Wednesday letters: Climate hypocrites, thanks for slowing down, kudos to Elks, curious

Climate hypocrites

Why bother Bruno? (12/14 Letters) We all suffer from confirmation bias, and climate alarmists are no different. Alarmists will refuse to acknowledge any alternative views/facts other than “the world will end in 10 years unless we do something now!” And then 10 years from now it will likely change to another crisis. Haven’t you figured out that’s how the system works? It feeds off panic. Terrorism! COVID! Climate change! Everybody panic!

Global cooling used to be the issue. Then it was global warming. Now it is just broadly “climate change” because it gives flexibility to change messaging on the problem.

Let’s put it this way: if climate change was in fact the gravest threat we are facing then there should be two immediate and constant actions taken now: 1. Every climate alarmist should pressure President Biden crush China and India economically and curb their industrialization; 2. Every climate alarmist should immediately turn off all gas to their homes, sell their cars and walk or bike everywhere even in the winter (because EVs are just as dirty when you look at parts like the batteries). 

Given we are based in Colorado, all climate alarmists should also do a deep dive into how many petroleum-based products go into their camping gear. 

Of course, none of that will happen because virtue signaling and telling others what to do and believe is infinitely more important than actually living out your philosophy. Until the millions of people prove their seriousness with actions and return to living a completely primitive life, it will be hard to convince others to take these actions. Come on, be the change you want to see!

Chase McWhorter, Carbondale

Having a say

Have you seen the signs? The green and white Take a Minute yard signs along our most heavily used streets have been given a voice with new radar speed signs that have been installed on Grand Avenue in Glenwood.

Motorists exceeding the posted limit see “Slow Down/Too Fast,” while mindful drivers complying with the limit see “Thank You.” These signs speak volumes for everyone along and on the road.

Surely, drivers can empathize. Who would wish for their home life, business or community to be “driven” under?

Please Take A Minute, think about it and Slow Down in Towns.

Wishing everyone safe travels

Diane Reynolds, Take A Minute/Slow Down in Town committee member

Glenwood Springs

Elks meals thanks

On Dec. 11, the Glenwood Springs Order of Elks provided a free holiday meal to around 70 individuals from Mountain Valley Developmental Services. The food and company were enjoyed by all. Even those who couldn’t attend the event were treated to having their meals delivered to them.

We are grateful for the continued support of the Elks community, and especially for the efforts of Michael Harmon for making our participation possible. We always feel special when involved with the Elks. Thank you for adding to the wonderment of the holidays!

Sara Sims, Glenwood Springs

Curious description

I read, with interest, the article “Dealing with the methane escaping from Coal Basin’s shuttered mines sparks debate (Dec 19 PI).” Although it was thorough in its content, I can’t help but wonder why the two women mentioned in the article were described as having “short pink hair” and wearing a “puffy pink jacket,” when there was no description of hair or clothing for the men.

Judie Blanchard, Carbondale

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