Wednesday letters: Diane Mitsch Bush, West Slope water, airport, outdoor economy, Karl Hanlon, John Martin, decency and leadership, Perry Will |

Wednesday letters: Diane Mitsch Bush, West Slope water, airport, outdoor economy, Karl Hanlon, John Martin, decency and leadership, Perry Will

Vote for a thoughtful plan over empty words

Last week, I bribed my high school classmates with glazed donuts to register to vote. I did this because, on top of standard teenage angst, I’m worried about this election. I’m 16, and it’s a frustrating time: I closely follow current issues, but I can’t vote. I have to rely on adults to choose wisely in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

I tried to understand Lauren Boebert’s policy views, but only found vague ideas on her website. She’s “pro-America, pro-guns, and pro-Constitution.” What does that even mean? Boebert talks about “freedom,” but freedom to do what? — limit my rights as a woman and destroy the climate? She has no familiarity with political office or governing. I think it’s great to elect non-politicians, but that doesn’t excuse Boebert from her responsibility to create policy plans at a critical time.

At least Diane Mitsch Bush has experience and plans. Go to her website. You’ll see the specific bills she supports that will protect our health care, public lands, renewable energy, economy and infrastructure. I’d vote for a thoughtful plan over empty words any day.

Willa Schendler

Mitsch Bush, Hanlon understand West Slope water issues

Perhaps the single most important long term issues facing Colorado are water and climate. I have been involved in Colorado water and river issues for many years and I am always surprised at how little Colorado’s state and federal legislators understand how water works and the urgent issues and needs we face.

We need legislators and institutions that really understand how water works in Colorado and the west. Both Diane Mitsch Bush and Karl Hanlon understand how water works and the challenges we face for Colorado and the West Slope. We need representatives in Washington and Denver who understand water issues and needs and what it means for all of us.
We also need a strong voice for water from the West Slope. The Colorado River District is that voice and needs our support so they can help us all in crafting solutions to the water challenges we face. We need a strong River District now more than ever.

I encourage everyone who is concerned about Colorado’s and the West Slope’s water future, the future of our rivers, farms and cities, to vote for Diane Mitsch Bush, Karl Hanlon and”yes” on ballot issue 7A.

Ken Neubecker
Glenwood Springs

Elect an entertainer or a leader?

We in Western Colorado are facing a very important election — the 3rd Congressional District race.

The feisty Lauren Boebert sure knows how to throw some attitude! Her pistol packin’, no compromises, ‘I make my own rules’ style makes for dynamic and entertaining campaign stops.

I’ve been trying to imagine how Boebert’s approach might translate into effective leadership in Congress. Grandstanding on divisive hot-button issues is an easy way to stir up a crowd. Reconciling our differences is a more fruitful way to get things done in politics.

While Colorado and the U.S. face significant challenges, both are blessed with abundant resources to address those challenges. The path forward lies in shepherding those resources to address the problems at hand. In these polarized and divided times, we need someone with the experience and maturity to reach out to all her constituents, and to forge solutions that benefit all of us.

As a former Colorado State Representative and Routt County Commissioner, Diane Mitsch Bush has a long history of public service, a proven record of collaboration, and a willingness to address the flaws in our political system. She doesn’t shy away from the hard work of understanding the issues and getting things sorted out.

If we tire of Boebert’s entertainment, it won’t be easy to switch channels to the dedicated leadership we truly need now. In these uncertain times, let’s elect the proven public servant — Diane Mitsch Bush.

Pat Kiernan

City doesn’t appreciate airport’s value

The embers from the Grizzly Creek fire aren’t even cold and a few select folks in our city seem to feel the need to diminish the value of our airport. Only two years ago the Basalt Mountain fire raged, and this year the Glenwood Springs Airport was a major staging area for the Grizzly Creek fire threatening our own town. Additionally, Classic Air Medical is used by Valley View Hospital and local search and rescue to save people’s lives. These companies have stated unequivocally they cannot efficiently operate without the runway and facilities our airport provides. How is it possible that the Glenwood Springs City Manager and staff still fail to appreciate the value of this historic municipal asset?

