Wednesday letters: Traffic cameras, thanks from farm fire victims

Slow traffic on Grand Avenue

Succinctly stated, we live in a culture of speeding.

Sunday afternoon a news feed, koat tv, referenced House Bill 22 (New Mexico) using traffic cameras to issue tickets, send letters to drivers insurance companies and points on drivers license.

I do think this is one way to slow down the traffic going through our town, making Grand Avenue safer.

Part of the bill has drivers appearing in court before a judge. With the amount of people speeding this would overwhelm our courts. There are other ways starting with fines being paid, letters to drivers insurance providers, points on drivers license. With repeat offenders fines increased, second letter to insurance providers and more points accrued on drivers license. 

If courts need to get involved there are options: Zoom calls, video statements submitted to the court. As drivers we all need to remember diving is a privilege and with it comes responsibility. Slow down. Make Grand Avenue safe.

If you are interested, see House Bill 22.

Bernard Downing, Glenwood Springs

Dooley Farm thanks

We are writing to thank all of those in the community who have supported us after our house burned to the ground the day before Thanksgiving. 

The outpouring of love and practical help has been amazing and we feel so very grateful to all of our friends, family, neighbors and the Roaring Fork Valley community for caring for us in our time of need.

Thank you to everyone who brought by clothes, shoes, toys, toothbrushes, diapers, food and other essentials in those first few days. Thanks to everyone who sent notes of condolence and encouragement and to all those who donated money to help us rebuild.

We are in awe of the generosity of this community. Both acquaintances and total strangers alike have reached out to help.

We ran our family business, Dooley Creek Farm, from our home and a lot of equipment and supplies were destroyed in the fire. But we want to continue to produce food for this community and so we plan to continue on with the farm at full capacity and will be able to do that for the 2023 season thanks to the generous gifts sent our way.

The plan is to rebuild our home. We can’t replace all that was lost but we can move forward with hope and new dreams.

Thanks to all who have been a part of our journey of recovery.

Jake and Mollie Shipman, Carbondale

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