Wednesday letters: More Holy Cross endorsements, hurrah for open space, valuations, remembering Pyro, young drivers |

Wednesday letters: More Holy Cross endorsements, hurrah for open space, valuations, remembering Pyro, young drivers

Vote DeGolia and Schlaepfer for HCE Board

Residents of Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle County counties tend to have it good in many ways. One of those is that most of us get our electricity from Holy Cross Energy. HCE continues to be one of the most innovative utilities in the nation and has moved us towards a cleaner grid while saving members tens of millions of dollars. This is all thanks to an incredible staff led by a member-elected Board. Big thanks to all of you for electing great candidates over the years.

Now let’s do it again. Among numerous great candidates in this year’s HCE election, two stand out that deserve your vote: Alex DeGolia and Kim Schlaepfer.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim over the past five years and have been consistently impressed by her collaborative approach and technical expertise in all-things energy. Kim has successfully led consequential multi-stakeholder collaboratives at the regional and state levels. Her contributions have been impactful, and we will collectively benefit from her service on the Board.

Similarly, I’ve worked with Alex DeGolia on energy and environmental issues for years. He’s incredibly knowledgeable on these issues, and is a thoughtful, effective collaborator. His first term on HCE’s Board has yielded significant clean energy progress and fiscal benefits for members. Alex’s values align with my own, as someone who wants an energy system that supports our economy while protecting our climate, land, air, and water. 

Kim and Alex are each ideally suited to navigating the complex decisions the Board must make. Importantly, I know they will both do so in a balanced, innovative way, and with the best interests of our communities in mind.

We are fortunate to have these candidates vying to serve. Please do your part and cast your ballot for HCE’s Board by June 15.

Chris Menges, Aspen

Glenwood Springs needs more open space

This letter is in support of Hooner Gillespie’s idea/concept of keeping the land owned by the city along our Roaring Fork River as a park(s) which he detailed in a letter on May 17.

In 1949 I was born in Glenwood, graduated here and then moved, however, my parents remained in Glenwood so I was in the valley regularly. In 2003 I moved back permanently and it was then I noticed how the city had not taken care to positively utilize the wonderful natural environment of the rivers.

Instead, we developed Devereaux Road as an industrial road on the Colorado River. We had a wastewater treatment plant along the Roaring Fork River … not a river park in site until Two River Park was developed. Can you imagine if the city created more space similar to Two Rivers Park on the banks of the Fork essentially from 23rd Street to the 8th Street bridge — ahhh, what a dream.

Take a walk down the Rio Grande Trail and check out how much use this area gets now.
I urge the current city council to carefully consider the use of this land especially in view of the fact our population is expanding and the open space will receive even more use.

Suzanne Stewart, Glenwood Springs

Property value increases are absurd

I hope every single property owner in Garfield County inundates the Assessors with their objections to the current property valuations. My one example is my father’s 50-year-old trailer (no property) went from $29,980 to $107,770. They are guessing a value, guessing I could sell and guessing at the price I could get. Well, they’re wrong on every level.

We can’t get our county road patrolled much less a pothole fixed and they get to keep any extra taxes collected for use at their discretion. I think it’s time to say no more. I thought let them have the trailer then they can move it, but no, they will sue you and attach any other property you might own. Let your voice be heard.

Mary James, Carbondale

Memorial Day from a Gold Star mom’s perspective

Nine years ago I was just like everybody else eagerly anticipating Memorial Day … a three day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer, barbecues, camping, beaches, furniture and car sales galore! 

But then Dec. 1, 2014 changed my life forever when my son, Will “Pyro” DuBois, died in Jordan when his F-16 crashed fighting for our freedom. At that time I didn’t even know what a Gold Star family member was. I learned about it when we traveled to South Carolina that horrible day to be with his widow. During our layover in Dallas, we visited the USO to make a donation as was our custom. When we shared our reason for travel with the woman at the desk, she informed us that the USO was for our use since we were now Gold Star parents.

So now we belong to a club nobody wants to be in. Memorial Day is no longer the carefree holiday it once was. Now we not only remember our loss, but the countless men and women who have lost their lives serving our country. This holiday is not to honor our current military men and women. That should be an everyday occurrence but especially on Veteran’s Day. 

Our family honors Will by hiking to Pyro’s Point (as we call it) on the Flat Tops, and then gathering with friends at the Pyro Memorial Statue at Grand River Park in New Castle. We were incredibly humbled and appreciative when the town offered to build the statue. Not only is it a beautiful tribute where we can feel close to Will, but it’s become a place where his fellow pilots can show their admiration and respect by flying low and fast.

So enjoy the sound of freedom we occasionally are blessed with and savor those barbecues, camp outs, and sales, but stop and take a minute or two on Memorial Day to remember those we’ve lost fighting for those freedoms.

Donna DuBois, New Castle

Young drivers should drive with caution

Graduation, it took a lot of focus to get here, congratulations to all of you.

Please give the same amount of focus to driving. Since 2019, there has been a 37% increase in deadly crashes involving drivers under the age of 21. Distracted driving is listed as one of the major causes. 

Crashes are no accident — they are preventable.

Wanting you around for years to come.

Diane Reynolds, Member of Take A Minute/Slow Down in Town; Glenwood Springs

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