A Post Independent article dated Oct. 10, states “The airport doesn’t get a lot of use by locals,” and “Of the 29 long-term users, only nine reside in Glenwood.” For goodness sake, this is a deliberate misstatement of the facts. According to data readily available to the City Engineer and City Manager, there are 55 planes and 5 helicopters based at our airport. Twenty-seven of these owners have an 81601/2 zip code, and 28 additional owners live in the Valley! This does not even include the countless locals who fly in and out of Glenwood Springs on a weekly basis. I graduated from Glenwood Springs High School, work every day in Glenwood, but because I live up 4-mile Road, I am not considered “local” by the city staff?

The airport land was donated to the city for the express purpose of being an airport. The airport is self-sustaining and costs the city nothing. Numerous people have inquired about building more hangar spaces and we have a need for a larger jet fuel storage tank. The city is constantly dragging their feet and not allowing improvements at the airport in an effort to stifle its development.

With COVID-19, the mall imploding, many businesses shutting down (i.e. Safeway, Office Depot, American Furniture Warehouse), maybe the city should concentrate more on other things than attempting to ruin one of the things that is working right in this city.

Eric A. Strautman, O.D.
Glenwood Springs

Mitsch Bush will protect our outdoor economy

CD 3 relies on a strong Outdoor Economy for good-paying jobs. From retail to manufacturing, to tourism and more, protecting our outdoors means protecting the jobs and well-being of thousands of Coloradans in the 3rd Congressional District.

I’m not a Democrat, and I’m not a Republican either. I am an independent voter who has looked at all the candidates and their stances on the issues. The choice is clear. Mitsch Bush will fight for our jobs. Lauren Boebert will do whatever her party tells her to do. Mitsch Bush will protect our water, our air and our wildlife. Boebert will undermine our outdoor economy.
This is why I am voting for Mitsch Bush to be our next Representative to Congress. Mitsch Bush supports our outdoors, and will be a strong proponent in Congress for legislation such as the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act, which helps ranchers, hunters and conservationists alike by protecting 400,000 acres of public lands.

Boebert called the CORE Act a “land grab by Denver’s liberals.” That is false, and the people of Western and Southern Colorado who helped draft the principles now embedded in the CORE Act know it. Mitsch Bush is steadfast in her support for our public lands and the outdoor economy that relies upon them. Now we must be steadfast in our support for Mitsch Bush, so she can keep fighting for the interests of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. We must vote for Diane Mitsch Bush.

Patrick King

Hanlon will make sure rural voices are heard in Denver

My name is Sheryl Barto, and I am the wife of Karl Hanlon, who is running for Senate District 8. I have had the pleasure of already meeting many people on the campaign trail or out in the community. If we haven’t met yet, I look forward to meeting you soon! I am often asked on the campaign trail, “so what is Karl really like?” — so I want to tell you a few things about him that you won’t read in the newspaper or in campaign materials.

Karl and I are both in our second marriage, entering our 10th year. We have a blended family with four children ages 16 to 26. Karl spent his career as a public servant protecting our rural communities, always understanding public life is his calling. He makes sure we have dinner together as a family on all of the nights he doesn’t have a night meeting. And on those nights, he without fail, asks if there’s anything he can pick up for us on his way home. When he is home, he likes to cook. He is a great father and role model to our kids. He’s incredibly patient, calm, thoughtful and humble — rare qualities in today’s world. He’s a gentleman. He fills my truck up before I use it. He meets me in the driveway to help me carry groceries in. It’s those small acts of kindness, for as busy as he is, that show he makes the family his priority as a devoted family man, kind in thought, word and deed.

I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. Karl grew up on a ranch in Jackson County, Colorado. We both share the love of rural life and believe deeply that Republican, Democrat or unaffiliated — we all have more in common than not and that rural communities have great solutions to the big issues our district faces. Please cast your vote for Karl, who will make sure our rural voices are heard in Denver.

Sheryl Barto

Keep Martin serving Garfield County

I’ve known John Martin for over four decades as an effective policeman, an innovative thinker, a gentleman, a thoughtful public servant, and in the past two terms very much a wise scholar concerning government issues. We need to keep him serving Garfield County for as long as he’s willing to sacrifice his talents for the people.

The idea of term limits, proposed by several editorials, was made for lousy politicians fooling lazy, uninformed voters. The thought of retiring John’s vast knowledge of local, county, state and federal workings in exchange for a new commissioner to start at the bottom of the learning curve makes me wonder what these radicals are thinking. These same people would likely have told Lewis & Clark, “No you can’t lead a second expedition across the prairies to the west coast; you’ve had your turn. Let someone new try this time.”

