Wednesday letters: Mitsch Bush, National Popular Vote, Soto and Robinson, Mitsch Bush, Wilhelm, educated cops, and Mitsch Bush |

Wednesday letters: Mitsch Bush, National Popular Vote, Soto and Robinson, Mitsch Bush, Wilhelm, educated cops, and Mitsch Bush

Diane Mitsch Bush is an independent thinker and leader

I’ve decided to vote for someone running for U.S. Congress District 3, who doesn’t just say things; Diane Mitsch Bush knows what she’s talking about. She listens, understands issues and knows how to legislate. It’s important that people know what they’re doing in these positions. Diane was married to a policeman and supports, yes supports, the 2nd Amendment. She does not equate gun control to gun safety. They are two different things and I don’t know why people cannot hear that!

In contrast, her opponent, Lauren Boebert has shown that she does not understand issues, does not understand the Constitution and has attacked and insulted the revered veterans who support Mitsch Bush. Boebert has stated that she does not think the COVID pandemic is real. Come on now — all those people, friends, relatives who got sick and even died are not real? 204,000 deaths from COVID don’t count?

Diane Mitsch Bush is an independent leader and thinker. She cares about issues like jobs, the environment and the economy to name a few. Please vote for her if you care about these things too.

Michelle Diamond
Glenwood Springs

We need Mitsch Bush

Diane Mitsch Bush is different from her Congressional opponent in many ways. A few examples: Diane supports health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, Medicare-negotiated drug prices, local clean-energy jobs, and keeping our public lands public. She has long experience creating legislation and working with the other side. She’s willing to compromise. And she’s willing to debate her opponent. We don’t need more polarization; we need Diane Mitsch Bush.

Michael Kinsley
Old Snowmass

Candidate with the most votes should win

Twice in the last 20 years, the person who was the runner-up in the popular vote was sworn in as President. That’s just wrong.

Something I wasn’t taught in school is the Electoral College’s connection to slavery. Scholars inform that at the 1787 Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, direct national election of the President was proposed. However, James Madison argued a direct vote system would be unacceptable to the South because the North would outnumber the South since the South’s many slaves couldn’t vote. The Electoral College proposal instead let each southern state count its slaves, but with a two-fifths discount in computing its share of the overall count, thereby giving Southern states more power in elections. This proposal was adopted and led to the creation of the infamous 3/5ths clause which calculated 5 slaves to count as 3 free men.

In 2019, the Colorado Legislature passed SB42, declaring that a presidential candidate shall be chosen by the national popular vote. For the law to go into effect, states must vote in favor of the idea until the combined supporting states make up a 270 majority out of the available 538 Electoral College votes. The supporting states will then commit to assign their presidential electors to the candidate with the most individual votes nationwide. In the 2020 election, Colorado voters will be asked to approve this decision of the Legislature by voting yes on Proposition 113.

The National Popular Vote will ensure the Presidential candidate who earns the most votes will actually win. If you believe as I do that the most votes should win, please support Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote.

Joyce L. Jenkins
Glenwood Springs

Look for educated, independent, clear thinkers

I am delighted that we have a wave of smart, dedicated people running to work on Colorado councils. I’ve always admired Pitkin County’s Francie Jacober, the family she raised and the organizations she has nurtured. The same with Diane Mitsch Bush, I’ve watched her helping the land, water and the lives of Coloradans — from Steamboat Councils, to Routt County BOCC and Regional Planner, to the Colorado House addressing needs and creating non-partisan benefits. and soon to the House of Representatives.

Though grateful to Martin and Samson, I’m excited to have Beatrice Soto and Leslie Robinson adding long awaited diversity to the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners. With over 11,000 gas wells to watchdog, they will help our land and communities heal, grow and prosper with jobs in renewable energy, service and tourism. I’ve always known Karl Hanlon as a clear-eyed straight-shooting attorney that shares the values of Bob Rankin, yet appreciates a clean environment and an educated gun owner. I look for educated, independent, clear thinkers that are articulate and are inclined to speak up in nonpartisan fashion.

John Hoffmann

Mitsch Bush would represent West Slope with intelligence, fairness

If you aren’t familiar with our candidates for Congressional Representative, here’s a quick compare and contrast.

Diane Mitsch Bush is the adult in the room. She’s a dedicated, whip-smart and has tons of experience as a County Commissioner, State Representative and State Senator. She works across the aisle to get legislation done. She works for the people she represents. She’s a dedicated public servant — exactly the kind of person you’d want representing you in DC.

