Wednesday letters: Taxes, impeachment trial, Democrats |

Wednesday letters: Taxes, impeachment trial, Democrats

Taxes are the support of so much that we depend on

Well said, Nicolette Toussaint in your opinion on Jan. 24! We take for granted that fires will be fought, criminals will be caught, children will be taught, highways will move traffic, Social Security checks will come, voting will express our opinions and be free. Taxes are the support of so much that we depend on and could not achieve individually. Maybe we should be appreciative of the stability provided to our lives instead of resentful.

Sandy Boyd
Glenwood Springs

Ask Senator Gardner to vote for admitting new evidence into trial

Republican Senators have a responsibility to allow new witnesses and testimony, including that of Lev Parnas, in the impeachment trial of President Trump. (Lev Parnas works with the president’s lawyer, Rudi Giuliani.) The Senators took an oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the American people and an oath to be impartial and fair jurors in the trial.

New evidence has emerged. In a recording, President Trump said in 2018 to Parnas, “Get rid of her” in regards to U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. President Trump has gone on record saying he does not know Lev Parnas, yet another lie; each lie the president tells to protect himself breaks his oath of office to serve the nation.

Call Senator Gardner and ask him to vote for admitting new evidence into the impeachment trial so we can hear the whole truth. Our nation’s integrity and safety depends on all of us asking for full disclosure. The integrity of each Senator is on the line. Do they want to hear the evidence or do they want to defy their oaths?

Ilene Pevec,

Don’t believe everything you read or hear

In response to Linda Carr, the cover up in Congress starts with the Democrats. They don’t care about the people they are representing. They lie, cheat and misrepresent just about everything they say and do. Why was this impeachment process rushed so fast? The Democrats could have subpoenaed whoever they wanted, but they knew that some would require going to court and they didn’t want to wait. Then Nancy Pelosi sits on impeachment articles for 3 weeks. This whole thing has been a circus and a 2020 campaign slogan. Seems to me that Linda has drank the Kool Aid provided by the liberal media and the far left Democrats. Fox news isn’t the bad guy here, it’s the media, politicians, and ill informed people who have a biased view who can not accept a different opinion than that of there own. Open up your eyes, don’t believe everything you read or hear and do some research and find out the facts.

Seems part of the problem in America is that people are too lazy to look up things for themselves and find out the truth , they’ll just believe what they hear or read. Countless media outlets spin the same message that sounds more like propaganda than actual unbiased reporting. Conservatism is what has made this the greatest country on Earth, plus our founding on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

God Bless America!

Curt Hanson,

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