Wednesday letters: Democrats posturing, commissioners are public servants, Valley View kudos, and hero hospital workers |

Wednesday letters: Democrats posturing, commissioners are public servants, Valley View kudos, and hero hospital workers

Liberal rubbish

Kay Delanoy’s letter to the editor in the Feb. 1 edition of the Post Independent is typical liberal rubbish. She calls out Rep. Lauren Boebert for introducing a bill to ban masks on federal lands and travel. She states that Rep. Boebert is “posturing for her supporters.” Well, I wonder what Ms. Delanoy thinks Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, and the rest of Democratic House of Representatives are doing by illegally trying to impeach former president Donald Trump. Posturing for their Democratic supporters? Guess what, Ms. Delanoy, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, according to my great-grandmother. 

James A. Wingers


Commissioners should focus on being public servants

I’d like to know when our county commissioners became lords of the manor, epidemiologists and God? Perhaps they need to revisit the definition of public servant? Please quit spending my taxes on your own personal delusions. Thank you men and women of Valley View Hospital and all that you do, regardless of the obstacles put in front of you. 

JD MacViccar

Glenwood Springs

Kudos to Valley View

I would like to give kudos to the Valley View Hospital staff for their ongoing handling of the COVID-19 vaccines. The process was well-organized. The valets, volunteers, nurses and staff created a friendly and positive experience. == 

Darrell and Eileen Stanley

Glenwood Springs

More thanks for Valley View

A big thank-you to the wonderful women who answer the phone at Valley View Hospital. I was trying to make an appointment online for the COVID-19 vaccine and ended up calling the hospital three times trying to figure it out. They were very patient, kind and helpful, and I got my appointment. Just another reason I’m so grateful to be part of this special community.

Debby O’Leary

Glenwood Springs

Hospital workers are heroes in the truest sense 

Over the past 12 months, the coronavirus has posed profound challenges for our community. No amount of recognition will ever be enough to adequately thank our hospital workers for the care and dedication they have shown.  

COVID-19 has placed a huge strain on our hospitals, which have faced budget cuts and staff and supply shortages. Despite these challenges, they continue to provide our community with critical medical care.   

The first COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Garfield County on Dec. 17, and since that time, Grand River Health and Valley View have been able to vaccinate more than 9,000 individuals, including the majority of our community’s at-risk, older population. Garfield County’s rates of vaccination are among the best in the state — vaccines are being administered almost as quickly as they arrive. Our hospitals continue to plead for more vaccine and have the capacity to vaccinate more people when it becomes available.  

This accomplishment doesn’t happen without tremendous amounts of planning, dedication and long hours. Many other counties and states are not having this level of success.   

Our hospital workers have given so much, working beyond what is required, and often doing their existing job on top of COVID-19 duties. They are running vaccination clinics at their own expense. They have made our community the utmost priority, treating each shot as a possible life saved.  

Grand River Health and Valley View doctors, nurses, administration, technicians, transporters, EMTs, janitors and every staff person at every level are rising to the occasion to care for our community. Thank you for the sacrifices you make every day. Your service continues to save lives.    

Vaccine is here, along with the opportunity for health care workers to potentially focus on some self-care after this long and trying year. It offers them a chance to get back to a time when they didn’t have to worry about getting sick from work, and to get back to other community priorities that have been delayed.   

We want to publicly say “thank you” again and encourage our Garfield County community to join with us in thanking our hospital workers in the best way possible, by getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it is your turn and when it becomes available. They have served us with everything they have, and it is our turn to give back.   

To express your gratitude, join with us in posting your words of thanks to our Grand River and Valley View staff on Facebook at
and use #GettingGarfieldVaccinated #VaccinesSaveLives. 

Yvonne Long

Executive director,
Garfield County Public Health

Glenwood Springs

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