Wednesday letters: Farewell to Hal, Hanukkah, 480 Donegan, new reason to oppose vaccine, too much housing

Sundin will be missed

Hal Sundin has had a great run. Will miss his insight and personable monthly column. Thank him for his backstory in his final column.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Enjoyed Hal

Congratulations, Hal Sundin. I have enjoyed reading your column.

Charles Sloss

Glenwood Springs

Post Independent should not forget Hanukkah

Eight days of a wonderful historical holiday is over. Happy (belated) Hanukkah.

The Glenwood Post Independent did not mention it. In light of that oversight, perhaps they will forget to mention Christmas.

So, in advance, I wish the entire community of Glenwood Springs a very wonderful Christmas.

Carole Hershey

Glenwood Springs

Large commercial development is the alternative

Annie Uyehara’s letter to the editor of Dec. 6, regarding the development of our privately owned property immediately north of the West Glenwood Mall, provides a list of what this opposition group wants our private property to become.

The groups’ 10 points of “sensible use” of the property include open space, a public park, community gardens, a senior housing center, an early child care facility, a bowling alley, movie theatre, rent-controlled residences, employee housing and 100% affordable housing.

Many people may not be aware that our nearly 16 acres of property has been commercially zoned in Garfield County for many decades. At a county public hearing a number of years ago, the property became fully entitled for use as a commercial park for up to 15 buildings and over 700 parking spaces.

In the development of our property, we built, paid for and deeded the adjacent Storm King Road and sidewalks to Garfield County for our development. The potential traffic generated from our existing commercial park, if fully developed, would be greater than what is expected with the recently approved annexation for multifamily housing.

If the petition is successful and the annexation repealed, this does not negate our absolute legal rights to develop in the county.

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Partnership LLLP

Glenwood Springs

Natural selection at work

Why do we keep seeing the push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines?

The polls show that many, many more Republicans are not going to get vaccinated compared to Democrats.

Without using any numbers, the data shows that unvaccinated people have a much higher chance of dying from the COVID-19 virus.

In a country where so many elections are decided by a razor thin majority, why on Earth would Democrats want to have a mandatory vaccine?

Gary Pax


Missed opportunity

Just when we thought Glenwood City Council was going to pass something good for our community, they vote down a building moratorium. Right now, there is an apartment complex being built at the Glenwood Meadows, north of Walmart, and the beautiful Rivers/Penelopes building was torn down for another complex there.

So what we all have to ask ourselves is are you willing to sell your quality of life? Because that is exactly what council is doing to us. If money is all you care about, then you probably agree with Mark Gould when he said we can’t stop the money from coming into our community. We all know that this is not the cheapest place in the country to live; it is probably one of the highest cost of living places.

But we chose it for a better quality of life, and flooding it with people will take away that way of life we all came here for. And actually it will cost us in the long run with all these apartment buildings going up.

How many of you know a local contractor that is hired to work on these complexes? I bet most of them are from out of town. What will happen is our taxes will go up because we need a bigger sewer plant, more police officers, more firemen, and we will have to hunt somewhere for more water.

If you want to live in a big city, move to the Eastern Slope, but don’t let our city government turn this mountain town into one.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs


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