Wednesday letters: ID check, Black Lives Matter, demise of America, grocery prices, you go commissioners, Biden won, quinine, cure worse than disease |

Wednesday letters: ID check, Black Lives Matter, demise of America, grocery prices, you go commissioners, Biden won, quinine, cure worse than disease

Policy of colors is wrong

The mighty and all-knowing Polis is making a huge mistake. His policy of colors is wrong.

What should be instated instead is an “ID Check” similar to pot and liquor stores. The new rule should be as follows: Anyone older than 60 is restricted. These people will have to get their groceries delivered, and are not allowed to visit any restaurant in person, or any other activity that might present a “social distancing” issue. If they show up to such public places: check their ID and refuse service to those failing the ID Check. Simple.

Everyone else: Go out if you want. Stay home if you want. I know a ton of young 20- and 30-year-olds (and even older) that have had COVID-19, and guess what? In days, they are just fine. Open up the restaurants and bars, and everything else. Sure — still wear a mask — but release the stranglehold. Please.

The current Polis dictatorship is financially killing the young (and healthy and resilient) adults of all of our communities by forcing them out of jobs and productivity. It is also placing massive strain on a ton of mom-and-pop shops to the brink of destruction. And most of this is being done to protect those who fall within the “ID Check” category.

Polis: Open up the communities except for the “ID Check” folks, and our communities will thrive. And commissioners: Thanks for fighting for our young and capable citizens, and the mom-and-pop entrepreneurs.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

BLM using churches as cover

BLM is using churches as a cover for their ill intent. Trojan horse. The leadership at BLM is Marxist, and it isn’t Groucho Marx. The Marxist god is the state. Marxist advocates tear down statues of the Virgin Mary and impose BLM banners. Ironic.

Churches or government entities ought to be ashamed for sponsoring their own demise. Stop.

Original sin. It’s just the reverse of that Tom Cruise movie a few years ago where people were convicted of a crime before they committed it. Funny. People are now persecuted for who they were, not what they became.

Christianity works towards redemption. This current type of retribution without compassion is irrational, as Moses implied, and Jesus demonstrated.

Was the clergy asleep in Sunday school?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

The demise of America

The reason America is so divided is more than Democrats and Republicans. A major part of it is the lack of God in society. You can trace it back to 1962 when the Supreme Court banned school- sponsored prayer, had the Ten Commandments removed from schools, and took the Bible out of classrooms.

The problems of society started to get worse after that year, and we are seeing the effects of it today. The Democratic party has gone off the rails crazy in the last 20 years with embracement of socialism, Marxism, liberalism, progressivism and social programs that have done great damage to this country.

The Democrats embrace revisionist history. Our children are being taught this and being indoctrinated from kindergarten to college. Donald Trump is not the problem, he is the result of people being sick and tired of politicians and Washington, D.C.

A bloated and out of control government is the problem. No one is being held accountable. Donald Trump is one of very few presidents who has done what he said he was going to do and did not just say it for a campaign slogan.

Democrat policies have failed the American people time and time again, resulting in larger government and a lot of social programs we do not need.

The pandemic has been something the globalists needed to reset the world economy and seize more power and control. It looks like a feeble Joe Biden and his

ultra-leftist running mate Kamala Harris will be pushing change on America that will do great harm. Elections have consequences. Remember Barack Obama said, “We have to fundamentally transform America”.

“Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Curt Hanson


Grocery receipt doesn’t add up

I try to keep it short at the grocery store. You know why. Yesterday I picked up a dozen items. I have a good head for numbers, so I remember prices, and I’m a very thrifty shopper.

When I checked out, I noticed I got overcharged $4 for a couple of blocks of cheese. The checker trudged over to the dairy case with me, and she made everything right. Then, as I was heading out the door, I checked my receipt again. This time I noticed that the pomegranate on sale for $4.99 got charged at $5.99.

I caught the manager, who suggested we visit the pomegranate case. “I’ll make this right for you,” he declared when I showed him the price. Next stop: customer service counter. When we got there, no one was on duty. The manager started banging on doors. “Look,” I said. “I’ve only got so much time to hang around for a lousy buck.”

“No,” the manager declared.” I’m going to refund your entire purchase price.”

