Wednesday letters: East River Alignment, illegal ballots, leaders, COVID, wisdom of experience, and Honda service |

Wednesday letters: East River Alignment, illegal ballots, leaders, COVID, wisdom of experience, and Honda service

Highway 82 and the Confluence Development

Highway 82 divides Glenwood Springs in half with a wall of moving traffic. As the Roaring Fork Valley continues to grow from urban exodus, so will traffic volume on Grand Avenue, unless a true bypass is built.

The 2007 SH82 Corridor Optimization Study identified the “East River Alignment” as the only true Highway 82 bypass around Glenwood. This alignment basically follows the RFTA-controlled railroad alignment from I-70 to the Walmart traffic light. This alignment requires the redesign of Exit 116 with a new bridge over the river and railroad tracks. Signalized intersections at Eighth Street and 27th Street along with a grade separated interchange at 14th Street would allow local traffic access to Grand Avenue while keeping all up-valley traffic on the bypass.

Imagine what Glenwood will look like in less than 20 years if there is no Highway 82 bypass. Expect daily gridlock on Grand Avenue and clogged side streets. CDOT will be forced to eliminate traffic lights, change signal timing, close cross streets, limit parking and increase speed limits.

It is past time for the citizens to demand that City Council address this critical issue. However, our City Council seems obsessed with commercial development of the confluence area which would permanently eliminate any possibility of ever building a bypass. If the Confluence land is sold to developers without allowing for the East River Alignment, our children and grandchildren will never see Grand Avenue traffic reduced to just locals and tourists.

This battle will be difficult but the stakes are high. Granted, the alignment is currently owned by RFTA, CDOT funds are limited, the river environment would be affected and neighborhoods will be impacted if the bypass is built. Consider the alternative. It will take 10 to 20 years of constant community support and unselfish leadership by generations of “town fathers” to get State Highway 82 off of Grand Avenue. Start now or never.

Chuck Peterson
Glenwood Springs

Let’s find the illegal ballots

First of all, I believe there was very little, if any, illegal voting practices during our last election. But if Republicans insist on finding some, then get on it! If they do find an occasional vote from an unfortunate COVID-19 death, there’s a good chance it will be one of their own since they disregard proper protocol like distancing and mask wearing. Start in Maine and maybe the incumbent senator will lose. It can work both ways, folks. Then move on to Pennsylvania, etc.

What I don’t like to hear is about the Republican bullies that were carefully watching the process. Our election judges have a long, hard job and they don’t deserve to be abused. As Chris Christie said, “Come forward with the proof or move on.” Once again, Republicans are wasting the people’s time and money, this time, being poor losers. If you watch “Choice 2020” you will get perspective on both Trump and Biden.

Michelle Diamond
Glenwood Springs

Leaders shape the moral character of a nation

I have observed, over the past 12 years, just how much the electorate, copies their elected. A population becomes shaped, perhaps subconsciously, in the image of their president. With Obama, despite a seething racist undercurrent, the national discourse was generally measured and thoughtful. The country felt dignified, united, if disagreeing. The past four years have been a stark contrast. Families, communities, workplaces and even parks now demonstrate divisive, even combative behavior that is actually encouraged by the national leader. All leadership rolls hold the soul of the led, but none are as important as the one that shapes the moral character of a nation.

John Hoffmann

We are headed for a lockdown if nothing is done

In regards to John Stroud’s article entitled, “No plans for school-based COVID testing as Roaring Fork District high schools return to in-person classes,” I want to express my grave concern. Mayor Jonathan Godes and other Garfield County officials continue to state that there “has not been any transmission of the virus wtihin schools this school year.” How do they know? They aren’t testing anyone in school (teachers, students or staff) who have been a close contact of the positive cases. For this reason, Godes and others cannot accurately claim that no transmission is happening in schools; and the claim, quite frankly, is irresponsible. According to multiple studies to date, we know that children often spread the virus just as easily and possibly more efficiently than adults and are often asymptomatic while doing so. Our teachers, staff, students and families deserve better than this, especially while both incidence rates and positivity rates are climbing rapidly in Garfield County.

Over the past few weeks, the Garfield County COVID-19 warning metrics, via the state coronavirus dial, have been rising at an alarming rate, now with metrics placing Garfield County in the highest danger or RED/Stay at Home zone for incidence rates and the ORANGE zone for positivity rates. But what is Garfield County doing about that? We have heard nothing from public health as to the mitigation planning required by the state. Other local public health authorities (Pitkin and Eagle Counties, both in the ORANGE currently) have outlined their plans in detail and appear to be cooperating with the state. Is this not true for Garfield County? We deserve to know if there is a mitigation plan, and we need to know why if there is not. Who is it in government that does not agree with mitigation efforts to flatten the spike in cases, and what are they waiting for? We are headed for a lockdown in Garfield County if nothing is done.

Brooke Allen, MD

Why discard wisdom of experience for diversity?

Fred Malo Jr. bemoans, “old white guys and senior citizens” (John Marten and Mike Samson) retaining their county commisioners’ seats (Post Independent, Oct. 9). Isn’t Fred an old white guy? 

Anyway, Fred says he wants, “younger, more feminine and darker complected leadership. What a wonderfully arbitrary criteria for choosing leaders, not to mention a fine example of identity politics. 

Maybe Fred believes all leaders and workers should be proportionately represented according to race. If he was the NBA commissioner, Fred would then logically demand 80% of rosters be white? 

What have we come to when we discard the wisdom of experience for something so nebulous as diversity?

Bruno Kirchenwitz

Trust Honda service department

Last Friday I went to a franchise tire dealer to buy snow tires. As expected before a storm, it was extremely busy. We made an attempt to schedule an appointment for the near future and were basically told that they were booked until Wednesday. They refused to allow us to make an appointment for sometime after that date. I requested to actually go into the business and order a set of tires, which I was finally able to do. The store portion of the business had one customer waiting with several sales people standing behind the counter. We received no help and felt unwelcome.

At this time we decided to bring our business back to the Honda dealership where we had originally received a quote for tires and a brake job. Honda informed us that the tires would be ordered Friday afternoon and they would be available Monday for installation, which they could do along with the brake work. The Honda service department was equally as busy as the first business but an appointment was made for Monday when they would have the tires and brake work done in the span of four hours.

The Honda Service Department has always been great for our many dealings with them over the years. Both Jill and Alex in the service department are top notch! Once again we learned — we trust our Honda Service Department to work on all of our vehicles.

Michael Horst

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