Wednesday letters: Politics and more politics; also canyon traffic safety and bears

Couey responds re: nonprofit filings

David Mead’s sordid letter about Rocky Mountain Veterans’ Hunts & Excursions (10/17 letters) was not based on a full set of information. 

The nonprofit uses an outside accountant to file any returns to guarantee that the filing is always impartial. The first year in operation, 2019, was filed timely and is on the IRS website. The 2020 was filed timely, but is not yet on the IRS website, just like many others that the IRS has not yet posted due to backlog. The organization is timely for filing for 2021.

RMVHE is a private nonprofit and very small scale. It services just a handful of veterans each year at a major discount because of generous landowners. RMVHE can provide these hunts at a discount with a very huge value, believing that quality is important. Last year, one veteran passed away due to illness, but not before receiving a dream hunting trip at a remote cabin. The organization has continued to serve a few veterans each year and will continue to do so this year, with hunts on the books this fall. 

Most of hunts take place on Couey family-owned property, where, as board members the bylaws specifically prohibit receiving any renumeration. Any other hunts are donated by compassionate landowners, forgoing any hunting income the landowner could have received from paid hunters. The nonprofit was founded by volunteer members who care deeply about veterans’ issues.

Shame on David Mead for implying that there are improprieties going on with this organization to score a cheap political hit for a local race. Mr. Couey, the organization’s primary founder, lost his veteran brother to suicide, and this is something that all the board members of the organization have been affected by. 

RMVHE continues to stand by its mission, “To promote emotional, physical, and mental healing by providing veterans of the United States Armed Forces outdoor recreational opportunities, including, but not limited to, hunting, fishing, at no cost or a substantially reduced cost.”  

Carrie Couey, Tom Jankovsky, Perry Will, Jefferson Cheney, Kelly Couey, RMVHE board 

2C responds to crisis

We don’t have a problem, we have a crisis. Workforce housing is a critical issue for our community and economy. Glenwood’s business leaders are saying it is the most significant challenge facing Glenwood Springs. As a local business owner, I do understand this issue, but this isn’t about any one business. Our lack of workforce housing is impacting 99.9% of our local businesses across all sectors. Any local government leader who doesn’t understand this is out of touch with our local businesses and is not addressing our No. 1 problem. Question 2C provides practical solutions that can and will work right here in Glenwood Springs. As part of the group of residents and businesses that put 2C together, I know how much time went into researching what is working in other places and designing solutions that fit our community. 2C is well thought out. Fortunately, we as community members can lead by voting Yes on 2C this election.

Matt Spidell, Glenwood Springs

Gordon’s a water issues leader

I urge your readers to join me in voting for Ryan Gordon for Garfield County Commissioner. As a professional hydrologist and community member for 45 years, I’ve known Ryan both as a friend and as a respected engineer who helps our communities’ secure reliable water supplies for domestic uses.

Through this experience, Ryan understands the importance of protecting and. preserving our limited water supplies within Garfield County. This message is captured in Ryan’s website: “We have to be responsible caretakers of water as it moves through our hands and across our lands.” 

Ryan understands that to be responsible caretakers, all of us as water users have a role to play. That is, regardless of whether one uses water for agricultural, municipal, industrial or recreational purposes, it is incumbent upon us all to be efficient and protective of our limited water supplies. For this reason, Ryan supports policies that encourage water efficiency, water quality protections and stream health.

In this regard, and from my conversations with Ryan, it is apparent that he is a hard-nosed defender of our water resources. He is concerned about the on-going actions of Front Range cities to expand their historic transmountain diversions located within the headwaters of the Eagle, Fraser and Colorado Rivers. These projects will further deplete streamflows in our county.

Enough is enough, we need leaders like Ryan who can work with our West Slope neighbors to defend our rivers. Ryan will be our voice; he is the responsible caretaker we are looking for.