That sounded fair, but after several more minutes of searching for the customer service clerk, I told him, “You obviously have more problems than I do. Let’s just forget it.”

“Catch me next time, and I’ll pay you,” he assured me as I walked out the door.

End of story? Just the first half. This morning I was pacing the aisles again. This time I wrote down prices as I shopped. Bottom line: Crackers advertised for $1.99 sold for $2.99. Three cans of soup on sale for $.99 rang up at $1.79 each. A box of blueberries advertised at four for $5 cost me $2.50.

Today I didn’t fight it. I wasn’t about to spend my morning chasing five bucks. But if you’re pinching pennies in these challenging times, you might want to look at your checkout receipt.

Ed Colby

New Castle

Thanks, commissioners

The four liberal anti-Trump letters in Friday’s Post Independent peaked in their COVID-19-blaming hysteria with Dean Moffitt’s Pilger pointing blame for COVID-19 deaths at our Garco commissioners.

Liberal zealots know no bounds. Thank the Lord at least locally, sane sensibility is still in charge. Thank you for your service, Mr. Martin, Mr. Sampson and Mr. Jankovsky.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Biden won

News flash: The 2020 presidential election is over. Joe Biden won, but there are still those who will not accept it. I find this interesting, but if they were all working or had a hobby, or did volunteer work at a hospital, or rearranged their sock drawer at home, these pseudo-Republicans would not be sitting in the front yard of the Secretary of State in Michigan protesting with guns strapped to their sides, while she decorated her Christmas tree with her 4-year-old little girl.

Think of all the money the RNC and the Trump campaign has spent since Nov. 4 contesting an obviously fair election. And, after you do that, please think of all the front-line medical workers who are being paid minimum wage to take care of all the COVID-19-infected people in hospitals right now.

We tend to think of front-line workers as doctors and nurses, but they are the minority. The nurse’s assistants, the EMS personnel, the nursing staff in nursing homes are in need of financial help, yet the Trump administration ignores them. But, when it comes to wasting money on a cause that has no positive outcome for them, there is no end in sight.

We should make Jan. 20, 2021, a national holiday.

The day celebrated because it represents our close brush with the loss of our democracy.

On the chatroom Parler Free Speech Lauren Boebert has been very busy indeed. Putting out disinformation and lies non-stop about our election being rigged. Gee, it is nice to see our new House representatives spending their time wisely.

Can’t make this stuff up folks.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Quinine is the cure

Yes, the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed’s COVID-19 vaccines are coming off the pharma-biotech assembly lines with more new manufactured ones to come and the selective mass inoculations have begun.

However, the news reports states that it will be Summer 2021 when the great majority of our American populations will be inoculated for their safekeeping.

What I shall be doing through these coming months to stay well and daily toast my health is to drink the age-old popular wellness carbonated soda that pre-1960 Americans relied upon.

In every supermarket in the soda aisle is tonic water, also called quinine water. It’s my beverage tonic for COVID-19 times.

Tonic water has been used for untold decades as a medicine to fight malaria, sweating, chills, fevers and other maladies to restore people’s health or as a preventive.

I am thankful tonic water with quinine in it is still around. Here’s to the older Americans, our old people, when I was growing up in the 1950s.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California

Cure worse than disease

Can people please start looking at the real numbers for all this? Really, do we need to shut down indoor dining and make further restrictions on businesses? Isn’t the cure worse than the disease?

Look at the hospitalizations and deaths, people. This disease is not bad for the majority of people. Can’t people make their own decisions if they want to keep their businesses open, if they dare shop in their local businesses, if they want to sit in a restaurant that chooses to stay open? If you’re scared, feel free to stay at home or to close your business.

Many of us have already had COVID-19 or are not scared of it. Of course we want to keep our elderly and immune-compromised safe, but haven’t you heard of the huge increases in suicides, suicide calls, depression, etc.?

Please turn mainstream media off and calm the fear it is trying to illicit. Check out Check out the Barrington Declaration. Use Duck Duck Go or an alternative to Google as it’s very hard to find the truth on Google nowadays.

We need our small business owners to survive, and many of us are wanting to be their customers, but government is trying to have way too much control. Wake up everyone before it is too late.

Jennifer Lahti



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