Wednesday letters: Masks, community gardens, fourth estate |

Wednesday letters: Masks, community gardens, fourth estate

‘Mandatory’ face masks

Overall I feel that our valley has been fairly diligent in following the social distancing and mask policies. Good job folks!

However, as of today while doing my weekly shopping run, I noticed several people (mothers with children included) who had no coverage of their faces. This was at City Market and WalMart in Glenwood Springs. The local employees of these major corporations are doing their best (not to mention being on the front lines). Applause for these folks too.

My question to these corporations: Why are you allowing anyone in your doors WITHOUT proper face coverage? There are numerous other small businesses in our valley that are requiring appropriate coverage of the face, or NO entrance is allowed. NO exceptions.

Oh, and, when I thanked these small businesses for posting this policy on their doors, and ENFORCING it, their reply was that there are substantial fines instituted for those businesses that are non-compliant. Yep, it has come to this, yet some businesses chose to look the other way… sad.
Stay safe folks!

Ronda Dennie,
Glenwood Springs

A building block in human development of appreciation

Regarding the April 2 Glenwood Springs City Council Meeting: The topic was the Community Gardens. There was a great presentation from Brian Smith of Parks and Recreation. He suggested the town apply for grants to work on new gardens and food security.

The Community Garden was started without any money from the city. The grass roots efforts of a community driven project put 100 gardens in by the second year. It has helped not 10 people, as one councilman thought, but over 100 people, on top of the Cardiff Glen project, which was also completely people powered.

Our garden is 10 years old. I believe a 10 year old garden has moved beyond a hobby. I consider it to be an elevated way of living.

The value of community gardens goes far beyond what it may appear. There are unlimited benefits of a family partaking in growing their own food, and having 100 other examples to observe and learn from. Growing and understanding where our food comes from is a building block in human development of appreciation. It is community working together. Thanks to Brian Smith and Deb Figuroa.

Jennifer Vanian
Glenwood Springs

Fourth estate has devolved into a political propaganda pandemic

The biased, liberal media slants opinions for both parties. The daily Trump Derangement Syndrome has been regurgitated over us since before the 2016 election.

But now when 44 House Democrats sponsor a lunatic leftist bill that gives illegal aliens more rights than citizens… not one word from the liberal media. (They’re trying to protect the Democrats from themselves. Mean while they tear down the president at every turn.)

The liberal goal is a socialist/globalist one world garden of Eden. And they want to play God in that garden and control you totally from cradle to crypt.

Beware the fourth estate, It’s devolved into a political propaganda pandemic.

Bruno Kirchenwitz,

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