warmer and more welcoming.

In the race for HD57, Rep. Perry Will and I focused not on the differences in parties, or the differences in our personalities, but on the issues that you, the voters, told us were the most important to you. We didn’t get into arguments and sling mud at each other, we discussed our different solutions, and even how our solutions could be made better by being brought together.

When I was on the phone congratulating Rep. Will, we mostly discussed working together. I want the people of HD57 to know that he has your best interests in mind. He and I, along with others, have already made plans to get down to business bringing these complex solutions to reality.
We need to bring this type of collaboration to the federal level. Sen. Michael Bennett should be commended for his record of work, championing bipartisan solutions that benefit Colorado and the nation. senator-elect John Hickenlooper has pledged to do the same.

Unfortunately, we also have a new congresswoman-elect. As unqualified as she is, I hope that she is willing to learn how to do the job. I hope that she will not be a talking head. She hasn’t told us what issues she will focus on, or what solutions she intends to bring focus on, but she has given us some things to worry about. She claimed that she will fire Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she won’t accept president-elect Joe Biden’s victory, and that she won’t work across party lines.

This leads to only two conclusions regarding her intentions over the next 2 years. Either she doesn’t understand her job duties and role, or worse, she doesn’t care about her job as a representative for all the people (and varying viewpoints) of her congressional district.

I am not sure which is true, but I hope that she sheds those ideas and works for all the people she represents. I hope that she can do her job, and to do it reasonably well.

Colin Wilhelm
Glenwood Springs

Protect yourselves and unselfishly protect others

For those anti-mask proponents, I suggest you read the article on the front page of the Dec. 1 edition of the Denver Post entitled “How health officials track the deaths caused by coronavirus.” The El Paso county coroner could not have explained it any better than when he said, “The coronavirus pandemic is a mass casualty event. More than 260,000 Americans, including more than 3,000 people in Colorado, have died with COVID-19 in less than a year.”

While our county commissioners focus on the low number of deaths in Garfield County, how about concentrating on the fact that people do not want to get seriously ill with the coronavirus at all. Even though we may eventually recover, we may feel as though we want to die while enduring the virus. Who knows what the after-effects will be?

Listen to the health experts and quit burying your heads in the sand. Wear a mask and demonstrate responsibility and respect for others. We are in the midst of holidays and tourist season. Anyone is susceptible to catching the virus from people coming into Colorado, co-workers, or others you may encounter who may be unknowing carriers. Protect yourselves and unselfishly protect others.

Eleanor Nelson
Battlement Mesa

Silence in the face of evil

Silence in the face of evil is in itself evil. This is what we see with the senators in the Republican party! Their silence for the past four years of the Trump Presidency is deafening. The white man fighting for his place in the hierarchy of our government and America is, in my estimation, the reason for this. I do not think history will look kindly on these senators or the people in Trump’s cabinet.

With Joe Biden and his diverse cabinet in control after his January Inauguration, we will surely see Trumpsters protesting in the streets, as the Tea Party did years ago. It is all about the greed and love of the almighty dollar and racism. The stock market is up and millions of people are going hungry, which tells you the stock market is not the economy.

With 13.2 million cases of the virus and more than 265,000 people dead in America, the Trump administration has failed the American people miserably. The really scary part of this is that 70 million people who voted for Trump are believing his lies and not taking the virus seriously.

I am so very tired of the Trump Show on TV every day with his lies and conspiracy theories. I’m so looking forward to the Biden Administration with intelligent, educated patriots and people who have governed in the past. I’m now feeling some relief for the first time in four years, as people all over the world are feeling.

I’m looking forward to reading a book of‘hope, “The Promised Land,” rather than a book on all Trump’s lies and crimes. I’m praying that America will one day be regarded as the shining light on the hill again.

Linda Carr

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