Wednesday letters: riparian setback, four more years, help the helpers, Biden, Trump, Soto, Jacober, 3rd CD |

Wednesday letters: riparian setback, four more years, help the helpers, Biden, Trump, Soto, Jacober, 3rd CD

Council should prioritize ‘rights of their own citizens’

My 83-year-old mother resides on the Roaring Fork in Glenwood. The City Council is considering actions that threaten the enjoyment of riverfront owners, and does not address the real problems affecting the rivers we love.

In February, Zoning Commissioners voted 6-0 for a 35-foot setback requiring a 50% area of disturbance to protect the riparian habitat. Riverfront owners were largely congenial to this until Mayor Godes and Councilors Kaup and Voorhees attempted to restrict 80% of each property owner’s riverfront area. Why? The Roaring Fork Conservancy has lobbied the city for over two years to convince them that citizens are destroying our rivers.  Citizens flatly are not. The habitat is not being substantially destroyed by anyone except the city. 

If the city is worried about habitat destruction, why did they bulldoze a quarter mile of habitat to rebuild Two Rivers Park? The new park is great, but it shows that the city is being two-faced regarding habitat destruction. The City Council has started down a dangerous road by disregarding the rights of property owners who are not the enemy and who are doing nothing wrong.

Shelley Kaup, Jonathan Godes and Rick Voorhees are trampling on private property rights with no meaningful impact on the water quality or habitat. While Steve Davis, Charlie Willman and Tony Hershey are attempting to balance environmental concerns against the personal property rights of citizens who are doing nothing wrong. The city should know that this is a governmental taking because, when someone ends up losing rights they started with, somebody took them. It is that simple. 

Only about 5% of the rain and snow that falls on the city drains through the lush riparian habitat that filters and purifies this water. The remaining 95% of runoff comes from the storm water drainage system — from lawns, driveways, roofs, streets and parking lots — which dumps this polluted mess directly into the river with no filtering of any kind.

The councilors should place the rights of their own citizens above the skewed agenda of the Roaring Fork Conservancy.

Jay Dickens

San Angelo, Texas

Four more years

Where have the leaders who care about protecting the American dream gone? How did this great country become so divided? Media is at least partially responsible. We now respond to a picture before asking critical questions.

We the people need to wake up and vote to protect our communities. Let’s bring this closer to home. Do you want the violence and looting to take place in your neighborhood? Do you want your children to be part of it? BLM Inc. is a Marxist organization that is being funded by the radical left in the Democrat party. Is that where you want your money to go? Do you want to elect people that are going to continue to support the violence that is sweeping across the nation? Would you really want a social worker to show up if your child or grandchild are involved in a domestic dispute? 

I think that it is telling that the Democrats are just now deciding to speak up against the violence after the polls show that they are losing people. Why weren’t they concerned about the people’s lives that are being destroyed?

This week hearing from Americans who share my values and love for my country has been so refreshing. If you look beyond the narrative that the media puts out you will find that President Trump has done so much for all of us. We don’t have to love his words, just focus on his action. 

My America is not filled with racism, is yours? Do you and your friends hate America? I would like to suggest that we give our president four more years to prove that he really does want to preserve this great country while the Democrat party regroups and purges the radical left that is out to destroy us and lead us into socialism or worse. Stop listening to the media’s lies. Dan Bongino has a podcast that is not immune to the facts and is humorous. Charlie Kirk also has an interesting podcast. Candace Owens is great at bringing perspective from the black community. I don’t think any of us want to be the next Cuba or Venezuela, it sometimes feels close. Let’s teach our children how fortunate we are to live in the greatest country in the world.

Deanna Janckila


Help businesses that help nonprofits

We are extremely fortunate to have over 200 nonprofit organizations from Aspen to Parachute. Our nonprofits are critical to our communities. They ensure people have food and basic necessities, physical and mental health services, access to quality education, and resources safeguarding their safety and well-being. They enrich our lives through arts, culture, connection and advocacy as well as preserve and protect our natural environment and animals.

Many people who live here value and support our nonprofits through donating their time and money. However, did you realize there is another easy way help local nonprofit organizations continue their crucial work? 

The majority of nonprofits host fundraising events to sustain operations and service delivery, as well as increase awareness about our missions and recruit volunteers. Please do us a favor next time you check out one of our fundraiser events: read to the bottom of the flyer. Here you will see the local businesses listed who are sponsoring this event and, therefore, the nonprofit. These are the businesses who are passionate about bettering our community and care about the nonprofit’s mission. Large and small, these businesses do so much to ensure our communities continue to have access to these necessary services. All of us in the nonprofit world appreciate and rely on their support. 

