Wednesday letters: Secure votes, election thoughts, fall vigil, Demons football |

Wednesday letters: Secure votes, election thoughts, fall vigil, Demons football

Volunteers keep vote secure

Like John Harcourt, I consider myself fiscally conservative. But, after being a registered Republican for over 50 years (Although I never have voted and probably never will vote a straight party ticket), I changed my registration a few years ago when I saw that party heading in a direction I couldn’t condone.

I do have one bit of good news for Mr. Harcourt: You may be as surprised as nearly every voter I’ve told this (Unless they, like me, serve as election workers), but the signature of every Colorado voter is verified before their ballot envelope is opened, and the ballot removed for counting. I’d invite you to serve as an election worker this fall to learn why those of us who do so feel Colorado’s election system may be the best in the country.

I believe, from what I know about other states’ processes, that the vast majority of election officials around the country work hard to ensure that every eligible person has a chance to vote, that voting systems are secure and that every vote is counted correctly.

Is it likely that some mistakes happen? Of course, because the systems are run by humans. Is it likely that there is widespread fraud? No, as evidenced by the numerous allegations in 2020 that were found to be rumors, misrepresentations and misunderstandings — courts across the country dismissed cases because there was no credible evidence of actual fraud.

Last summer, during a training for election workers for the primary, the question came up as to whether a dead person’s vote would be counted. Like most things, it’s complicated, but Colorado law is clear that any person who receives a ballot, votes it, signs the ballot envelope and submits it, will have that vote counted, even if he or she dies the next day and before the election.

And, yes, every election worker must participate in training for every election, no matter how many years we’ve worked. Laws are changed, technology changes, new questions arise, and we need to be working with current knowledge. Hope to see you at a training next month.

Sharon McLin, New Castle

Make Colorado even worse

A ballot issue is coming up called “Make Colorado Affordable Again.” It will be funded by your tax dollars — yes, your tax dollars — by reducing your TABOR check that you just got. The pitch for this initiative is: “Coloradans cannot afford to live in Colorado.”

One of my concerns is, who is going to regulate the “qualifiers” of this new affordability? Who is going to say, “Oh, you are not a Coloradan, so too bad — you can’t live in this subsidized home.” Seriously. But, that doesn’t even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg. 

So, here we go. If you wish to have your tax dollars create more and more homes, so that Colorado can become more and more congested, if you want to assist in the process of increasing and encouraging growth, pollution, crime, traffic, child care shortages and also have the desire to create more problems than solutions, then this initiative is for you.

I, personally, as a Colorado resident and native for over 60+ years, will vote no.

Dave Heyliger, Glenwood Springs

Dem talking points

In her PI letter of 9/9, Laurie Lawrence describes herself as an unaffiliated, moderate conservative. But, what she writes sounds more like a RINO in love with Biden’s policies.

She’s got the Dem’s main messaging down pat: “It’s not Biden’s fault.” LL says high gas prices and inflation are due to Ukraine and not Biden’s policies. Also, democracy is in peril, and we’re headed in the wrong direction because of Jan. 6 and right-wing extremists. Not Biden’s policies.

LL neglects to mention out of control crime, hordes of millions invading over our southern border, 100,000 fentanyl deaths last year, Afghanistan or our dismal education system. All topics liberals avoid like the plague.

LL is like a Bidenesque Pol spouting moderate platitudes before an election. Whether they read from the same tele-prompter or not, I find neither believable, much less convincing.

The legislation Laurie lauded is what caused inflation and the recession by printing trillions from thin air for naive green and socialist causes.

Our democracy is in danger when one political party (Dems) use law enforcement (FBI) to intimate Big Tech (Facebook) to stifle and lie about facts (Hunter’s laptop) that changed the outcome of a presidential election.

I respect Laurie’s right to her opinions but fear she champions the biggest piece of political filth and corruption in POTUS history.

Bruno Kirchenwitz, Rifle

Add a voice for peace

Join us this week in the Earth Ascension Room at Mana Foods in Carbondale where we will complete our 13th 72-hour mantra reading.  

We have held this sound current as a community since 2016 and now have a new space in order to vibrate this powerful sound current of health and peace for our Mantra for Peace event.  