Scott Fifer, Glenwood Springs

Velasco for HD 57

This November I’ll be voting for someone I’m excited about: Elizabeth Velasco, candidate for State House. Elizabeth will bring qualifications and experience to the statehouse that have been lacking in our current and past representation, and she will serve the needs of everyone in our valley with integrity, discernment, and compassion. 

Elizabeth is a new American, a wildland firefighter, a small business owner, and a leader in the community. She runs a translation and interpretation business, through which she works in the schools, the hospitals, local government, businesses and nonprofits, meanwhile through her work as a public information officer and firefighter, she has worked with emergency response at all levels of government. Elizabeth has her pulse on the district. She has experience working with diverse interests and bringing together coalitions in the interest of public wellbeing. 

Elizabeth is also a young person who shares the lived experience of so many families trying to make ends meet in our valley. It’s not easy. Because she understands our struggles, Elizabeth will bring that voice to the state capitol and take action. 

We can’t trust our current Representative, Perry Will, to do that, and his voting record shows it. 

Rep. Will voted against numerous health care reform bills, climate change proposals, affordable housing solutions and against protecting a woman’s right to choose. These votes don’t represent us, they cause us harm. We have an amazing alternative. 

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Elizabeth Velasco for House District 57.

Nicole Flores Romanoff, New Castle

Questioning Frisch 2nd A support

Prior to my return to Grand Junction, I used to attend NRA Board of Directors meetings. One incident is relevant to Western Colorado voters: the resignation of John Dingle, Democrat Congressman from Michigan from the NRA Board. 

In the old days, there were Democrat politicians who supported the Second Amendment: John F. Kennedy and John Dingle, to name two. John’s tearful resignation was the result of his vote for Bill Clinton’s so called “Assault Weapons Ban.” John’s view of America and the Second Amendment wasn’t strong enough to stand up to his party. John tearfully admitted his treason and resigned from the board. 

Adam Frisch’s commercials say that he “supports the Second Amendment.” Even if that is true, and I doubt it, his opinions will not matter to his anti-gun, anti-American party. The same is true for the rest of his “beliefs” or “credentials.” 

“Conservative Businessman” almost caused me to choke on my beer, but suspending rational thought for a moment, still won’t matter to the Democrat Party. Pro-energy, hahahaha, the only “energy” the Democrats like is the “green” kind where they ship American “greenbacks” to their Chinese associates. 

So, either Frisch is one of the most outrageous liars I’ve seen in politics in the last few decades or the most naive and incredible fool to make it on a ballot. I’ll bet on the first, and figure that the naive fools are the people who might vote for him. 

But the bottom line is that Frisch is a Democrat and even if he honestly believes the campaign statements, he must conform to “Democrat Party Discipline” and will therefore be totally irrelevant and unable to do any of the things he says he’d do.

Gene H. Dreher, Grand Junction

Vote for truth, accuracy

If there is only one metric worth following, in any election, it is that truth and accuracy are paramount; if that is what you wish to be legislated with. 

Fear, slander and division are red flags for unknowledgeable candidates that do not respect, even the constituents that elect them. Let insecure folk follow the wackadoodle news sources, right into dissonant autocracy and conspiracy. 

Our only job is to stay focused on electing clear-thinking Democrats, with the goal of regaining a vibrant democracy.

John Hoffmann, Carbondale

Back off Midland Habitat plans

It seems that Glenwood’s council has decided to give the OK to Habitat for Humanity to go forward with the Eighth street and Midland project, ignoring the fact of why this property was bought. I assume that they have been advised that they can proceed without a public vote, even though they are changing the intended use. 

This is only the beginning of what is planned for Eighth Street and the river confluence area. There are plans to turn the old sewer plant area into condos and apartments, adding even more traffic in this already heavy traffic corridor. 

The Cowdin area has already had parking restrictions imposed on them from the city. Habitat for Humanity has sent out invites to those that will be affected to help with the design (not if they oppose the project). In this notice they indicate that the city has donated this property to them. I understand that it is a long-term lease in order to avoid a public vote and not a transfer of ownership. 

Where is Marco Dehm? He represents this ward and should know how the residents feel about the project.

