Wednesday letters: Spanish translations, Ranked Choice Voting |

Wednesday letters: Spanish translations, Ranked Choice Voting

Why now for Spanish translations?

Regarding an article published on Feb. 2, “Glenwood City Council approves Spanish translation for meetings,” my question is why now?

As a Latino, Spanish speaker and citizen who was born here in Glenwood Springs, supporting the diversity of community should be at the forefront of what we do.

I find it curious that the Glenwood City Council now wants to be inclusive of our Spanish speakers. Ironically this happened after I announced my run for City Council.

Why weren’t we more concerned with inclusivity before? The Latino population has been integral in the growth of this valley, and the need to bring our Spanish speakers into the conversation is long overdue.

I agree with Councilwoman Wussow. We need to get more bilingual signage for our Spanish speakers and make sure we are translating messaging via brochures, fliers, website, social media, etc.

I recently took a trip to Mexico, and the people I encountered there were beyond welcoming and accommodating of our party. Most signage was in both English and Spanish. The locals spoke in English when needed but also helped teach us their language. They were inviting, kind and patient. Why can’t we be a town that operates in a similar manner? To be welcoming and accommodating to all.

As a Latino, translating and creating greater avenues for communication with the Spanish-speaking residents is one of the highlights of my campaign. I have been running a business for over 13 years now that has always accepted and welcomed everyone. A big positive in becoming a member of City Council is the opportunity to have a greater reach with members of our community that may currently feel detached. It is time that the city took on the same mentality that I have shown in my business practices and lived my whole life.

This is an area that I am rooted in, living in, active in, and not just talking about.

Vote for me, Ricky Rodriguez, to represent everyone in our community.

Ricardo “Ricky” Rodriguez

Glenwood Springs

No to ranked voting bill

A Colorado Legislative bill, HB 1071, Ranked Choice Voting bill, just passed through committee. This bill is being pedaled by lobbyists and Democrats as the savior of democratic voting in Colorado. It is not even close. Democrats want to spend $1 million of taxpayer money to implement RCV in local communities. What if they don’t want it? Why are these lobbyists and Democrats forcing RCV on Colorado? RCV is too difficult to implement, let alone to educate the public about how it works.

RCV will reduce voter turnout and damage our current fragile election system. If Democrats and the lobbyists are successful with this bill, then they will push all elections in Colorado to be RCV. This process goes against the entire democratic process. This legislation totally sidesteps the citizens of Colorado having a voice in this process.

The only true democratic election reform is free and open, nonpartisan primary elections, nonpartisan local elections and nonpartisan general elections.

RCV will give the Democrats and the Republicans more control over our election system and shutout independents and third parties. Call your legislators or email them and tell them to vote NO on HB 1071.

Randy Fricke

New Castle


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