Wednesday letters: Councilors’ pay, hemp, virus, broadband, Earth, and protests |

Wednesday letters: Councilors’ pay, hemp, virus, broadband, Earth, and protests

Reconsider city councilors’ pay cut

I wholeheartedly object to a pay cut for Glenwood Springs City Council. City councilors make $1,000 a month. They are expected to attend double the meetings and make life or death decisions, at this time of a worldwide shifting pandemic. City councilors who are doing the job right are putting in at least 30 hours a week. I am holding my City councilors accountable, and a pay cut is unproductive. Please City Council, reconsider the idea of the 20% cut. This should be a voluntary gift to the city only. It makes little difference to the books of Glenwood Springs, but it’s important to me to see them be compensated. This disease is a paradigm shift and needs careful, thoughtful, creative examination at every turn. If anything, I would vote to give Glenwood Springs City councilors a raise.

Jennifer Vanian,
Glenwood Springs

Tell senators, representatives to co-sponsor ‘Hemp for Victory Act’

In Honor of Earth Day, let’s take a moment to feel gratitude for this amazing planet that provides us all with such a beautiful, awe-inspiring playground! Think of how relieved she must be to have this reprieve from all the noisy, disruptive and polluting human activities that constantly go on around her globe. Who would have guessed that something good could come from all this turmoil? Now the question is — how do we keep the environmental momentum going and make this current “reset” count for something more than just another bailout for the big corporations? Here’s an idea. While we have the time, let’s all make it our mission to communicate to our U.S. senators and representatives that they immediately need to become co-sponsors of Bill, H.R. 3652, the “Hemp for Victory Act,” introduced by U.S. Rep., Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). This bill lays a comprehensive and equitable foundation, providing a solid framework for the industrial hemp industry to become both an economic and environmental game changer for all Americans.

So, why not blanket the politicians (and any other power brokers) with social media messages, letters, calls, anything you can think of to respectfully get their attention? Do a search and go to to get started. These people will respond (we’ve proved that with federal legalization), but it’s up to us to relentlessly impress upon them the vital importance of making the switch from a fossil fuel based economy to a hemp based one that will give us the raw material we need to make thousands of different Earth-friendly products: from compostable plastic throw-away utensils, to food, clothing, medicine, paper products, etc., while at the same time actually cleaning and sustaining our precious home. Gotta do it, folks! We’re here to help.

Jackie Chenoweth,

The Virus…

When released to be free after centuries of being locked within only one species, I had the opportunity for my greatest prize. I jumped from animal to man, not sure the effect on me. Would I live in a different host; thrive or die? I leapt; things happened. I could live in man. Because of his movement and social interactions, I was brought in contact with more men. Oh, how easy it was to jump from one human to another. At first I made these movements undetected. Man didn’t know I was now part of him, yet that didn’t feed my growing feelings of independence and importance. If I remained silent within the man, I could multiply within him and others. After I had grown within humans, I made myself known. I learned much during the weeks I was growing strong and multiplying within him; he likes to be in control of his life and things around him. Soon I revealed myself. I attacked his body. I made him ache; made him cough until his breathing became difficult. Finally, he sought help from other men who thought they had the power to heal. Some of these healers helped, but many were unaware I had already invaded their precious bodies as well. I continued to grow and gain power. Unaware of how mobile man was and I learned the vast space I would be able to control. Yes. I was in control, invading human bodies in many places. Some recovered, but many died. It was because of me, because of the power I wielded.

Look at man, racing time in an effort to control my growth; trying to limit my reach for power and growth. Oh, did I say power? Yes, I can understand how a man comes to desire power. When you get attention, it feeds something within and you want more. Yes, I want more power. I want more recognition of my impact. See, over there — entire cities have shut down. Who has the power now? Oh, latest news flash — countries have closed their borders. Man’s movement is limited; no longer can he roam the Earth at will.

Scientists are studying me. To find what? They are looking for an immunization to neutralize me. Really? They think they can do that? We’ll see.

Linda L. Flynn,

Can the city afford to be wrong?

