Wednesday letters: Good doctors, housing, Republicans, drug pushers |

Wednesday letters: Good doctors, housing, Republicans, drug pushers

Thanks, Valley View docs

I have lived in Glenwood Springs for over 40 years, so I feel like I know this town and people pretty well. But this past Sunday (April 24), I was pleasantly surprised by something. I unfortunately was dealing with another kidney stone and had two visits to the ER. On Saturday morning, after my initial trip to the ER, I was at the end of my rope dealing with the pain. I called ER, and Dr. Travis Martin, who was the doc of the day in ER, called me back. He calmed me down because he seemed truly concerned about my condition. He shared a personal similar situation and told me how to manage my pain with the meds I had. He said if I was unable to handle the pain to come into ER, which I ended up doing for the second time that week.

No matter what you want to say about Valley View Hospital — and yes, it is very expensive, like most hospitals — you can’t deny the great quality of care you get there.

Now, the amazing part. The following morning at home, so worried about another bout with pain, I get a call from Dr. Martin to see how I was doing. If you have ever gotten a call from an ER doctor before, it’s not like your regular GP that knows you and sees you all the time. I bet Dr. Martin saw a few dozen people, just that day that I was there. But he took time out of his busy schedule to check on me. I barely knew what to say, I was so touched. That act of kindness made all the difference in the world to me. Thank you, Dr. Martin, and to “big cheese” Mr. Murphy: You better start cloning Dr. Martin, because before you know it, he will be waving his hat as he rides off into the sunset, which will be well-deserved.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

Housing is employers’ problem

“The business of America is business,” President Calvin Coolidge famously said in a January 1925 speech. Recently, a local business man wrote a letter to the editor instructing Glenwood Springs to construct housing for his and other businesses’ workers. He is right about this: “Employees need housing.” Not just any old workers, but people who are well-educated, healthy and happy about where they live and for whom they work. Business also wants plenty of customers. Therefore, the community should see that there are quality accommodations, activities and all necessary services from good streets to good water. And plenty of marketing.

However, there is another point of view — that of the taxpaying resident. Many of these good people are now incensed about having hundreds of new units crammed into their neighborhoods. And why is it that housing is being built, and has been built for many years, and yet — and yet — there is still not enough? Instead, there is congestion, constant traffic, water source problems, lack of a local fire station, crowded schools with problems getting teachers, lack of a local grocery and a serious wildfire danger. The answer lies in controlling what is built. Constantly expanding the quantity of business, and hence employees and housing, is the real source of the problem.

Glenwood is currently redoing its Comprehensive Plan. It is painfully obvious that the last one was either useless or ignored. There is nothing vaguely “comprehensive” going on. What cities do is process the latest developers’ proposals. Then they try to provide the services that the developers don’t with whatever tax money they can muster.

The business of America is actually about making a profit at everyone else’s expense.

Patrick Hunter


Disillusioned Republican

As a longtime supporter of the Republican Party, first voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and continued through the election of Donald Trump, thinking that a change from a career politician to a businessman with no political background would be good and that Mr. Trump would change from the egotist bully he has always been into something more human.

Yeah, right, he is what he is.

Still believing in many policies touted by the Republicans. Yes we have to secure our borders, but we have no business in telling a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body.

Now to my point. If not for DJT and his coddling and praise for Vlad, the divisiveness of his tenure and all the lies leading to the fiasco of January 6th, Mr. Putin may have thought twice about his slaughter in Europe.

President Biden and the Dems are far from perfect, but at least he had the balls to stand up to that bully. If DJT had a pair and really cared about our country instead of his own agenda, would we be at the brink of world war?

God Bless America or have mercy on our souls.

AJ Nieman


Stop coddling pushers

Recent articles about the drug fentanyl had some alarming information. The stats point to the USA being the drug consumption king of the world. Annually, 47 tons of heroin, 145 tons of cocaine and 3 or 4 tons of fentanyl.

Much less fentanyl is needed because of its potency. This super drug killed over 67,000 Americans in 2021, of which 890 were Coloradans. By comparison, Colorado traffic deaths were only 672. We charge drunk drivers with vehicular homicide, we should charge fentanyl dealers with chemical homicide.

If you get caught selling poison, you go to prison. You get saved from an overdose, you go to prison, unless you rat out your poison peddler. Whether a bullet, pill or powder, it’s all murder. We need to stop coddling criminals and addicts alike.

One local addiction “expert” opined, “getting rid of the stigmas around drug use and addiction will lead us down an unobstructed path to recovery.” Hmmm. We need to normalize addiction in order to cure it?

This sounds more like a job security plan for therapists than a drug security plan for our children. Enabling addicts to remain addicted through clean needle handouts and “safe” injection sites is inane and counterproductive.

Addicts need intervention, not destigmatization. Normalizing addiction is a disservice to the addict.

I speak from experience. A long time ago I stopped using needles for fun, without dying. A few dozen of my friends were not as fortunate. Fentanyl raises the danger to a whole new level. We must act forcefully or sit by and watch this lethal affliction continue to grow.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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