Wednesday letters: Market farewell, counterpoints, senior thanks, slow down

Downtown Market thanks

The Glenwood Springs Downtown Market has permanently closed after 17 years. This was a very difficult and personal decision after weeks of uncertainty. In 2005 we were a group of women — Jan Harr, Erin Lee, Rona Chorman, Nancy Page, Sue Kuhn, Sharill Hawkins, Sue Sharpe and of course Julia Larson — who set out to bring people downtown to shop local and feel a sense of community. I think we accomplished that. 

In 2005 it only rained (heavily) for 12 of our 17-week season — we believe that was a test from above. From the beginning we were supported by so many businesses in the community — Valley View Hospital, Alpine Bank, Bank of Colorado, and Al Laurette from the city’s Parks and Cemetery Department. Al, you always had our back. Thank you, we could not have done it without any of you. 

Vid Weatherwax: Vid began volunteering to recruit our musicians and did a great job bringing not only some of the top local/valley musicians but from as far away as Chicago. Thanks, Vid — see him at the Vaudeville every week.  

We hosted several very fun events including pie and soup contests as well as mac and cheese contests; and of course, Oktoberfest, which brought out the “witchiness” in us. We made some great and very unique witchy hats that went out all over the state and beyond. John Patakay and his band, Alpine Echo, made Oktoberfest the best it could be. Along the way we began hosting the Grand Holiday with Santa and his reindeer. The county immediately jumped in and sponsored this event in its entirety — thank you.  

Many of our vendors had been with us since the very beginning or close to — Will Kogler’s bakery; we love his bread, pastries and those quiche, delicious. 

Sherman with your gyros, and “crepe guy” Jim Souza, we still miss you, Z’s Orchard and Skip Doty with Orchard Valley — you took a chance on us, and we will always be thankful for that. Mo’s Molicious Mustard, Roaring Fork Spice and Aspen Donuts — you started out with us; it was a great leap of faith for you that panned out.  

As the years evolved and we got older and had less and less fully functioning body parts, and we had worn out our husbands, we put out a call for help to set up and take down our tents. Feed My Sheep stepped up. There were many different men who helped us out, but a couple in particular stand out: Gray and Stuart, you saved us, and I believe we helped save you. You are forever in my heart.  

In 2010, our friend and fellow board member passed away. She left the market a bit of money, and with that, under the direction of Nathan Stowe, we built the Rona Garden in Centennial Park. It continues to flourish. 

I made many friends over the years and look forward to still seeing you out and about, and thank you for your kind words during this difficult time of closing the market. 

Cindy Svatos, Glenwood Springs 

Trio counterpoint

Monday (Aug. 1) in the Post Independent letters to the editor it was the Trump A-Team: Fred Stewart, Bruno Kirchenwitz and Pedro Navaja.

Everyone has an opinion and the right to express it here, where I frequently see all three of these fellows saying the same things over and over again; nothing new, nothing original, bland.

From the top, the U.S. is 24th in the world for polluting the air and water. That is an undeniable fact.

Former President Trump did not have the best economy in 50 years. That claim was debunked by the Brookings Institution, and when it appeared on Facebook it was flagged and taken down for being false.

Best economy in U.S. history was between 1992 to 2000. And former president Obama presided over one of the best economies. Trump? Had some bright spots. And billionaires got richer than ever before, didn’t they? Putin was much happier then, too.

Drill baby drill! An old slogan from the 1980s. George Bush in 2007 said something he was not supposed to say and it made some oil companies very upset. He said the U.S. has enough oil reserves to last us another 65 years. True story. Not a nice tourist destination, but Texas City down by Houston has millions of gallons of oil just sitting there in massive tanks.  

Donald Trump? Can anyone ever forget he sacrificed so many human lives to try to save the economy when COVID-19 hit us in early 2020? History will not be kind to him. Remember when Lauren Boebert said COVID-19 was a hoax? And the vaccines were poisonous? I sure do.  

In November, the U.S. House will probably swing to the GOP. But the U.S. Senate is currently holding fast for the Democrats. The new trend the GOP is trying to hide now is the new and improved White Christian Nationalist Church they are so excited about. Can you say white supremacy? Trump is done. DeSantis is FoxNew’s newest darling. Arizona politicians are tripping over themselves trying to be just like Trump. And so it goes in America.

Steven Gluckman, Glenwood Springs

Rifle Senior Center thanks

As a senior citizen living in Rifle for the last 25 years, I would like to thank the Rifle City Council and the Garfield County commissioners for the support that they give the Senior Center. 

Tami Sours and the staff do a tremendous job offering appetizing, nourishing and very delicious meals in a friendly atmosphere.

The center also has activities that the seniors may participate in and a pinochle tournament twice a month on Friday evenings, which are open to the public. We are fortunate to be residing in a caring community.

Kathryn S. Snyder, Rifle

Slow down, save money

“Take A Minute, Slow Down in Town” — every resident and business that has posted this sign wants the same thing that we all want, a safe existence and safe passage. 

Silver lining? If we slow down, coast more, brake less, drive with the flow, we’ll get higher gas mileage (more cash in our pockets). We’ll arrive at our destination less stressed. Give it a go, try to drive with and maximize on the “green” time of the 39 lights on Highway 82 as you head south. 

Driving more safely saves insurance dollars and perhaps collision repairs. We’ve got everything to gain as we drive to preserve all that we love about these valleys.

Diane Reynolds, Member Take A Minute/
Slow Down in Town committee, Glenwood Springs

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