Wednesday letters: Boebert’s claims, and support for Boebert |

Wednesday letters: Boebert’s claims, and support for Boebert

Substantiate claims

I don’t like to think Rep. Boebert believes QAnon theories, and I also hate to think she is telling us lies about the election results. 

Please, Ms. Boebert, substantiate your information. You owe this to your constituents. Otherwise, it is time for you to resign your post. We can’t have liars representing us in our government.

Judith Elzinga

Glenwood Springs

Supporting Boebert

We the people elected Lauren Boebert to uphold our rights as citizens called the 2nd Amendment, and that is exactly what she is doing. She took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States the day she became our congresswoman, and she plans to follow those laws. 

If any of you knew the laws of the Constitution you would understand, but you clearly don’t know the Constitution. You all should educate yourselves a bit. 

We the people support Lauren Boebert as our congresswoman. 

Tonya Walls


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