Wednesday letters: Take care of the Earth, importance of freedom, safety at the pool, county commmissioners, and twisted truth |

Wednesday letters: Take care of the Earth, importance of freedom, safety at the pool, county commmissioners, and twisted truth

Either we take care of the Earth, or the Earth will take care of us

I have been asking myself why nature is making viruses like the coronavirus. Recently while reading The Sun magazine I had an epiphany of sorts. In this month’s issue I was reading the interview with Eileen Crist “On the Consequences of Human Plunder” in which she posits that our human inability to face up to the environmental crisis is terminal, as in “that’s it for the Earth.” And there I had my answer: If we can’t modify how we occupy and care for the Earth, then nature, way smarter than Pfizer or Moderna, will simply wipe us clean from the Earth.

The dinosaurs didn’t work, so nature got rid of them. It took time, but nature has plenty of time. They say that coronavirus is very infectious and very clever. But just you wait: Something even more clever will appear.
At some point, life appeared as if by magic. Either we take care of the Earth, or the Earth will take care of us. Until a wiser species appears.

The Universe is infinitely patient. I am 83 years old, optimistic and looking forward to getting either my Pfizer or my Moderna immunization.

Either we give up eating meat, using oil for heat and transportation and overpopulating the Earth, or we vanish. It’s au-revoir or adieu.

James Breasted

There are two sides to every story

It was so refreshing to read Michael Stahl’s letter to the Post Independent, “We will see what the future brings” on Dec. 11.

Thank you for publishing this letter.

I don’t think we in the U.S. realize how important freedom is. Freedom is the lack of control by someone or something who in their own opinion/pride thinks they are right and feels the need to control people.
When do you suppose that greed, politics, corrupt government and genocide (to name a few) started indoctrinating the people of the U.S.? I believe the lies are starting to be exposed, and will continue to be exposed under Donald J. Trump. He is a warrior fighting for our freedom and our country.

“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn’t flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”
— Dresden James

Kristi Gill
New Castle

Hot Springs pool should allow evening swimmers in lobby

The Hot Springs pool management needs to review their policy of confining people who arrive at 8 p.m. for the discount swim. Presently, you are confined to a small entry space and not allowed to enter the lobby until 8 p.m. regardless of the weather. The room was so crowded with people it made it difficult for swimmers to leave. Then, a guy comes in and gets into an argument with a young man not even wearing a mask. Management should allow people to gather in the lobby of the Hot Springs pool where there is ample room.

Phil Maass
Glenwood Springs

Why are commissioners fighting rules that protect residents?

The Garfield County commissioners on Dec. 14 allocated $16,000 per day for the remainder of 2020 to pay Denver PR and consulting firms to continue their futile fight against new rules for oil and gas development that protect public health and the environment. This latest $293,000 allocation comes on top of $1.5 million squandered over the previous 18 months on the same cause.

Think about it. On every single rule before the two state agencies that regulate oil and gas, the commissioners, the industry and those Denver fat cats you and I are paying have lost. Last July, for instance, energy companies could drill a natural gas well 501 feet from your bedroom window. Now its 2,000 feet. A year ago, drilling and other activity on the Western Slope was lightly regulated, now it is subject to the same vigorous rules that govern the Front Range.

Why are commissioners Tom Jankovsky, John Martin and Mike Samson fighting rules that protect their residents in Battlement Mesa, Silt, Parachute and Rifle? Is Garfield County officially against clean air and safe drinking water?

Instead of paying all that money to lobbyist Matt LePore and PR firm GroundFloor Media, both based in Denver, why not commit those resources to keeping local restaurants, gyms and other businesses afloat during these economically stressful times? Think of how far $16,000 a day would go toward making our lives and our neighbors lives more secure.

One omission in the Post Independent’s article: Your tax dollars have covered the entire bill for the “multi-county” coalition. Not one other jurisdiction has committed a penny. Talk about being taken for a ride.

Allyn Harvey

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