Wednesday letters: Feinsinger straying from his expertise, get vaccinated, hard work pays |

Wednesday letters: Feinsinger straying from his expertise, get vaccinated, hard work pays

Stay in your lane, Doc

There is an expression in most professional circles: “Stay in your lane.” This admonishment is often shorthand for someone who is espousing views in a discipline for which they are not trained to stop talking and avoid representing something on which they are not trained to opine. Often, when someone strays from their core discipline, they weaken the validity of their discipline. Perhaps more importantly, many see through the pontification as just that: trying to use their stature for personal, not disciplined, opinion.

Dr. Feinsinger’s Dec. 10 column in this newspaper is a classic example of someone straying outside their lane. Moreover, the article sadly presents many quotes or references to “many medical journals” as support for his views. (I might add, these medical journals are similarly straying from their “lane.”) I visit a medical professional for medical advice, not environmental lectures or unfounded claims expressed as sanctimonious medical advice.

I have learned in my many years of life on this planet that there are often several different sides to a story, and often each has data and statistics to support their views. Nowhere in Dr. Feinsinger’s article is such balance presented, nor even explored. And for him to be a medical professional, this mindset is very troubling. Am I to infer when he provides medical advice it is merely opinion and not a balanced professional perspective?

So please stay in your lane, Doc. There is enough gratuitous personal opinion masquerading as gospel floating in the universe these days, and your contribution (and those contributions of your medical journals) to this arena is not helpful. Or perhaps you’re suggesting I get my COVID-19 medical advice from the auto shop attendant the next time I have my car’s oil changed?

Roger C. Hindman


Get the jab

The COVID-19 news is quite discouraging with the increase of deaths and hospitalizations, mostly due to the unvaccinated.

The cynic in me thinks that is a trend that should improve the gene pool of the human race, but on the other side, some do get breakthrough infections, some cannot get vaccinated because of prior health issues and some unvaccinated people I liked are no longer here.

The sorrow caused by losing someone close and the stress caused to the health industry are both great. So, please, get vaccinated. Don’t be among those whose genes will be deleted from the human race.

Gerry Terwilliger


Income inequality reality

Bryan Whiting: Thank you for reiterating what is completely obvious: Hard work pays (Post Independent, Dec 1). I have been busting my butt for 40-plus years, and guess what? I don’t need any handouts, and I don’t complain about inequality. Why? Because I busted my butt to get to my financial position. I didn’t whine or pout or say “that’s not fair” or beg — I just worked hard. Period.

I have witnessed a lot of immigrants who are doing the same — working hard. And they are realizing the benefits of their efforts. Two of my neighbors are immigrants, and they are both entrepreneurs. Their hard work has allowed them to purchase homes up Four Mile without begging or complaining. And all they did was work hard. The United States is one of the best places to realize capital gains if you work hard. It’s that simple.

And as for all the (young) bums on the streets looking for a handout — and who probably won’t read this — I have zero sympathy for you. You live in the ultimate “land of opportunity,” and all you are doing is trying to catch a free ride. No thank you.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs


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