When you patronize these businesses that are supporting local nonprofits, you are stretching your dollars further by obtaining the goods and services you need and also encouraging their continued support of nonprofits. You can also do us a favor and tell them “Thank you” on our behalf.

Christy Doyon

executive director

CASA of the Ninth

Biden no man of faith

Editor’s note: The Democratic National Convention did not omit “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Biden claims to be a man of faith. Then why did the DNC remove “under God” from the pledge of allegiance to start their convention?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Trump’s ‘A Team’

How long could you work for a dishonest narcissistic bully? I guess these record-setting numbers tell the story. Donald Trump’s “A Team” (65 positions) turnover rate is 91%, with nearly 40% experiencing multiple turnovers.

Annette Roberts-Gray


Five reasons we need Soto on the Garco BOCC

Beatriz Soto is running for District Two Garfield County Board of County Commissioners. Here’re the reasons I know she’s a perfect fit for the job.

Soto is an environmental and climate champion. She’s been working with Wilderness Workshop, the Carbondale-based conservation watchdog that’s been instrumental in the fight to protect the Thompson Divide from oil and gas development and other environmental causes.

Soto’s opponent, incumbent John Martin, is a staunch industry supporter who’s stood against any kind of regulation and believes the financial gains to be derived from oil and gas outweigh the threats the industry poses to our health, safety and climate. Soto would like to see more economic diversity in the county and would never put short-term profits ahead of providing a habitable planet for our children.

Soto is a Latina. Garfield County was 29% Latino in the 2010 census, and that number will be much larger after this year’s count. This population is vastly underrepresented in municipal and county governments. Half the students in the Roaring Fork School District are Latino, yet only recently did Jasmin Ramirez become the first Latina school board member.

Soto is a woman. The last woman on the Garco BOCC was Trési Haupt in 2012. When I was a reporter for the Glenwood Post in the ’90s, Marian Smith was the chairman of the BOCC, and she kept her male counterparts, Bucky Arbaney and Arnold Mackley, on a short leash. Garfield County is at least 50% women, and they deserve representation.

Soto is young, visionary and energetic. The three fossils on the current BOCC were all steeped in Republican ideology during the Eisenhower administration. Martin has been on the BOCC for 25 years, an example of why we need term limits if there ever was one.

Soto is an architect. She’s a builder specifically focused on designing net zero emissions facilities, affordable housing, and high performance, long-lasting buildings.

It’s time for a change, Garfield County. The current BOCC is so stuck in the past they can’t see the climate locomotive headed right toward us. Vote for the future. Vote for Beatriz Soto.

Fred Malo Jr.


It is voting time

On Nov. 3, 2020, all Pitkin County residents will be selecting the county commissioner who will reflect the concerns of District #5, an area that includes the town of Redstone, the Crystal River Valley, the communities of Thomasville and Meredith and a portion of the Fryingpan River Valley. While candidates are selected by district, the five members of the board share the discussions, observations, and decisions regarding needs of all five districts. 

We need a representative who knows and understands our area, and one who knows and understands the needs and interests of the entire county. Francie Jacober is that candidate. As an educator, she understands the challenges and opportunities of learning in our diverse communities and the role of county governance in meeting the needs of our students. As a businesswoman, she understands the role of a small business, the necessary response to community needs, the importance of a budget. As a long-term resident, she understands the commitment to protection of our special environment, the wild places and the wildlife, the need for and value of appropriate public transportation, and respect for the needs and dreams of all who share our village.

Francie Jacober understands that it takes a village, and she is willing to take on the obligations of a Pitkin County commissioner to protect the place we live in and love and the serious issues that the county must address if we are to retain and protect this special place. 

Vote Nov. 3, 2020 for Pitkin County commissioner, District #5 — Francie Jacober. 

Dorothea Farris 

Crystal Valley

Running on their records

I see clearly Diane Mitsch-Bush, running for 3rd Congressional District seat, using her outstanding record of accomplishments, as her qualification for office. 

I see her opponent, candidate Boebert, is running on her record — her police arrest record — to somehow expect her qualifications come even close to those of Candidate Mitsch-Bush. Don’t believe me, do the research. 

Mark Rinehart


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