Explorers, doctors and professional sports don’t take chances on inexperience to succeed, why should we? Please join me in voting for John Martin as Garfield County Commissioner to maintain Garfield County as No. 1 in Colorado!

Jerry Law
Glenwood Springs

Vote for decency and leadership

As you vote this year, I would like you to reflect upon the type of language and behavior that you would allow in your own home. What kind of insults would you tolerate from your child, your parent, your spouse or your friends?

How about from your President? President Trump has used obscene language and remarks toward his opponents, colleagues, reporters, women, minorities and anyone else who has dared to stand up to him.
In addition to his vulgar language and bullying tactics, he has been accused by 22 women of sexual misconduct, and has made 20,000 false or misleading statements during his presidency.

And perhaps his greatest flaw has been his failed response to COVID-19, with more than 220,000 deaths in the U.S. The United States has 4% of the world’s population yet has had 20% of the world’s COVID-19 cases and 20% of the world’s COVID-19 deaths. If President Trump had been able to create a plan to keep U.S. deaths to the same rate as the rest of the world, he could have saved 176,000 lives in the U.S.

As you turn in your ballots in the next few weeks, please vote to elect a person you would feel proud to have living in your home. Vote for decency and leadership.

Kenny Teitler

Diane Mitsch Bush vs. Lauren Boebert

Diane Mitsch Bush: Routt County Commissioner 2007-2012. Colorado House of Representatives 2013-2017. Colorado House Committee for Agriculture and Livestock, and Natural Resource Committee. Professor/associate professor at Colorado State University for 12 years; at Colorado Mountain College for 11 years; at University of Arizona for four years
Former Chair of the Transportation and Energy Committee in the Colorado House of Representatives. Recognizes climate change and supports ending fossil fuel subsidies. Supports expanding the methane rule. Won Conservation Colorado award as environmental champion.

Supports funding transportation, broadband, water, electric grid and renewable energy infrastructure projects; universal background checks for guns, magazine limits, and the red flag law; health insurance and quality education for all, rational immigration reform. Opposes construction of the border wall.

Lauren Boebert: Has never run for or held political office until now. Recieved her GED in May 2020. Arrest record includes disorderly conduct, failure to appear in court (multiple); refuses to adhere to local requirement to wear masks in her restaurant, Shooters Grill, which is in financial difficulty and charged with failure to pay taxes. Climate denier. Supports continued subsidies for fossil fuels and opposes the methane rule. Supports repeal of Affordable Care Act and opposes single-payer health care. Supports elimination of the U.S. Department of Education, privatizing public lands, and constructing the Mexico U.S. border wall, but has no experience with project planning, design, budgeting or funding. Opposes all federal regulation, but supports the government deciding that a woman cannot have an abortion under any circumstances. Boebert Is ardently anti-tax and for making the federal government as small as possible but has no functional experience or qualifications to achieve anything, whether you agree with her positions or not. Boebert is a menace to functioning government, which she vows to disrupt.

John Powers

Will will act honorably and keep his word

In the ideology-driven, hardball world of politics, it’s hard to remember when we voted for someone based on character.

In my long life I’ve voted for only a handful of Republicans. But I’m supporting Republican Perry Will in his bid to keep his Colorado House District 57 seat. Let me tell you a story.

The state of Colorado compensates beekeepers for bear damage, and they provide beekeepers with solar-powered electric bear fencing. When Perry was my local wildlife officer, a bear got into my bees. I hit the panic button and didn’t wait for fencing from the Division of Wildlife. I went down to Hy-Way Feed and bought my own. When I inquired about reimbursement from the Division, Perry could have said, “Tough luck. You didn’t follow the rules.” Instead, he acknowledged that my request was covered by the spirit, if not the letter, of the law, and he accommodated me with the stroke of a pen. That was long ago, but you remember something like that.

We need problem solvers in the legislature. This means creative leaders who are willing to work with people with whom they might disagree, in order to promote the common good.

Perry Will has decency written all over him. When he got appointed to his seat a year ago, he summed up his political philosophy. “You’re not going to make everyone happy, but at the same time, you do what’s best for the community you represent. I’ve always done that throughout my career.”
Amen I say. I don’t expect Perry to agree with my views on every issue, but I’m confident he’ll act honorably and keep his word. These days, that’s saying a lot.

Ed Colby
New Castle

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