The mantra we read is in Gurmukh and translated into English.  The reading is a rush of energy and vibration! If you would like to add your voice to this unbroken chain of sound, please sign up in the Earth Ascension Room at Mana Food this week. 

The duration of reading is one hour or more, and, once you are finished, another reader will replace you. The reading starts Sunday, Sept. 18 at noon and goes until Wednesday, Sept 21 at noon.  

All are welcome to read and harmonize your vision of peace into a global vision of peace and harmony. Since we opened, we have already completed 335 hours of the mantra reading since March and now we are opening up for everyone to have a “seat” at the Temple (so to speak!).  

Bring a hat and an offering, and no phone at the altar. Thank for caring about your planet and adding your voice for peace. 

Sotantar Anderson, Carbondale

What’s Jankovsky’s stand?

As many Republicans lurch farther to the extreme right, it is worth knowing Tom Jankovsky’s views as he tries for his fourth term as Garfield County Commissioner. 

This summer, he sent a blinking-red signal to anyone paying attention: In June, he attended an event at Cornerstone Christian Center for David Barton.

Barton founded WallBuilders, which strives for “educating the nation concerning the Godly foundation of our country” and “providing information to federal, state and local officials as they develop public policies which reflect biblical values.” 

Barton has claimed our country’s founders never intended separation of church and state and sought instead to construct a Christian nation. Historical scholars and faith leaders alike have debunked his historical interpretation to support his views. 

Jankovksy gave him a standing ovation at Cornerstone Christian. 

Can we judge Jankovsky merely by his associations and how he spends his free time? Fortunately, we don’t have to. When asked at the Sept. 6 BOCC meeting whether he supports Barton’s beliefs on the separation of church and state, he repeatedly refused to answer the question.

Christian Nationalists like Barton want their Christian religion to control our country’s policy. If you value our nation’s historic separation of church and state, keeping one religion from controlling government and your right to practice your religion — or no religion at all — you should demand Jankovsky tell us where he stands. 

Does he stand with extremists, or does he stand with you?

Eden Steele, Carbondale

Supporting Moller for Clerk

I am writing in support of Rebecca (Becky) Moller for Garfield County Clerk. I have had the privilege of working with Becky off-and-on since I first moved to the Roaring Fork Valley over 12 years ago. We worked together full-time at Patrick, Miller & Noto, P.C. from 2010-2015. There, in her role as senior paralegal, she was incredibly driven, organized, and client oriented. 

She spearheaded the overhaul and streamlining of many internal office procedures and systems, including deadline notifications, electronic and paper filings and new staff trainings. She was always warm and obliging when communicating with clients and other stakeholders, and she understood the importance of maintaining strong personal relationships. Becky and I continue to work together today on a contract basis through her owner-operated business Roaring Fork Paralegals, LLC. 

She remains a model of timeliness, efficiency and high-quality work product — all attributes that I know she will bring to the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. 

I recently spoke with her about this election and know that one of her primary goals in running for county clerk is to modernize some of the office’s existing databases. 

Illustratively, she would like to create a catalog that enables residents to access and obtain copies of recorded documents on a 24/7 basis rather than during prescribed office hours only. She also plans to prioritize office culture for job retention and focus on election security. Based on my experiences working with Becky, I know that she has the motivation, skill sets and local love to accomplish these goals. 

Please do not pass up this opportunity to vote for Becky in November.

Danielle Van Arsdale, Aspen

Demon football is back

Glenwood Springs High School football is back! After the last four years of suffering through primitive, uninteresting, talent-wasting football, it’s great to have a return to exciting football.

In case you missed it, the Demons beat Rifle … in Rifle! It was a dogfight of a game, but the Demons took control when they needed to. Their defense is lights-out vicious and well-coached. They set the tone for their team and that game. When the game was on the line — twice — that defense stepped up and took the ball away from Rifle. 

If the offense finds a way to become consistent and round out to what it can be, based on their talent, they will be special. They have the potential to be explosive, but high school football succeeds when they control the ball and sustain drives. This should be a fun squad to watch in the postseason.

There may just be a new sheriff in town in Western Slope football, and it might just be the Demons of Glenwood Springs. If you are a football fan, jump on the Demon’s bandwagon and get to the games. Football is back and fun again!

Pedro Navaja, Glenwood Springs

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