Wednesday letters: Soto, Mitsch Bush, Soto and Robinson, Boebert, Soto, Wilhelm, indignant intolerance, Robinson and Soto, and civic mindedness |

Wednesday letters: Soto, Mitsch Bush, Soto and Robinson, Boebert, Soto, Wilhelm, indignant intolerance, Robinson and Soto, and civic mindedness

Beatriz Soto is the obvious choice for Garfield County

The 1.5 million dollar handout gifted by the current Garfield County Commissioners to oil and gas executives is a stunning act of fiscal irresponsibility with eyebrow raising implications. Oil and gas is a significant sector of the County’s economy, but it has a dubious long term outlook for multiple reasons. Of course, this type of spending would be entirely appropriate were private companies to do it with private funds. However, the fact that the County Commissioners did this with public funds is absolutely mind boggling. Our taxes should not be used as a lobbying slush fund for the cronies of our Commissioners.

Any true conservative should believe that the Garfield County Commissioners should not be interfering in the free market by doling out subsidies. Personally, I believe that thoughtful tax policy and strategic subsidies are an effective way for government to guide the market away from harmful externalities. But even those who believe that smart government spending can benefit the efficiency of the free market do not believe that taxpayer funds should be used to subsidize some of our largest, wealthiest companies. It makes no sense, and it stinks.

The danger of elected officials without term limits is that they tend to represent special interests more than their constituents as time goes on. Come election day, the Soviet-style cronyism by the current County Commissioners should make you think twice about giving them power over our budget any longer. Beatriz Soto needs a seat at the table to make our local government accountable again. She is an advocate of term limits, and she clearly understands that our local economy must continue to evolve with the market if we want to ensure a prosperous future for ourselves. She is also leagues ahead in her ability to communicate with modern tools, a skill apparently elusive to our current leadership.

Felipe Luisi

Diane Mitsch Bush is a real fighter for our real problems

The new candidate out of nowhere, Lauren Boebert, who managed to topple Tipton and is aiming to take on Diane Mitsch Bush, has learned quickly that all she has to do is sling the catch words of the right — guns, God and freedom — and use guns as a coded symbol to catch the attention of media.

If you support her, go to her restaurant, eat her food, buy her merchandise, let her live her life. But don’t give her your vote. She wouldn’t let an oil rigger run her restaurant, why should we let her anywhere near our government? Her website has no ideas for taking on the problems we face.
Diane Mitsch Bush knows the people of the CD3 from Pueblo to Steamboat, Glenwood Springs to Carbondale and Rifle. She knows the issues for agricultural workers, the healthcare needs of small town and rural voters, the changing job environment for places like Pueblo going from industrial to the new technology future. She supports balancing those needs with taking care of the water, the forests, the open land, and private property concerns of our area.

She’s a fighter for our real rights, not pretend ones like the other candidate is shadow boxing with.

Charmaine Locke

Bring Garfield County out of the Dark Ages

Garfield County voters have an extraordinary opportunity this November to pull Garfield County into the 21st century. Two forward thinking women, Beatriz Soto in District 2 and Leslie Robinson in District 3, are vying for the county commissioner’s seats currently held by oil and gas industry lackeys John Martin and Mike Samson respectively.

Alright, let’s forego the discussion of climate change and health and safety and talk Republican, i.e., finances. Any investor who has his chips on the fossil fuel square will see them disappear into the croupier’s pile very quickly.

ExxonMobil, having lost $1.7 billion in the second quarter, is moving away from the production of fuels and focusing on plastics. They’ve grown weary of ruining the planet with their greenhouse gases and are now intent on plugging up our oceans and landfills with nonbiodegradable plastics. The sharper businessmen at British Petroleum, who only lost $17 million, are looking at renewable energy in their future.

Garfield County Finance Director and former Williams Oil employee Theresa Wegeman needs to be replaced with someone who doesn’t have their head stuck in the muck of fossil fuels. Once firmly seated on the board, I’m sure Soto and Robinson will make that one of their first priorities.

Fred Malo Jr.

Vote for Lauren Boebert

I have never publicly supported a candidate until now. I am tired of the status quo. I feel like the frog in the frying pan — the heat is becoming too much and I finally recognize the need to jump out.

I am voting for Boebert because (1. She is a patriot not a politician. (2. She is a business owner not a bureaucrat. (3. She believes in hard work not welfare. (4. She is conservative not complaisant. (5. She is a fearless freedom fighter.

Most importantly, I will vote for her because she is a God Fearing Christian. Lauren, may you be blessed in your quest to represent your fellow Western Slope Coloradans.