What happens if the proposed broadband system does not generate enough money to pay back the loan and to pay operating costs? The city taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

I am referring to the article in the Glenwood Post Independent on April 20 concerning the City Council’s 6 to 1 vote to issue a request for proposal seeking $9 million to finance the installation of 150 miles worth of broadband fiber throughout Glenwood Springs. Allegedly this would be paid back by users of the broadband system.

I have several concerns with the proposal: Should the city be in competition with private industry? The city is currently served by several companies providing the same services as the proposed city broadband system. Council member Tony Hershey was the only member concerned with the city competing with private industry.

It is my understanding that the city’s current broadband system is not paying its own way. What guarantee does the Council have that the proposed broadband system would pay its own way and not require a subsidy from the city taxpayers? According to the article, the current system has about 300 customers out of approximately 4,800 potential customers. What incentive will the city offer to get the 4,500 potential customers to switch from their current provider to the city system?

How does the Council propose to borrow the $9 million? Will they be using Certificates of Participation (COP’s) which are a legal but back door way around the TABOR Amendment which requires voter approval for tax increases? (COP’s) require a mortgage on city buildings. No bank will loan $9 million without collateral.

For a city that cannot afford to keep up its streets and city service without asking for a sales tax increase (which failed), do we need this added expense?

If this proposed broadband system is something the residents of Glenwood Springs want, it should go to the voters.

Joe O’Donnell,
Glenwood Springs

Earth’s health is our health and the health of our children

Dear Earth,

I am writing to thank you for all you give us: pure air to breathe, clean water to drink, soil to nurture us with fruits and vegetables, forests to harvest sustainably, animals and birds to delight us with their beauty and songs, food for those who eat meat, oceans filled with a vast array of life. Thank you.

I apologize for those humans who have not seen this beauty and abundance as a responsibility for all humans to accept. We cannot throw our poisonous wastes onto you and your waters. This virus that has moved from animal to human has stopped, briefly, the polluting cars and industries that pollute our air and water.

People in Venice can now see fish and dolphins in their canals. People in India can see the Himalayas, hidden for decades by human-caused pollution. In Wuhan people can hear birds sing and see blue skies for the first time since industry came to rule there.

We can make responsible choices as the caretaker on this planet. We can choose to create and obey laws to stop pollution from harming you and us. We can see that the cost of cleaning pollutants from manufacturing, refineries and vehicles is an investment in keeping us and you healthy.

We can use renewable energy from sun, wind and water to power our machines rather than burning fossil fuels. We can recycle what we make and our waste just as you recycle matter and energy.

Your health is our health and the health of our children. Thank you for teaching us by example.

Thank you for all you give us.

Illene Pevec,

Virus will spread at protests

Anne Frank hid with her family for two years in a small room behind a bookcase before being captured by Germans and dying along with her sister in a concentration camp.

For most Americans it’s been about a month of the nightmare of not sitting down in a restaurant. The nail and hair salons are closed. Oh my!

What do you mean Game Stop is non-essential!

Stuck at home with our own children! How did the pioneers do it stuck in a cabin all winter with no internet, no cell phones, no video games?

As I write this, over 40,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 since the first confirmed death on Feb. 29.

Yet thousands of people are protesting at state capitols that they can’t go to their lake house or party at the beach or go to the mall.

Just for good measure, some protesters are throwing in their 2nd Amendment rights. The crime rate has plummeted except for domestic violence, so maybe put the gun away and help your neighbors get out of an abusive situation.

Various signs regarding Jesus showed up.

Some Anti-vaxxers are in the crowd, I suppose pre-protesting a future vaccine. They believe in “herd immunity” as in let the rest of the herd get vaccines but not them.

A bunch of MAGA hats show up. Know what will make America great again? A vaccine.

Bunch of flags being waved at these protests because I suppose it’s not something you can do from your front porch.

Under more normal circumstances I would simply roll my eyes, but people are dying. The virus will no doubt spread at these protests and people that could have just stayed home and protested via social media will end up in the hospital creating a burden on professionals and a system already in overwhelm.

Dozens of doctors and nurse have died fighting this virus and you’re out there protesting for your right to catch and spread it. Pathetic.

Marco Diaz

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