Lauren Boebert is a joke. She has zero experience, knows nothing about how government works, has no platform or plan other than guns and “freedom.” She’s refused to participate in candidate debates unless she’s given the questions in advance. She’s on the record as saying that she’s “tired of compromise.” Despite running as a law-and-order candidate, she’s had numerous run-ins with the law, failed to appear on two separate summonses, and failed to obtain a food service license at the 2017 Garfield County Rodeo where her pork sliders allegedly sickened 80 people.

The choice really is that stark. Please let’s elect an experienced professional who would represent western Colorado with intelligence and fairness: Diane Mitsch Bush.

Dave Reed

Wilhelm will address mental health care issues

I am voting for Colin Wilhelm for House District 57 because he supports a proactive plan to ensure accessible and affordable mental health care services for all Coloradans.

Mental health issues are complex, and a multi-faceted approach toward solutions is needed, now more than ever, to ensure affected individuals, families, and communities will find success.

Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country, particularly amongst youth, ages 15 to 19. According to a September 2019 Colorado Public Radio report, our state’s teen suicide rate increased 58 percent from 2016 to 2019. Colin Wilhelm will prioritize bringing forth legislation to improve and deliver preventive mental health services to schools, including prevention programming and the early identification of mental health challenges for students. He is committed to helping school districts secure the funding, from the state level, which is necessary to competently address this ever-growing problem.

Another issue we experience in this part of Colorado is the lack of access to mental health care. We are in need of an increased number of outpatient treatment facilities in our district. The other problem is that these services must be affordable. Many times, mental health services are not covered by health care insurance and are too expensive to be paid out-of-pocket. Colin supports medical insurance providers covering mental health care services as they would any physical ailment or disease.

Colin understands these much-needed solutions can turn around the lives of the individuals and the families who deal with mental illness on a daily basis. Their voices will be heard with Colin Wilhelm as our House District 57 representative.

Jeanne Souldern

Better educated cops make for better cops

Let’s not defund the police let’s educate them. Studies show that police with at least two years of college have fewer complaints regarding misconduct and tend be to more restrained regarding the use of force and seem to handle stress better. Why, in 2020, do many communities not require more than a high school diploma for entrance into law enforcement? We require a person to have a degree to teach first grade, but not to carry a gun, enforce law and keep the peace.

In a Florida study, 75% of disciplinary actions went to officers with only a high school degree. 30% of the officers in the force had four years of college but they were responsible for only 11% of disciplinary actions.
Better educated cops make for better cops.

There are degrees now specific to law enforcement, however I think any degree would be beneficial. As a taxpayer, I would encourage communities to have tuition reimbursement programs for the ongoing education of law enforcement as well as incentives to help pay the costs associated with education for officers entering the force.

We are in a nation divided like a pie. A few want to defund the police, but most want good solid policing, and a few believe that the police should be a hammer against lawlessness.

Wherever you fall in the discussion, it’s hard to argue against requirements that make for better police. You don’t need to go down to your local station to see what requirements are in your community, simply go to the website of just about any jurisdiction and they will have jobs posted with requirements. If those minimum requirements are high school, then that says something about the leadership in local law enforcement as well as local government.

Marco Diaz

Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress

I’m planning to vote for Diane Mitsch Bush for House of Representatives because we need strong, wel-reasoned leadership in Congress. Diane has proven herself to be smart, conscientious, and levelheaded in office both as a County Commissioner and as a State Representative. She knows how to get things done by working with people on both sides of the aisle, and cutting through inflammatory rhetoric that is all too common in politics these days.

Diane’s positions on the issues will best benefit the real, working people of Colorado. Healthcare: she supports having Medicare negotiate drug prices, implementing paid sick leave, and fighting to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Economy: Diane champions job training programs for veterans; building a domestic medical supply chain. She recognizes the damage climate change is inflicting on farmers and ranchers, and knows we need to address it now. She believes in providing opportunities for workers in transitioning industries, and bringing clean green jobs to Colorado.

Diane supports the 2nd Amendment, and vows to protect the rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners. She also supports keeping guns out of the hands of convicted criminals and terrorists.

You can read about her other positions and her accomplishments as an effective legislator on her website:

We face real challenges ahead — we need to send smart, levelheaded leaders like Diane to Washington to tackle them.

Marc Bruell

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