Trish O’Grady, SMSgt USAF, Retired

Beatriz Soto will represent people of Garfield County

At the heart of a vibrant and strong democracy is representation. A government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” requires the representatives to change and grow to reflect the people it serves. Currently, Garfield County is solely represented by white men over the age of 60 on the Board of County Commissioners. We need fresh representation that speaks for young people, for women, for immigrants, for mothers, and for the countless under-represented individuals that live in our county.
If you want our Board of County Commissioners to represent Garfield County, vote for Beatriz Soto. As a young professional woman, born and raised in Garfield County, I believe in the people of our county and I believe in the power of a representative government.

Beatriz is the representative that the people of Garfield County deserve. She will speak for us, but more importantly, she will listen to us over special interests that have found a loyal representative in John Martin over the last 24 years.

Vote for Beatriz Soto. Vote for a Board of County Commissioners that truly represents the beautiful, vast and diverse Garfield County. Vote for a better and brighter future for all.

Claire Noone
Glenwood Springs

Wilhelm will help Gov. Polis keep his promises

In 2018 we elected Jared Polis as Governor of Colorado, because he promised to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, make education better, and to make higher education more affordable. Gov. Polis is working to accomplish things he promised. It takes time and support from us to make change happen. Colin Wilhelm, who is running for Colorado House District 57, will support Gov. Polis’s agenda.

Healthcare is a right, and education is especially important, now more than ever with technology moving so fast, challenges and breakthroughs in medicine, Coronavirus and climate change threatening our existence.
Our young people should not be saddled with lifelong debt because they went to college to better themselves. We need educated people to be doctors, engineers, lawyers and mechanics.

The Republican platform is whatever Trump wants to do. What is that supposed to mean to us when we are trying to decide who to vote for, and what they stand for?

We have a choice this Nov. 3, we can elect people who will help Gov. Polis do what he promised, what we elected him to do.

I will be voting for Colin Wilhelm this November, to help get things done for all Coloradans.

Vote. Encourage others to vote, up and down the ballot.

James Gilliam

Indignant intolerance in City Market

On Thursday, Sept. 10, I went to City Market in Rifle around 4 p.m. It was a busy afternoon and I looked for a handicap cart. There were none available. I carried on with my shopping, and after a time, I noticed two handicap carts being driven by two young boys. They were driving fast and causing a commotion; knocking into the aisles, causing items to fall off shelves. These children were not handicapped. They were not supervised. One dragged the other on the back of the cart while he was on his knees — he was about 6 and the driver about 8. The younger boy fell-off crying. The third boy, in the second cart, was about 10.

While I was waiting my turn to checkout, I saw one of the boys and asked him, “why were you driving a handicap cart?” He did not respond and I began to load my groceries. A woman approached me from behind. She asked, “What did you say to my son?” I told her and she replied, “It’s none of your business.” But it is my business. I am handicapped.

While this situation could have been a teaching opportunity for those children to learn consideration, respect, and mindfulness, it instead became an example of indignant intolerance.

Barb Ward

Robinson and Soto for County Commissioner

The candidacies of Leslie Robinson and Beatriz Soto for the Garfield County Commission are exciting and full of promise. Leslie is a long-time Rifle resident and citizen activist, with particular expertise in oil and gas regulatory issues. Beatriz is a leader in the local Latino community, dedicated to environmental stewardship as a means of creating jobs and safer, healthier communities. Both offer creative visions for the county and inclusion of new perspectives from a changing electorate. Check out their websites — you’ll find their ideas refreshing!

Joyce L. Jenkins
Glenwood Springs

Vote for candidates who demonstrate education, wisdom and civic mindedness

I know just who I’m going to be voting for. It is anyone who doesn’t want to breath polluted air, drink foul water, eat poisoned food, or arm an angry population with stink bombs. I want someone who is awake enough to see the fires, hurricanes, droughts and floods as symptomatic of a thoughtless humanity, and is wise enough to listen to the science and work thoughtful solutions. I want my children’s health and education to be more important to them than having enough money for a private jet and pilot. I want every person that owns a gun to have a license, showing that he has been taught the proper use of a deadly weapon, the same way that every person driving 2 tons of speeding vehicle my way, is inculcated into its proper use and mind set.

There are forces working to build strife and discord within our country and I do not want my legislator to be in the thrall of some wackadoodle, un-fact checked, news stream bent on seeing this country torn apart. Yes, I will be voting for Democrats and any Republican that also demonstrates education, wisdom and civic mindedness.

John Hoffmann

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