I still stand by my statement, “you do not solve a problem by creating a larger one.”

RFTA is now thinking about a bus route along the trail system from Eighth Street to 27th Street.

What will that create at this intersection? Please back off and find a more suitable location.

This project and development of the confluence will affect the commuters and all of Glenwood citizens.

Don “Hooner” Gillespie, Glenwood Springs

Need better canyon warnings

Once again, motorists and businesses suffer due to another semi rollover (Sunday, Oct. 16). Hopefully no one was hurt, but these accidents are happening way too often. 

Driving through the canyon I notice a complete lack of critical signage warning motorists, and especially truckers to slow down! The recent shutdowns have been on dry roads; what happens when winter adds an icy layer?

CDOT has numerous signs on each side of Vail Pass and Floyd Hill warning motorists of grades and curves, but rarely a mention in Glenwood Canyon, which is a major interstate with no real alternative other than a 3-plus hour detour. 

It’s one thing to have shutdowns because of road improvements, but these rollover incidents now seem to be a way of life. What gives?

Jackie Neuman, Glenwood Springs

Bad bear policies

One of the most horrible things that has happened in our world is when innocent children are killed. It shakes us to our souls. So, how is it that humans feel it’s OK to do the same thing to other species, and call it policy? 

I realize our local DOW people do not make policy but they have no problem carrying out the killings. 

Those bear cubs in Aspen could have been brought to the Schneegas Rehab Center in Silt. DOW’s ridiculous thinking was, since the cubs saw mom enter someone’s home, or entered with her to find food, they would continue to do that for the rest of their lives. 

With this type of thinking we should be locking up the kids of felons, because they may follow in their parents footsteps. 

Why have humans come to feel that they are the ruling species on this planet? They decide when it’s supposedly OK to kill other animals for our benefit. 

All the problems on this planet are human-caused; humans are the most destructive species on earth.

Imagine how wonderfully pristine the planet would still be if there were no humans. 

John Korrie, Glenwood Springs

Frisch listens to rural voices

Rural America has been left behind by Democrats; until now. D.C. and Denver politicians never understood the subtleties of how policy affects people differently in rural and urban settings. 

Most Democrats get their votes from urban areas and that reflects how they tailor their policy. It’s made sense to Dems because that’s where most of the votes are. 

But what we are seeing now is minority rule with the GOP growing. We see this in the Senate and the Supreme Court. Issues popular with the vast majority of voters, like access to legal abortion, are being stripped away by the most extreme part of the Republican Party. It’s time for this to stop and we know at least one Democrat is listening — Adam Frisch.

Most rural voters are Independents and do not completely agree with either side, but when Democrats throw their urban-centric policy at ranchers, farmers and the rest of us in rural regions, they are going to have a large disconnect. 

Adam Frisch understands this and will make sure rural Americans are not left behind. Yes, Adam is a Democrat but he’s a new type of Democrat that we’ve been lacking here in CD3. Adam is not here to take your guns or limit our economy by restricting natural resources. Adam does understand climate science and knows that we need to protect our water in these current drought conditions and diversify our energy sources; but all while making sure those who work in the energy industry keep their jobs and do not feel attacked. 

Adam knows that policy does not have to come down to red or blue but can be a combination of both sides. This is a sentiment most of us who live here share. Adam Frisch is the clear choice for this November.

Westley J. Crouch, Political Consultant with United Western Voices LLC

Glenwood Springs

Moller for clerk

I am endorsing Becky Moller for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. I have known Becky for some time now, about 20 years, in the context of her work as a paralegal in water law firms and also as a contract paralegal. 

Again, my association with Becky is within the complex arena of water rights law, and she has proven to be skillful as a paralegal in determining issues of water rights title ownership, water supply contracting and Water Court litigation support. 

Accordingly, given her expertise in this complex area of law and also her ease in dealing with co-workers and the general public, I highly recommend Becky to voters in Garfield County to serve as the next County Clerk and Recorder.

Tom Kinney, Redstone

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