Wednesday letters: Syringe exchanges, and Boebert smear campaign |

Wednesday letters: Syringe exchanges, and Boebert smear campaign

Syringe exchange a bad idea

Now syringe access programs are in woke? And there’s “conclusive proof” that easy needle access “does not increase drug use or crime”? I bet facilitating intravenous drug use does not decrease drug use or crime, either.

What data suggests we have so large a number of addicts to require such a dubious venture? Haven’t the empathetic in our midst invited enough vagrants with drug and alcohol habits to our fair valleys?

Addicts need to want to change to get clean. Helping them put needles in their arms does far more harm than good and promotes continuing drug use. I speak from experience.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Syringe exchanges work

This letter is in regards to Tom Jankovsky’s comments that “syringe exchange doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy” and “we’re enabling drug users.” ( and in print April 5).

I would urge Tom to do some research on the issue. Needle exchange doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy, either, but plenty of studies are available that show it is an effective way to handle some of the problems associated with drug abuse. 

Switzerland, a country known for its conservatism, confronted this issue head on in the 1990s with a very pragmatic approach which they call their Four Pillars Policy. Needle exchange programs, legalized drug consumption rooms and heroin-assisted treatment facilities — granted, all controversial measures — have statistically proven to be successful. Opioid-related deaths dropped by 50%, and HIV infections and Hepatitis C cases both dropped significantly. Property crime committed by drug users was reduced by 90%.

When a referendum was held in 1997 challenging the Four Pillars Policy, it was supported by 70% of the citizenry and continues to be supported to this day. Again, this is Switzerland — they didn’t give women the right to vote until 1971, so we’re not talking a bastion of liberalism here. 

A report written by Joanne Csete from the Columbia University Mailman School Of Public Health titled “From The Mountaintops: What The World Can Learn From Drug Policy Change In Switzerland” can be downloaded for free from the Open Society Foundations web page
( It explains in detail the innovative rational approach the Swiss took. It’s well worth the read for anyone concerned with the issue of drug abuse in our society. 

Chip Nealy

New Castle

Smear? Or just questioning?

Thank you, Post Independent, for publishing the article about Lauren Boebert (see story, facing page; originally in the Grand Junction Sentinel). There are many locally here and in Washington, D.C., that consider Lauren Boebert as a “rising star.” Sort of like Marjorie Taylor Greene — and sort of like Matt Gaetz.  

Smear campaign? Doubtful. More like a lot of people getting together to question Lauren’s intent when she refused to vote to pass the Violence Against Women Act, which cleared the House of Representatives.

And when asked why she did not vote for it, her response was again about guns. I don’t get her anymore.

And, what the article from Grand Junction did not mention was that Lauren Boebert voted against the latest COVID Relief Bill. And what will she say when federal dollars come to the Rifle area from the infrastructure bill to fix the hospital there, schools there, and roads and bridges there? She will remain quiet, or at the very least bring up guns once again.

I believe Lauren Boebert deserves the exact same air time as any other elected official once she has the bully pulpit, but she has squandered every
opportunity she has had in front of her so far.

Many people in the 3rd District of Colorado would like to see Lauren
Boebert be their representative, and do great things for Western Colorado, but so far she has accomplished nothing.

You can find Lauren on any particular day on, the new social media site she likes to frequent, espousing lies and misinformation.

First, Lauren in January made it clear the COVID crisis is overblown. Now she thinks being vaccinated against COVID is a waste of time.

What’s next, Lauren?  

Are you going to vote for anything in Washington, D.C.? Or just be another obstacle, sort of like Mitch McConnell? Your choice.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

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