Wednesday letters: Greenhouse gases, Byars |

Wednesday letters: Greenhouse gases, Byars

Greenhouse gases are worst kind of pollution 

Attending the Jan. 17 Colorado Air Pollution Control Division stakeholder meeting at the Glenwood Springs Community Center, I was encouraged to hear greenhouse gases are finally beginning to be considered as what they are, the very worst kind of pollution there is. Particulates can make you sick, and carbon monoxide can kill you, but greenhouse gases can, and are, sickening and killing the planet. Everyone’s affected.

Time is running out. In 2018, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported we have until 2040 to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, greenhouse gas emissions have done nothing but climb and the climate has gotten steadily warmer.

We’ve known about the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions and what to do about it for 40 years. We’ve taken none of those actions. Every time a solution is proposed the argument against it is money. 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is going to cost money. The cost of the coming climate catastrophe is projected to be more than all the money that currently exists in world. How much money is the future of the planet worth? As Coloradans, don’t think that we can say greenhouse gas emissions are somebody else’s problem. We’re part of a whole called Planet Earth, and that entity experienced the second warmest year on record in 2019. 

Not only do extraction techniques like fracking add the greenhouse gas’ methane and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but as a fossil fuel producer, Colorado is contributing to the worldwide crisis. We’re culpable. We need to cease drilling permits and ban fracking immediately.

Fred Malo Jr.


Byars would represent the diverse range of county residents’ interests

I was very happy to read Katrina Byars’ announcement of her intention to contest John Martin for the District 2 Garfield County Commission seat. I seem to remember that John Martin had said during his last election campaign that it would be his last. Too hard to give up the power and prestige that you’ve gained over two decades, Mr. Martin? Makes me wish we had term limits. 

Yes, it’s time to get new blood on the commission who will more fairly and broadly represent the diverse range of interests of county residents. Good luck, Katrina.  

Emily Miller

Glenwood Springs

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