Wednesday letters: No testing, masks, Menconi, testing, Rankin |

Wednesday letters: No testing, masks, Menconi, testing, Rankin

No COVID-19 testing in nearby counties

Our legislative representatives have really dropped the ball. Gov. Jared Polis just sent the public a newsletter update on the COVID-19 virus for Colorado. If you click on the map that he provided, there are no testing sites for the virus in Eagle, Garfield or Pitkin Counties. Are our legislative representatives playing politics with our health and our lives? This is unacceptable!

Randy Fricke
New Castle

Thank you restaurants for wearing masks

Once a week I put on my mask and go get takeout from a local Glenwood restaurant, and as a senior I’m very grateful to the employees for wearing masks, too. Thank you to the Riviera, Ming’s, Fiesta Guadalajara, Italian Underground, and Masala and Curry for protecting the health of our community. I’m sure there are many more, and I hope the Post Independent will feature all those restaurants who require their staff to wear masks, and who need our business during this tough time.

Deborah Williams,
Glenwood Springs

Let’s put a progressive in the State House

There’s a recurring theme in the 2020 Democratic primary season. It was progressive Bernie Sanders against mainstream Joe Biden. It is progressive Andrew Romanoff versus mainstream John Hickenlooper.

There’s a similar match-up in Colorado’s Senate District 8. Progressive Arn Menconi is taking on mainstream Karl Hanlon for the nomination. Menconi is the best choice to challenge incumbent Bob Rankin.

A two-term Eagle County commissioner, Menconi helped design programs like long-term economic planning, affordable housing, land-use, early childhood development, education and environmental sustainability.
Menconi is a firm advocate of the climate cause, a supporter of the Green New Deal, and a fracking ban. As a father, he understands the importance of mitigating climate disaster and preserving the great recreational opportunities in our state for generations to come. Menconi’s the perfect counterpoint to a climate change denier like Rankin.

A plan to implement a five-year tax on residential properties worth more than $5 million is on Menconi’s agenda. This will help fund services like firefighters and schools. The economic calamity caused by the coronavirus pandemic calls for a bold recovery program and an inevitable tax hike. Menconi doesn’t shy away from that reality.

Menconi believes the mountain towns of Colorado need fact-based policy making, not the fear-based talking points of the Republicans. Let’s boldly step into the future with a charger like Arn Menconi.

Fred Malo Jr

Install a vigorous test and trace program

Kathryn Trauger’s recent thoughtful and factually supported column received a great deal of response. The question our county, and the world, faces is how to find a balance between health and the economy. We would not have such a difficult choice today but our lack of response at the beginning. The U.S. government should have convened the best minds in early January when the news of virus first broke. All the country’s resources could have been organized and preparations made. A number of Asian countries did this and their countries have already begun to safely ramp up their economies. They have only a small fraction of our per capita illness and death.

One of the keys to success, lacking medications and vaccinations, is to test, contact and trace. Washington State, for example, has enlisted their National Guard to help trace. A few weeks ago I wrote to the Garfield County health department to start such a program. They preferred a wait and see approach. The Asian countries have ramped up their tracing and are able to quarantine infected people to prevent further spreading. And this requires much more testing than we currently do.

All of the national health officials have been saying the same thing for weeks. Gov. Polis has been working to increase testing and tracing. I see no reason why Garfield County could not do the same. Isn’t public health the first priority of county government?

Install a vigorous test and trace program and then open more places of business. The infections can be found and stopped.

Patrick Hunter

Rankin can protect our vital interests in tourism, oil and gas, agriculture

Bob Rankin is the best conservative politician I have ever known, and I have known several. While I am very conservative, I would be a terrible politician. I would make a lot of noise and accomplish nothing. On the other hand, Bob just works hard for us and makes little noise.

As the senior member of the joint budget committee, he has been instrumental in protecting the interests of rural Western Colorado. He works with the democratic members of the committee because he has to.
Now with the Chinese virus induced recession it is critical that we maintain the one Republican Senator who can protect our vital interests in tourism, oil and gas, and agriculture. He is currently working hard on the state budget that will be cutting spending by twenty five percent.

It will take years to recover from the damage created by the shut down of our economy. We need Bob in the Colorado Senate.

Roland McLean,

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